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The following is a list of throwing weapons found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Boomerang.png
16 Buy: Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Find: Dalnakya Cavern
Craft: Lumber x3, 40 gil
200 Gil
60 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★ - A boomerang made of wood.
A boomerang made of wood. This tool for hunting wild game was initially used to lure out animals by threatening them. It draws an arch in the air as it is thrown and eventually returns to the hands of its owner, allowing him or her to attack foes from a distance. The boomerang is currently used to fluster opponents who excel with close range weapons, such as swords.
FFBE Chakram.png
21 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Lanzelt Highlands
Craft: Wind Cryst x3, Iron Ore x5, 80 gil
400 Gil
120 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★ - A throwing weapon with circular blades.
A circular disk with a hole in the middle that has a bladed outer edge. It is meant to be held by the aperture in the middle, and then thrown to attack enemies from a distance. Out of all of the throwing weapons, the chakram stands out as the only one to have been customized with blades in order to dismember its target. Since it can be thrown a great distance, it is very effective against aerial enemies, such as birds.
Moon Ring Blade
FFBE Moon Ring Blade.png
26 Buy: Town of Kolts, Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway
Find: Lanzelt Ruins (recipe)
Reward: "Lootiful Dreamer"
Craft: Wind Cryst x3, Silver Ore x5, 200 gil
1,000 Gil
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★ - A throwing weapon enhanced by ninjas.
A disk-like weapon much like the chakram. Ninjas, who specialize in infiltrations and assassinations, customized the sharpness of its bladed edge and expanded its range. Holding much more power than its predecessor, the moon ring blade can cut through denser objects, such as tree branches. People fear its presence on the battle field as there is no way to tell where it may suddenly appear to deal a great amount of damage. It is particularly effective against aerial foes.
FFBE Kangaroo.png
42 Reward: Colosseum · ADV A-4
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★★ - A ranged weapon that thirsts for the blood of flying creatures.
The story behind this boomerang is more elaborate than its design suggests. According to myth, the Kangaroo was a cursed weapon that, when thrown, would attract itself to the closest creature with even the slightest of bird-like features. Stories suggest that it was created by a witch who got sick of the chirpings of magpies and sparrows in her bird-loving neighborhood. One single toss of the boomerang was accompanied by multiple high-pitched, bird-like screams.
FFBE Nue.png
51 82 Trust: Hope
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A boomerang from another world created through advanced techniques that incorporate the ingenious idea of hiding its form until ready to strike. Great in both size and power, there are very few who can handle this difficult weapon effectively. However, legends from the Nue's place of origin claim that a young boy was able to master its use completely.
FFBE Tezcatlipoca.png
65 Buy: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) 5,500 Trochoid Gear
Effect: HP +20%. (Exclusive: Hope)
★★★★★? - ??
A boomerang specially designed to take down large game. Since it was made heavy to increase its force, there are few who can wield it. It seems one can build their muscles just by wielding it.
Rising Sun
FFBE Rising Sun.png
107 Trust: Locke
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★★★★ - A throwing weapon that resembles the rising sun.
A disc-like weapon much like the chakram. Many peoples have regarded the sun and the light it shines in the heavens as a blessing upon the world, revering this celestial object as the center of their religions. The weapon known as the rising sun was made by a tribe with similar beliefs, which used it to hunt animals that would serve as offerings to the sun god. This weapon, as any others of a similar nature, is very effective for targeting foes mid-air.
Ninja's Trump
FFBE Ninja's Trump.png
28 75 Buy: King Mog (Mana Mystery) 3,000 Candy
Effect: None. (Exclusive: Popoi)
★★★★★? - ??
A top quality boomerang, considered the best in its realm. It can be obtained in the Mana Fortress, located in a distant realm.
Battle Hoop
FFBE Battle Hoop.png
50 20 Buy: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) 6,000 Red Orb
Effect: Grants Graceful when equipped by Soleil.
★★★★★ - ??
A throwing weapon consisting of a battle ring specially designed for use in war. Though similar in appearance to the chakram, it is larger in size and has thicker outer blades. Also able to be used as a rudimentary shield, making it an easy choice for both offense and defense, it is favored by those who demand the dexterity it offers.
Fixed Dice
FFBE Fixed Dice.png
1 Trust: Setzer
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (120% - 650%).
★★★★★★★ - ??
A set of gambling dice from a distant world. They can also be used on the battlefield to amplify any damage dealt to enemies. If good fortune is with the wearer, a big roll could lead to immense amounts of damage inflicted upon his or her foes. Apparently, these fixed dice once belonged to an elegant gambler from another world who favored thrills and romance beyond all the money in the world.
