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The following is a list of staves found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Craft Buy
FFBE Staff.png
5 2 14 Chest: Latius Woods
Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin
Yes 160 Gil
48 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★ - An ordinary staff of plain design.
The first staff that apprentice mages use. It is produced in mass quantities and its reasonable price makes it easily affordable. Staves are crafted to amplify the magical powers of their owners, and thus are made from wood which excels at gathering magic, or even from trees which hold spiritual powers. However, since a mistake while gathering magical power could end up breaking the staff, only cheap versions of this weapon are given to beginners.
Cherry Staff
FFBE Cherry Staff.png
8 3 20 Chest: Phantom Forest
Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport
Yes 320 Gil
96 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: Enables use of Aero.
★★ - A staff with the color of cherry blossoms that calls the wind.
A pink staff imbued with wind magic that allows its owner to cast aero. The wind it invokes is known to have a very pleasant aroma. Once there was a mage who became so enamored with the scent, that he began conjuring magic in a frenzy, causing quite the commotion. However, nowadays many popular perfumes and types of incense mimic the aroma of the wind born from this staff.
Healing Staff
FFBE Healing Staff.png
11 5 26 Exchange: Lost Village of Marlo No 10 Star Quartz
Effect: Light-elemental attack. Enables use of Cura.
★★★ - A staff with healing powers.
A staff filled with compassion that allows its owner to cast cura. The crafting process of this staff requires a spiritual tree of high vitality that must be first purified in holy water after it is cut, and then carved into shape. This process is what gives the healing staff its restorative powers. Curiously, a staff of the same name that heal others as it strikes them is said to exist in another world. Owners of the healing staff should take great care not to confuse one with the other.
Wizard's Staff
FFBE Mage's Staff.png
13 6 32 Buy: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway Yes 800 Gil
Effect: Enables use of Fire.
★★★ - A staff that grants the power of fire.
A staff imbued with magic that allows its owner to cast fire. There are many beasts who instinctually fear flames, regardless of their elemental affinity. Thus, it is essential for a mage to be able to cast fire in battle. However, the results this weapon yields fluctuate greatly depending on its user, making the wizard's staff only as reliable as rudimentary magic.
Rune Staff
FFBE Rune Staff.png
15 6 38 Chest: Town of Kolts Yes
Effect: Has a 30% chance to inflict Silence. Enables use of Silence.
★★★ - A staff with dormant magic sealed within.
A staff of sacred power engraved with ancient writing. It can inflict silence when used to strike an opponent, but also allows its owner to cast silence by using green magic. This staff makes it apparent that ancient people sought ways in which to neutralize the menacing power of magic to break their foe's psyche, a tactic many people use till this day. Silencing an enemy in battle could be an effective way to gain the advantage.
Golden Staff
FFBE Golden Staff.png
19 9 48 Chest: Invincible Interior, The Crystal Tower
Reward: Colosseum (ADV B-4)
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A staff that glimmers brightly with gold.
A shiny staff made from gold. Having been made to look as extravagant as possible, there is a clear divide between those who love it and those who hate it. However, it is not simply a case of form over function, and it will surely serve well any who are fortunate enough to get their hands on one. However, there are many who complain that it is so flashy that it literally hurts their eyes to look upon.
Malboro Wand
FFBE Malboro Wand.png
15 60 Exchange: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) No 5,500 Trochoid Gear
Effect: Has a 10% chance to inflict Blind and Poison. Enables use of Jinx. (Exclusive: Vanille)
★★★★★★ - ??
A weapon which carries the name of the legendary Malboro, a beast whose breath is capable of inflicting all manner of ailment, and has been responsible for many tragedies. Like its name would suggest, this weapon too is capable of weakening its enemies. Though as powerful as this weapon may be, it is only able to be wielded by those skilled enough to use it.
Magi Staff
FFBE Magi Staff.png
25 12 70 Trust: Lenna
Reward: Vanquish Jie Revorse!, Steel Castle Melfikya
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A staff said to have blonged to a sage.
A mysterious staff that increases the spirit for those who hold it. It is said to have been once wielded by a great mage known as a magi. It is said this magi circled the world, dedicating his or her life to helping the sick and wounded, but who exactly this person was is shrouded in mystery. Some places claimed him to have been an old man, while in other areas she was claimed to be a beautiful woman.
