CCRoF wiki icon This is a list of equipment bonuses and related mechanics that appear in the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.


Mode Bonus Quality
Bought (none)
Craft 50% chance of *
Craft with Petite Gem **
Craft with Gem ***


Name Attributes
Ruby Attack. Fire. Anything with offensive powers.
Sapphire Magic. Ice. Anything with magical powers.
Citrine Defense. Thunder. Anything with defense or taking damage.
Emerald HP. Stun. Anything with healing.
Amethyst SP. Time-Space magic. Anything that uses SP, viz. charge attacks, tribal skills, rings. Note that it is about the rings themselves, not the spells being cast.
Onyx Gil. Anything with absorbing or stealing.
Crystal Experience. Anything with regeneration or good fortune.

Crafting ExampleEdit

Every weapon, armor, and accessory has a specific set of bonuses for each level of quality. The quality is determined by the gem used. For example crafting a (Clavat) Hatchet with a (non-Petite) Gem will yield three star quality.

A *** Hachet has these forms:

  • ATK Boost 3
  • ATK Boost 5
  • SP Boost 3
  • SP Boost 5
  • ATK Boost 3 + SP Boost 3
  • ATK Boost 3 + HP Absorb Atk. 3
  • SP Boost 5 + HP Absorb Atk. 3

When the Hatchet is crafted one of these forms will be chosen at random. However gems will increase the chances of Bonuses they are related. Continuing with this example; Ruby will favor forms with ATK Boost, Amethyst with SP Boost, while Onyx for HP Absorb Atk. Priority for Gems, Bonuses, and actual probabilities are unknown.


Name Image Max Gem In-game description
ATK Boost RoF ATK Boost Icon 5 Ruby Increases offensive power.
MAG Boost RoF MAG Boost Icon 5 Sapphire Increases spell power.
DEF Boost RoF DEF Boost Icon 5 Citrine Increases defensive power.
HP Boost RoF HP Boost Icon 5 Emerald Increases maximum HP.
SP Boost RoF SP Boost Icon 5 Amethyst Increases maximum SP.
Anti-Burn Boost RoF Anti-Burn Boost Icon 3 Ruby Increases resistance to fire. Reduces damage from burning.
Anti-Frost Boost RoF Anti-Frost Boost Icon 3 Sapphire Increases resistance to ice. Reduces damage from freezing.
Anti-Zap Boost RoF Anti-Zap Boost Icon 3 Citrine Increases resistance to thunder. Reduces damage from paralysis.
Anti-Stun Boost RoF Anti-Stun Boost Icon 3 Emerald Reduces chance of being stunned.
Anti-Warp Boost RoF Anti-Warp Boost Icon 3 Amethyst Resists space-time manipulation. Effective against Slow and Gravity.
Anti-Dark Boost RoF Anti-Dark Boost Icon 3 Onyx Resists damage from black magic. Effective against Poison, Blind, Curse, and Doom.
Arm Boost RoF Arm Boost Icon 3 Ruby Enables one to lift heavier enemies and hang by the arms for longer periods of time.
Body Boost RoF Body Boost Icon 3 Citrine Increases endurance and reduces damage reactions.
Focus Boost RoF Focus Boost Icon 3 Sapphire Reduces damage received while casting spells.
Impact Boost RoF Impact Boost Icon 3 Emerald Increases chances of stunning enemies.

Eyes, Lore, and WisdomEdit

Name Image Max Gem In-game description
Warrior's Eye RoF Warrior's Eye Icon 1 Ruby Makes party member more aggressive. For story mode only.
Thief's Eye RoF Thief's Eye Icon 1 Onyx Makes party members less prone to be targeted by enemies. For story mode only.
White Mage's Eye RoF White Mage's Eye Icon 1 Emerald Makes party members automatically use Cure, Clear, and Raise spells. For story mode only.
Black Mage's Eye RoF Black Mage's Eye Icon 1 Sapphire Makes party members automatically use magicitie. For story mode only.
Dragoon Lore RoF Dragoon Lore Icon 3 Ruby Strengthens aerial attacks. [I.e. jump attacks and down thrusts.]
Monk Wisdom RoF Monk Wisdom Icon 3 Ruby Strengthens overhead [when holding on monsters] and underfoot attacks.
Samurai Lore RoF Samurai Lore Icon 3 Ruby, Onyx Facilitates critical hits.
Red Mage Wisdom RoF Red Mage Wisdom Icon 3 Sapphire Shortens effects of status ailments.
Sage Wisdom RoF Sage Wisdom Icon 3 Sapphire Prolong status effects on enemies.
Ninja Lore RoF Ninja Lore Icon 3 Citrine Reduces damage from falls.
Scholar Wisdom RoF Scholar Wisdom Icon 3 Emerald Increases effects of potions and ethers.

Essences, Charge Attacks and RingsEdit

Name Image Max Gem In-game description
Crimson Essence RoF Crimson Essence Icon 3 Ruby Strengthens fire attacks.
Azure Essence RoF Azure Essence Icon 3 Sapphire Strengthens ice attacks.
Amber Essence RoF Amber Essence Icon 3 Citrine Strengthens thunder attacks.
Jade Essence RoF Jade Essence Icon 3 Emerald Increases Recovery Rate. [I.e. Cure, Clear, and Raise.]
Fast Charge RoF Fast Charge Icon 3 Citrine, Amethyst Speeds up charge time for charge attacks and charge breaks.
Tribal Secrets RoF Tribal Secrets Icon 3 Amethyst Reduces SP use for charge attacks, charge breaks, and tribal abilities.
Ring Root RoF Ring Root Icon 3 Sapphire Prevents target rings from being broken by bosses.
Ring Speed RoF Ring Speed Icon 3 Onyx, Amethyst Increases speed of target rings.

HP/SP SkillsEdit

Name Max Max Gem In-game description
HP Absorb Atk. RoF HP Absorb Attack Icon 3 Onyx Converts portion of damage given to enemy into your HP.
SP Absorb Atk. RoF SP Absorb Attack Icon 3 Onyx Converts portion of damage given to enemy into your SP.
HP Absorb Def. RoF HP Absorb Defense Icon 3 Onyx Converts portion of damage taken from enemy into your HP.
SP Absorb Def. RoF SP Absorb Defense Icon 3 Onyx Converts portion of damage taken from enemy into your SP.
HP Regen RoF HP Regen Icon 3 Crystal Slowly regenerates your HP.
SP Regen RoF SP Regen Icon 3 Crystal Slowly regenerates your SP.

Reward SkillsEdit

Name Image Max Gem In-game description
Veggie Might RoF Veggie Might Icon 3 Emerald Increases effects of vegetables.
Fruit Boot RoF Fruit Boost Icon 3 Sapphire Increases effects of fruits.
Smart Riches RoF Smart Riches Icon 3 Onyx Slightly increases the amount of gil you pickup.
Smart Valor RoF Smart Valor Icon 3 Crystal Slightly increases experience points you gain.
Lady Luck RoF Lady Luck Icon 3 Crystal Increases chance of something good happening to you.
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