Switch Hitter
FFBE Switch Hitter.png
35 Find: Macalania Woods
Effect: None.
★★★★? - ??
A ball from another world made of materials foreign to this one. In the world of Spira, this item is commonly used as a tool for the sport of blitzball, and not as a weapon. Lacking any really sharp edges, it may not look like the most appropriate weapon for battle. However, it can inflict a great amount of damage on enemies when thrown by a person of great physical strength.
Hyper Ball
FFBE Hyper Ball.png
55 Find: Macalania Woods (recipe)
Craft: Switch Hitter x1, Strength Orb x1, Blue Butterfly Powder x5, 2000 gil
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - An enhanced ball made in another world.
A ball from another world made of materials foreign to this one. In the world of Spira, this item is commonly used as a tool for the sport of blitzball, and not as a weapon. However, talented blitzball players can learn how to use it to inflict great damage upon enemies, and thus some are said to have begun using it in battle.
Over the Top (formerly called Horizon Breaker)
FFBE Over the Top.png
117 Trust: Wakka
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - An otherworldly ball that boasts high ATK.
A high-quality ball made in another world. In the world of Spira balls like this one are originally created for the sport known as blitzball. However, most of the athletes who play this aquatic sport have built so much muscle and endurance thanks to their rigorous training that they are able to face beasts in battle as well. For these type of warriors, the ball they are so familiar with serves better as a weapon than any average sword.
Slick Dart
FFBE Slick Dart.png
60 32 Reward: The Shadow Lord Invades (recipe)
Craft: Breath of Life x15, Twilight Stone x5, Dawn Shell x6, Blessing Needle x2, 2000 gil
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A throwing weapon brought from the Farplane.
A throwing weapon brought from the distant world of Vana'diel where it is said that those who equip this dart can become quite skilled.
Platinum Edge
FFBE Platinum Edge.png
42 Find: Energy Extraction Station (recipe); Town of Sian
Craft: Raptor Feather x15, Iron Ore x5, Polymer Emulsion x3, Sparkling Stone x2, Mythril Ore x2, 600 gil
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★★ - A throwing weapon made from platinum.
A throwing weapon made from platinum. Made in the form of a boomerang, this is a culmination of what craftsmen have only been able to dream of. The reason for this is because use of platinum in throwing weapons was difficult for its weight and lack of accuracy. But recent advancements in crafting techniques have led to the slimming of the blade, thus making it useful as a throwing weapon that proved effective against aerial enemies.
FFBE Hawkeye Weapon.png
36 42 Find: Vesta Ruins, Runferia Castle
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★★★ - An oddly shaped throwing weapon.
An oddly shaped throwing weapon. It takes time and effort to be able to use projectile weapons properly, and the odd shape of this weapon doesn't help. But those who do master this weapon is said to be able to strike birds in flight. The unique trajectory of the weapon gives it its name, "Hawkeye," with how the weapon in flight looks like a predator swooping in on its prey.
Twin Viper
FFBE Twin Viper.png
52 16 Find: Mt. Nibel - Exploration
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A throwing weapon said to resemble two venomous snakes.
A giant, bladed throwing weapon composed of two scythes attached with a hilt in the middle. The scythes are said to resemble venomous snakes, but can be thrown farther than any snake can strike. While this seems a difficult weapon to wield, it is said that a female ninja used it all the time in her world.
Shooting Star*
FFBE Shooting Star.png
48 118 Trust: Rinoa
★★★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Valkyrie FFVIII.png
18 55 Find: Dollet - Exploration
★★★★ - ??
FFBE Unknown Throwing.png
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Black Trump*
FFBE Black Trump.png
62 169 Trust: Ace
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Yin Yang Charm
FFBE Unknown Throwing 2.png
25 79 Reward: Dracotaur Lancer (recipe)
Craft: Scarlet Hide x100, Black Thread x50, Scarlet Orb x40, 4000 gil
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A charm used by exorcists to banish evil spirits.
A charm used by exorcists to banish evil spirits. Its power to expel wickedness is activated when it sticks to an enemy after it is thrown at them. Although it is powerful enough to destroy weaker apparitions instantly, it is said to revitalize any benign force it touches. Rumor has it that other people who are not exorcists by trade have begun procuring these in recent years.
FFBE GE-64.png
30 70 Reward: The Son of Medici (recipe)
Craft: Bavarium Dust x90, Bavarium Ore x60, Bavarium Shard x80, 80,000 gil
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - A triggered explosive powered by bavarium.
The GE-64 can be planted or dropped while parachuting from an aircraft, and sticks to the first object it comes in contact with. It is an extremely powerful explosive that can be used to demolish almost any vehicle or structure with a single detonation.