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EoT Loot Field Icon The following is a list of materials in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

Material Buy Price Sale Price Obtain Dropped by Rarity
Abyssian Create *****
A dangerous mineral full of negative energy. Harvested from the depths of the underworld.
Adaman Shell 30 Adamantoise ***
Tortoise shell said to be the hardest thing in the world. Swords just bounce off it.
Adamantite Create Giant Crab (Very Hard mode), Neo Larkeicus (Very Hard mode) *****
Material taken from the shell of an adamantoise. Synonymous with "hard".
Adaman Tusk 30 Adamantoise ***
Tortoise tooth said to be the hardest of its kind in the world. Virtually unbreakable.
Alchemy Core 30 Golem (Library) *
Golem heart forged in an alchemist's kiln. Pulses with a sinister red light.
Ancient Scale
Yellowed scale of a prehistoric fish. Shells and seaweed are still stuck to it.
Behemoth Claw 30 Behemoth **
Enormous claw of a behemoth. Makes a chichi ornament for helmets.
Behemoth Horn 30 Behemoth **
Enormous horn of a behemoth. It's terribly heavy.
Big One-Eye 30 Ahriman ****
The eyeball of the unique one-eyed beast. It's best not to stare at it for too long.
Black Feather 30 Cockatrice ***
A soft, black feather. Somehow seems infused with evil intent.
Black Gold Create *****
Gold that gleams with a strange, black light. Infused with dark power.
Black Silver 37 Create ***
Silver that gleams with a strange black light. Infused with traces of dark power.
Bloodied Rag Death Lich *****
A cloth drenched in fresh blood. Faded letters could be the owner's monogram...
Blue Fay Dust 30 15 Purchase Mini Mover *
Powder made of the essence of ice. Adds the power of ice and turns items blue.
Blue Orb Create ****
A magical ice crystal that infuses the power of magic into manufactured items.
Blue Stone 50 25 Purchase *
Rock imbued with coldness. Used to add the element of ice or to process minerals.
Bomb's Soul 30 Bomb ***
A rock that seems about to explode at any moment.
Bone 30 Skeleton ****
A dried white bone shaped like a stick. Very versatile due to its strength and pliability.
Bookcase Splinter 30 Libroarian **
Piece of wood that protected a Libroarian. This isn't any normal piece of wood.
Buffasaur Horn 30 Buffasaur **
A hard piece of Buffasaur horn. Used for concocting medicines.
Buffasaur Shell 30 Buffasaur **
External protective shell of a Buffasaur. Stinks like an outhouse.
Carniflower Fluid 30 Carniflower ***
Liquid from a shady plant. Its potent acidity can melt metal.
Carniflower Seed 30 Carniflower ***
The seed of an angry flower. Too hard to even consider eating.
Chimera Blood 30 Chimera **
The mixed blood of the hybrid monster chimera. Contains elements useful in fusion.
Cockatrice Feather 30 Cockatrice **
The soft, plush feather of a cockatrice. Feels very strange to the touch.
Cockatrice Scale 30 Cockatrice **
Tough, hard cockatrice scale. The cockatrice fires its scales at assailants.
Copper 15 Create Goblin (Forest) **
A pliable metal commonly used to make military equipment.
Copper Shard 15 7 Purchase Goblin (Forest) *
A small grayish mineral fragment. Its copper content is too low to be useful.
Curious Petal 30 Seedspitter ***
Petal of a flower that thrives in fresh water. A must-have item among trendy girls.
Dark Dust 25 (Final boss minions) *
Powder made of the essence of darkness. Adds the power of evil and turns items black.
Dark Orb Create ****
A magical dark crystal that infuses the power of magic into manufactured items.
Defense Propeller 30 Guardian **
Propeller attached to a Guardian's mask. Everyone wants to give it a twirl.
Dragon Horn Dragon ***
A horn cut off a dragon's head. Considered tangible proof of a dragon knight's bravery.
Dragon Scale Dragon ***
A scale form the body of a dragon. Could be used to temper armor.
Elemental Gem 30 Elemental ***
A shiny, glittering stone. It's perhaps surprising that it has no value as jewelry.
Executioner Mask Dragon ***
A mask procured from a jailor on Kilanda Isle. Its inner surface is damp and oily.
Feline Spirit 30 Chimera **
An oddly-shaped ceramic cat holding gil. A pathetic mewling echoes from within...
Fine Leather Create, reward from quests ***
A stronger and higher quality tanned pelt often used to make armor for light infantry.
Fine Silk Create, reward from quests ***
A stronger and higher quality silk often used to make robes for members of holy orders.
Flame Fungus 500 Goblin (Fire Mountain) ****
A parasitic and phosphorescent single-cell organism that lives only on Fire Mountain.
Flan Goop 30 Flan (Ice Mountain) ***
A jelly-like substance used to strengthen surfaces. The secret to flan monsters' power.
Garuda Feather 30 Garuda ***
Enormous feather of a zu. Surprisingly sharp and pointy, for a feather.
Garuda Talon 30 Garuda ***
Enormous claw of a zu. Tough as steel yet light as balsa wood.