Golem's Staff
FFBE Golem Staff.png
17 7 42 Reward: Dirnado vault (Gale Key #8) No
Effect: Earth-elemental attack. Has a 30% chance to inflict Petrify.
★★★ - A fearsome cane capable of turning those it hits to stone.
A fearsome cane capable of turning those it hits to stone. Long ago, there was once a widely feared tyrant. With this cane he fought back against any who defied him, turning them to stone. Citizens, his retainers, even his family, none were spared mercy. It is said that in the end, when his castle had become full of stone statues leaving him all alone, he then used the cane on himself.
White Staff
FFBE White Staff.png
12 5 29 Exchange: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) No 1,000 Red Orb
Effect: Enables use of Poisona.
★★★★ - ??
A beloved white cane once owned by an otherworldly cleric. It has the power to focus the SPR of anyone who holds it. It doesn't function well as a weapon, but it does provide divine protection in the form of the white magic poisona. Because of this, it can become a valuable lifeline for any party as anyone can use it in an anti-poison role, helping your party save on antidotes.
FFBE Dreamwaker.png
19 15 49 Trust: Ovelia No
Effect: Grants MP +15%.
★★★★★★★ - A cane that contains the power to realize its wielder's dreams.
A mysterious cane which appears in otherworldly tales. According to legend, it holds within it the power to help realize its wielder's dreams. Having been passed around from person to person, it is said to grant tremendous power once it arrives in the hands of one who has great dreams. Though mysterious in how it selects its owners, it is said that just about anyone can wield it.
Staff of Antimagic
FFBE DQ Weapon 3.png
62 Exchange: King Mog (Monster Carnival)
Reward: Estark's Challenge
No 6,000 Gold Coin
Effect: Has a 30% chance to inflict Silence.
★★★★★ - A staff which can seal away magic.
A weapon brought from a certain faraway world. This staff is said to be able to seal away the power of an opponent's magic with just a single swing.
Aura Staff
FFBE Aura Staff.png
21 12 53 Reward: Zoldaad vault (Flamering Key #10) No
Effect: Enables use of Dispel.
★★★★★ - A staff that emits a blue aura.
A staff that shines a blue light when held. It has the ability to greatly bolster the ATK, MAG, and SPR of the wielder. The extent of the aura emitted from the staff depends on the physical and mental condition of the person who wields it. While it shines in a bright bluish hue in the hands of the righteous, it releases a subdued air of miasma when held by those with evil intentions, unsettling fears, and the seriously ill.
Budding Maple Wand
FFBE Budding Maple Wand.png
12 30 68 Yes
Effect: Grants HP +10% and MP +10%. (Exclusive: Y'shtola)
★★★★★★ - A mythical one-handed wand from another world. (Y'shtola only)
A tool used by conjurers of the distant world of Eorzea. This magical weapon was created from materials found in nature, and uses the aether in its surroundings as its main source of power. Conjurers then manipulate this magical energy to achieve their own ends.
Cypress Pile
FFBE Cypress Pole.png
23 6 45 Chest: Forgotten Walls; Nam-Yensa Sandsea - Exploration Yes
Effect: Has a 30% chance to inflict Confuse.
★★★★★ - A staff made from cypress.
A staff made from cypress. It holds a special power where it has a chance of confusing those it strikes. Cypress holds stronger magic power compared to other woods, and is sought after as the perfect medium to use for mid-tier mages. To some it may look like a stick, but the shape, length, form, and the well-balanced magic power it holds makes it perfect for mages to use as a means to tap into their magic powers.
Platinum Staff
FFBE Platinum Staff.png
20 9 54 Chest: Sky Cave No
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A staff made from platinum.
A staff made from platinum. Most mages are weak, so use of platinum for their staves proved to be a subject of concern. But this light-weight staff was finally created after the advancement of techniques coming from trial and error, thus making this staff a beacon of accomplishment to craftsmen who have spent their lives creating it. Currently, it is widely available to the public, and many own one of these as their staff of choice.
Glory Staff*
FFBE Glory Staff.png
8 23 56
Effect: None.
★★★★★★? - ??
