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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. The soundtrack is mainly composed by Kumi Tanioka, who also plays the piano tracks on the soundtrack herself.


I like playing piano. I often perform when it feels that the sound of the piano is suited to a project. During the process of making the soundtrack for Ring of Fates, the idea came up of adding a bonus track. So, I suggested, "I'd like to play a medley on the piano." I might add, I do not write sheet music for when I play. I construct the song by playing freely. The medley for Ring of Fates was created by improvising several times.

Kumi Tanioka at RPGFan interview[1]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates incorporates the distinct style Tanioka developed for the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube. When Tanioka was involved in the original Crystal Chronicles she was looking at the illustrations of the game world when planning for the world's music, not limited to a single country or culture, but something about the world as a whole.

For Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Tanioka did not compose with world music in mind; although being the same Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles setting, Ring of Fates is based on the concept of creating a new landscape with the same atmosphere. Tanioka composed the music purposefully without having the notion of world music in mind. Instead, she was more emotionally involved in the characters, and created the music through trial and error.[1]

Track list[]

  1. Ring of Fates — 1:58
  2. Beginning — 0:49
    (はじまり, Hajimari?)
  3. The World We Live In — 1:11
    (ぼくたちの生きる世界, Bokutachi no ikiru sekai?)
  4. Peaceful Everyday Life — 1:56
    (平和な日常, Heiwa na nichijou?)
  5. The Cave in the Hill — 1:57
    (裏山の洞窟, Urayama no doukutsu?)
  6. Mog's Private Teachings — 1:28
    (モグの個人指導, MOGU no kojinshidou?)
  7. One-on-One Battle! — 2:16
    (一騎打ち!, Ikkiuchi!?)
  8. Treasure Obtained! — 0:20
    (お宝ゲット!, Otakara GETTO!?)
  9. The Hour of Silence — 1:45
    (静寂のとき, Seijaku no toki?)
  10. Light of the Crystal — 0:51
    (クリスタルの光, KURISUTARU no hikari?)
  11. Castle Town Scenery — 1:15
    (城下町の風景, Joukamachi no fuukei?)
  12. Shopping — 1:35
    (お買い物, Okaimono?)
  13. Abandoned Town — 1:49
    (捨てられた街, Suterareta machi?)
  14. Teteo's Feelings — 1:00
    (テテオの想い, TETEO no omoi?)
  15. Pope Galdes — 1:16
    (教皇ガルデス, Kyoukou GARUDESU?)
  16. Take Moogles in Grass — 1:31
    (モーグリ草を採りに, MOOGURI kusa o tori ni?)
  17. Evil Shadow — 1:33
    (邪悪な影, Jaaku na kage?)
  18. With Sorrow and Despair — 1:47
    (悲しみと絶望と, Kanashimi to zetsubou to?)
  19. Determination — 0:21
    (決意, Ketsui?)
  20. Courage for the Friends — 1:08
    (勇気を味方に, Yuuki o mikata ni?)
  21. Important Partner — 0:44
    (大切な仲間, Taisetsu na nakama?)
  22. Impure Forest — 1:27
    (汚れた森, Yogoreta mori?)
  23. The Person Who Lives in the Forest — 1:04
    (森に暮らす者, Mori ni kurasu mono?)
  24. Rebena Te Ra Castle — 1:55
    (レベナ・テ・ラ城, REBENA-TE-RA shiro?)
  25. The Person Who Lives in Water — 1:47
    (水底に暮らす者, Suitei ni kurasu mono?)
  26. Meeth Running Wildly — 0:46
    (ミース暴走, MIISU bousou?)
  27. Small Vestment — 1:05
    (小さな法衣, Chiisana houi?)
  28. Sinners Island — 2:00
    (罪人の島, Zainin no shima?)
  29. Fight — 1:34
    (戦闘, Sentou?)
  30. Secluded World ~Isolation~ — 1:38
    (幽世~かくりよ~, Yuusei ~Kakuri yo~?)
  31. Spirits Janitor — 0:53
    (御霊の管理人, Mitama no kanrinin?)
  32. Possessed Father — 0:49
    (憑かれた父, Tsukarareta chichi?)
  33. Lela Ciel — 1:41
    (レラ・シエル, RERA SHIERU?)
  34. Collapsing Capital — 0:18
    (都の崩壊, Miyako no houkai?)
  35. Existence of the Crystal — 1:35
    (クリスタルの存在, KURISUTARU no sonzai?)
  36. Temple of the Crystal — 1:46
    (クリスタルの神殿, KURISUTARU no shinden?)
  37. Temple of the Moon — 1:52
    (月の神殿, Tsuki no shinden?)
  38. Final Decisive Battle — 1:52
    (最終決戦, Saishuu kessen?)
  39. Collapse of Pride — 0:29
    (自尊心の崩壊, Jisonshin no houkai?)
  40. Crystal Record — 1:59
    (クリスタルレコード, KURISUTARU RECOODO?)
  41. Bonds 9 — 2:00
    (, Kizuna?)
  42. The Place I Yearned For
    (ぼくが想い焦がれた場所, Boku ga omoikogareta basho?) — 2:47
  43. Finally... We're Back Home!
    (おかえり…ただいま, Okaeri... Tadaima?) — 0:28
  44. Finale
    (フィナーレ, FINAARE?) — 2:12
  45. Character Making
    (キャラメイキング, KYARA MEIKINGU?) — 1:24
  46. Quest, Everyone!
    (みんなでクエスト!その1, Minna de KUESUTO! Sono 1?) — 1 1:47
  47. Level Up
    (レベルアップ, REBERU APPU?) — 0:06
  48. Game Over
    (ゲームオーバー, GEEMU OOBAA?) — 0:14
  49. Quest, Everyone! 2
    (みんなでクエスト!その2, Minna de KUESUTO! Sono 2?) — 1:17
  50. Scramble for the Prize
    (ごほうび争奪戦, Gohoubi soudatsusen?) — 0:18
  51. Race Start!
    (レーススタート!, REESU SUTAATO!?) — 0:05
  52. Race and Stand
    (レースとお立ち台, REESU to otachidai?) — 0:46
  53. Race Victory
    (レース勝利, REESU shouri?) — 0:06
  54. Race... Defeat
    (レース…負け, REESU make?) — 0:07
  55. Going Out, Moogle
    (おでかけモーグリ, Odekake MOOGURI?) — 1:18
  56. RoF Medley
    (RoFメドレー, RoF MEDOREE?) — 3:39
  57. Memories of Ring of Fates — 2:29

Sheet music[]

Book cover.

Published by DOREMI Music Publishing, the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates Piano Sheet Music Collection contains piano arrangements for the music on the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack.


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