Giant Crab Shell Giant Crab ***
A piece of carapace from a large crustacean, marked with battle scars from edged weapons.
Giant Lizard Floater 30 Hecteyes **
A Hecteyes body part. Looks like it served as a spherical joint.
Giant Lizard Hide Hecteyes **
Reptilian skin that once protected a Hecteyes. So slippery and slimy it's hard to hang on to.
Giant Toad Meat 30 Giant Toad **
Scale Toad meat with the animal's protective scales still attached. Very tender and soft.
Giant Toad Tongue 30 Giant Toad **
The long tongue of a Scale Toad. Kind of bouncy and rubbery to the touch.
Gold 45 Create Spikes ***
A shiny yellowish metal made into gil. Used as a decorative flourish on weapons and armor.
Gold Shard 75 37 Purchase Spikes **
A yellowish sliver of ore. Its gold content is too low to be useful.
Grain of Light 30 Mini Mover (Forest) *
A tiny little grain of light. Look closely and you can see a star.
Great Memory
A purple crystal vial containing memories of a Yuke cleric lauded for wisdom and strength.
Green Fay Dust 30 15 Purchase Mini Mover *
Powder made of the vitality of plants. Adds the power of earth and turns items green.
Green Orb Create ****
A magical earth crystal that infuses the power of magic into manufactured items.
Holy Orb Create ****
A magical sacred crystal that infuses the power of magic into manufactured items.
Homunculus Core 30 Neo Larkeicus, Giant Crab (Hard Mode), Great Galdes (Hard Mode) **
A pulsating, blood-red substance. It serves as a heart in artificial lifeforms.
Honey Acid 30 Cloud Bee ****
An acid that is sweet in name only. Used in weaving, it can also melt minerals.
Iron 22 Create Ahriman **
A fairly hard metal commonly used to make military equipment.
Iron Shard 30 15 Purchase Ahriman *
A small brownish mineral fragment. Its iron content is too low to be useful.
Iron Silk Create ****
A silk magically woven with iron. Lighter than one might expect and gentle to the touch.
Jellyfish Bonbon 30 Electric Jellyfish ***
An odd little bonbon found on the head of a jellyfish. Similar to a moogle's bonbon.
Lava Spider Claw 30 Lava Spider **
The claw of a Lava Spider. Too hot to handle for very long.
Lava Spider Scale 30 Lava Spider **
Protective scale of a Lava Spider. Hard and tough like the bark of a pine tree.
Leather 75 Create, reward from quests ***
A durable hide often used to make clothing.
Lens Shard 30 Larkeicus **
Shard of glass from someone's spectacles. A magic tool for repairing minor defects.
Little Thorn 30 Mini Mover (Forest) *
A little thorn that thrums with a soft sound. It's small but very pointy. Be careful!
Lizard Crest 30 Lizardman (Aqueducts) ****
A sharp, shiny comb resembling a knife. Valued as a material for making weapons.
Lizard Scale 30 Lizardman (Aqueducts) ****
A sharp, stiff scale valued as a material for making weapons.
Machine Casing 30 Death Machine **
Outer protective shell of the Death Machine. Its strength has been magically enhanced.
Machine Cylinder 30 Death Machine **
Missile-launching cannon of the Death Machine. Far too advanced for analysis.
Mage's Gravepost 30 Undead Seraph ***
Part of a gravepost of a once-famous magician. His spirit still lingers in the relic.
Magician's Soul 30 Undead Seraph **
The magic essence of a once-famous magician. Gave the Undead Princess her power.
Magic Sphere
A rock imbued with the four basic elements. It can infuse materials with powerful magic.
Magic Stone 30 Bat (Ice Mountain) *
A rock imbued with magic power. Used to infuse magic into materials.
Magic Vase Shard 30 Magic Pot ****
Piece of a magic pot. Infused with magic, it's stronger than it looks.
Mimic Slough 30 Mimic ***
The discarded skin of a mimic. It really does look like part of a treasure chest.
Mimic Talon 30 Mimic ***
A hard talon that glistens like pearl. Often used for making weapons.
Moogle Plant 30 15 Purchase Seedspitter *
A form of flor closely resembling a moogle.
Mu Fur 30 Mu *
A pelt with a thick texture and healthy shine. Used in the manufacture of silk and leather.
Mu Nose 30 Mu **
An extremely hard beak shaped like a drill. Its toughness makes it useful in ironworking.
Mu Parchment 125 Create, reward from quests ***
Scroll material made from tanned Mu hide. Used by scholars around the world.
Mythril Create ****
A magical metal with a rainbow luster. Valued as a hard yet light material for equipment.
Mythril Shard Goblin (Aqueducts) ***
A broken chunk of mythril that has lost its usual luster and magic power.
Mythril Silk Create - *****
A silk magically woven with mythril. Its iridescent glow is strikingly beautiful.
Oak Branch 60 30 Purchase Mu *
A hard and sturdy piece of wood often used to craft weapons.
Odd Angled Eye 30 Bat (Forest) ***
Resembles the slanted eye of a bat. A source of magic in a disconcerting form.