Clown Staff
FFBE Clown Staff.png
18 36 36 Trust: Kupolkan No
Effect: Grants HP +10%.
★★★★★★★ - A staff imbued with the protection of the moogles.
A staff that can be used as an umbrella that is imbued with divine protection. Most common umbrella staffs are used only for style and lack any battle functions, but the young girl who owns this staff received it from her moogle friend who imbued it with special powers making it useful as a weapon in battle. It was also made incredibly light-weight so that the young girl can carry it with ease.
Angel Wand
FFBE Angel Wand.png
2 12 48 Yes
Effect: Grants Light Resistance +20%.
★★★★★★ - A wand said to be imbued with the protection of angels.
A wand adorned with a blue gem that is said to be imbued with the protection of angels. There are many theories to its origin, but according to ancient tomes, the blue gem is supposedly an angel's teardrop that was crystallized. Those with a pure heart can bring out the brilliance of the gem when using the wand, but if used by those of evil, the brilliance of the gem slowly fades until it loses its glimmer.
Air Racket
FFBE Air Racket.png
28 28 Chest: Escape from Alexandria Castle No
Effect: Enables use of Poisona.
★★★ - A battle racket brought from another world.
A battle racket brought from the faraway world of Gaia. White mages using rods and staves is commonly known, but in the faraway world of Gaia, there are white mages that also fight using rackets and flutes. This particular racket isn't a melee weapon. It is actually a long range weapon used to cause gales as a means of attack.
Staff of Wrath
FFBE Staff of Wrath.png
30 20 40 Yes 1 Rainbow Egg (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A staff wielded by a hot-blooded cleric of old.
A staff wielded by a hot-blooded cleric of old. According to written accounts of said cleric, he was quite short-tempered by nature, and had the tendency to physically attack enemies on the field when the rest of his party members did not dispose of them quickly enough. This led his comrades to dub his weapon the Staff of Wrath to match its wielder's impatience.
Holy Wand - Replica
FFBE Holy Wand Replica.png
8 60 Reward: The Energetic Strategist No
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A replica of a holy wand.
A replica of one of the twelve shining arms, the Holy Wand. The wand is noted for its unique design reminiscent of a spear. Though it looks very similar to the Holy Wand, it is a fake, so it lacks the power the real wand holds. At least it offers the owner a chance to feel how it's like to own one of the twelve shining arms.
Holy Wand
FFBE Holy Wand.png
16 120 Reward: The Troubled Strategist No
Effect: Light-elemental attack. Enables use of Dual White Magic and Holy.
★★★★★★★★ - A holy wand used to cleanse the unclean.
One of the twelve shining arms. The wand is noted for its unique design reminiscent of a spear, and is considered a masterpiece, spoken of in legends, among the white mages to this day. This holy wand is said to cleanse the unclean, and only Visions, or those who hold the heart of light can use it. Only those accepted by The Troubled Strategist, Sheratan, can wield the wand.
FFBE Nirvana.png
19 68 116 Trust: Yuna No
Effect: Grants Auto-Limit.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A staff from the faraway world of Spira. There are seven special weapons in Spira that exhibit tremendous power after strengthening them through special means, and the Nirvana is said to be one such weapon. This staff is said to have been used by a certain traveling summoner who ventured out into the world to defeat the great fiend, Sin.
Arc Arcana
FFBE Arc Arcana.png
8 68 68 Reward: Mt. Gagazet - Exploration No
Effect: Enables use of Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga.
★★★★★★★ - A staff brought from another world.
A staff from the faraway world of Spira. Modifying gear in Spira is commonplace, so there are many different pieces of gear that hold various powers, even if they look and feel similar. This staff looks very similar to the staff used by a traveling summoner who ventured out into the world to defeat the great fiend Sin.
Bone Staff
FFBE Bone Staff.png
12 51 Chest: Capital of Despair Hellstya No
Effect: Enables use of Curada.
★★★★★ - ??
A staff made from the bones of a beast that lived a long time. The bones retained the powerful lifeforce of the beast, even after its demise, which imparts the user with the power to use healing magic. The staff is very useful, but the lifeforce within the bones used to create the staff weaken each time they are processed, so in most cases, the staff is left quite untouched from the bones it was made from, which gives it an ominous look.
