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The following is a list of all statuses found in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

List of statuses Edit

Freeze Edit

The target is frozen solid and cannot do anything, can be cured when hit by fire spell or knock effect attack (e.g. last heavy strike of a combo, charge attack, attack that usually send a target flying).

Burn Edit

Damage is Taken until the Effect ends or "Clear" is used.

Paralyze Edit

Prevent "Attack", "Casting", "Lifting", and "Calling Allies" in single player mode commands.

Stun Edit

No actions possible while in effect, can be shortened by tapping the buttons repeatedly or cured when being hit by enemy but receive double damage.

Poison Edit

Constant damage and flinching effect that restricts certain actions (based on Selkie Series hot tips).

Slow Edit

Decrease in attack speed, movement speed, casting, and magic ring movement speed.

Blind Edit

Impaired field of vision.

Gravity Edit

Prevent "Jump" command, will also bring flying foes to the ground.

Weakness Edit

Greatly decrease attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense.

Haste Edit

Positive status effect, increase in attack speed, movement speed, casting, and magic ring movement speed. Also possible to jump farther while doing running jump.

Barrier Edit

Positive status effect, decrease damage taken.

Doom Edit

Death when counter reach 0, can be cured with clear (based on Selkie Series hot tips).

Gallery Edit

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