Old Hellish Iron Death Lich ***
A metal brought back by warriors tested in underworld battle. Corroded and odoriferous.
Old Sword Giant Crab *****
A worn-out sword of unknown origin. It is rusted, scarred and battered.
One-Eye Wing 30 Ahriman ***
The wing of the unique one-eyed beast. The hands have atrophied over time.
Orichalcum Create - *****
An ancient zinc and brass alloy. An excellent material for military applications.
Phoenix Down Reward from quests - *****
Plumage of the legendary bird engulfed by fire. Full of vitality but hot to the touch.
Pink Book 30 Libroarian **
A book taken from the shelf of a Libroarian. The cover is pink, but inside...
Platinum Create *****
Gold that gleams with sacred light. Infused with holy power.
Protective Shell 30 Guardian **
External protective shell of a Guardian. Inscribed with holy patterns.
Red Fay Dust 30 15 Purchase Mini Mover *
Powder made of the essence of fire. Adds the power of fire and turns items red.
Red Orb Create ****
A magical fire crystal that infuses the power of magic into manufactured items.
Red Stone 50 25 Purchase *
Rock imbued with heat. Used to add the element of fire or to process minerals.
Sahagin Fin 30 Sahagin ***
A fin from a sahagin monster. Smells fishy.
Scorpion Eye 30 Scorpion ****
Eyeball of a large scorpion packed with peculiar power.
Scorpion Shell 30 Scorpion **
Piece of a huge scorpion carapace. Hard to work with, so used only for small items.
Secret Scroll Cu Chaspel ***
A colorful picture scroll of foreign origin, with descriptions of the knots used to tie it.
Seraph Dust 50 Create ****
A mystical medicinal compound of earthly origins that doubles sacred power.
Silk 75 Create, reward from quests ***
A soft cloth often used to make clothing.
Silver 30 Create Goblin (Aqueducts) **
A magnificent metal with a pure white glow. Its subtle magical properties ward off evil.
Silver Shard 45 22 Purchase Goblin (Aqueducts) *
A grayish sliver of ore. Its silver content is too low to be useful.
Skull 30 Skeleton ****
A bone head that looks like it's about to burst out laughing. A disturbingly strong material.
Soft Cell 500 Seedspitter ****
A single-cell organism found only in the forest. Propagates itself on the wind.
Spark Spore 500 Mandrake (Forest and Graveyard) ****
A spore that emits a tiny electric charge. Believe to infect aquatic animals.
Spin Amoeba 500 Electric Jellyfish ****
An amoeba that spins round and round. Scientists are puzzled by its movement.
Stained Bone 30 Skeleton (Graveyard only) ****
A bone that has turned black. Perhaps it is the charred remains of something demonic...
Stained Fin 30 Sahagin ***
A blackened fin. Perhaps it came from the charred remains of a sahagin.
Steel 50 Lizardman (Aqueducts, Ruins) ***
An alloy made by tempering raw steel with iron sand. Often used in imported military goods.
Sturdy Vine 30 Mandrake (Fire Mountain) ****
Stem of a plant both strong and flexible. It would make a wicked whip.
Sulfur Dust 50 Create ****
A forbidden medicinal compound of earthly origins that doubles the power of dark magic.
Tortoise Shell 30 Spikes ***
A spiked carapace widely used for armor.
Tree Branch 30 15 Purchase Mu *
A lightweight yet sturdy piece of wood often used to craft weapons.
Ultimite Great Galdes (Hard), Adamantoise (Hard) *****
Extremely valuable substance said to contain primordial power. Its mighty magic is deadly!
Ultima Silk Create *****
A silk magically woven with ultimite. Desired by rulers throughout the ages.
Unknown Seed 30 Mandrake (Fire Mountain) ***
A red seed of indeterminate origin. Plant it to grow your own monster.
Veriaul Alloy 30 Deathgaze **
Alloy that once protected a Grim Gaze. It is similar to the metal used in Yuke armor.
Veriaul Battery 30 Deathgaze **
Grim Gaze power source. Despite the compact size, it pumps out serious wattage.
Wandering Soul Great Galdes ***
A black crystal jar housing a grieved spirit, tormented by circles within circles of fates.
White Dust 25 (Final boss minions) *
Powder made of the essence of holiness. Adds the power of holiness and turns items white.
White Silver 37 Create - ***
A beautiful silver, shining with sacred light. Infused with a small amount of holy power.
Yellow Fay Dust 30 15 Purchase Mini Mover *
Powder made of the essence of thunder. Adds the power of thunder and turns items yellow.
Yellow Feather 75 Chimera *****
A large feather from some avian creature. The coloring looks vaguely familiar...
Yellow Orb Create ****
A magical thunder crystal that infuses the power of magic into manufactured items.
Yellow Stone 50 25 Purchase *
Rock imbued with electricity. Used to add the element of thunder or to process minerals.
Yesteryear Watch 30 Neo Larkeicus ****
The screw from a watch that marked endless time. It shows where time begins and ends.
Yew Branch Mu ***
A rod made from a sacred tree over a thousand years old. Has a rustic feel of natural wood.
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