Chocobo's Memoria*
FFBE Chocobo Memoria.png
6 4 66 Reward: Chocobo Expeditions No
★★★★★★ - ??
Yggdrasil Staff*
FFBE Yggdrasil Staff.png
12 54 Reward: Luxendarc, Land of Light and Shadow No
Effect: Grants MP +10%.
★★★★★★ - ??
Sage's Staff
FFBE Sage's Staff.png
11 34 54 Yes
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A staff imbued with magic that came from a faraway world.
A staff that came from a faraway world. It features a large gemstone on its tip. It is said that sages and priests from that world would often carry one of these weapons.
Santa's Cane*
FFBE Santa's Cane.png
6 64 No
Effect: Grants HP +10%.
★★★★★★★ - ??
Serapia's Staff
FFBE Unknown Staff.png
12 166 Trust: Ayaka No
Effect: Grants HP +15%, MP +15%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A staff with a large gem that was made for white mages. The gem glows blue when equipped by one who holds great magic powers. The staff is also famous for choosing who can wield it, as it will feel immensely heavy in the hands of those it deems as unfit to use it. It seems as if Ayaka is keeping great care of this staff that she got from her mentor.
Ignis's Cane
FFBE Ignis's Rod.png
9 36 54 Exchange: King Mog (The Heart of a King) No 6,000 Empty Magic Flask
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - ??
A cane made in the faraway world of Eos. It is intricately designed, and has a calm, yet bold aura to it. It is very sturdy, so it can even be used on the field of battle.
FFBE Badrosa.png
12 110 150 Trust: Citra No
Effect: Grants EVO MAG +30%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A unique staff with a flower bud design at the top. The affixed gem holds great magic powers that increase the user's abilities. This staff is used by one of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, Citra, and it is said that she can summon this staff out of nowhere, right into her hands.
Elven Staff
FFBE Elven Staff.png
6 64 Yes
Effect: Grants HP +10%.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A staff used by elvish conjurers from a distant kingdom. This magical weapon contains an ancient elf enchantment that grants its wielder increased vitality and healing capabilities.
Staff of Osiris
FFBE Staff of Osiris.png
3 68 68 Yes
Effect: HP +10%. Light-elemental attack. Enables use of Luminous.
★★★★★★★ - A light elemental staff that bestows its bearer with light attacks.
A powerful magic staff found within an ancient temple dedicated to the evil god, Set. It imbues its user with incredible magical powers, and is even capable of enabling its user to use a special light attack. It is exceedingly rare, and it is said that great efforts must be undertaken in order to attain it.
Unei's Staff
FFBE Unei's Staff.png
6 72 92 Trust: Unei No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A staff from a faraway world that increases the user's magic and spirit. This staff was used by a disciple of the Great Magus Noah. It is said that the apprentice inherited a world of dreams after Noah's passing.
Staff of Ripples
FFBE Unknown Staff 2.png
12 166 Trust: Folka No
Effect: Grants MP +30%, Water Resistance +50%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A staff created by accumulated water magic. On its end is a bell that wards off water disasters when rung by the wielder. If someone who is loved by water holds this staff, water spirits may gather without chanting a magic spell. The staff is famously known as a beloved weapon of Folka, the first Priestess of the Water, who was rarely seen without it.
Princess Guard*
FFBE Princess Guard.png
22 26 94
Effect: Grants HP +10%.
★★★★★★★ - ??
Summer Parasol*
FFBE Summer Parasol.png
15 58 120 Trust: Summer Folka & Citra No
Effect: Grants SPR +20%.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Ayaka's Umbrella*
FFBE Ayaka's Umbrella.png
14 108 No
★★★★★★★ - ??
Unholy Grimoire
FFBE Unholy Grimoire.png
98 Reward: Challenge the Great Count No
Effect: Grants MP +10%. Dark-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - A book filled with an unholy aura that was written long ago with doubtful origins.
A book filled with an unholy aura that was written long ago with doubtful origins. Rumor has it that this journal imbued with spiritual powers contains the love story of a certain vampire.
Nirvana (WoFF)*
FFBE Nirvana.png
19 68 116 Trust: Yuna (WoFF) No
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Diamond Staff*
FFBE Diamond Staff.png
18 10 70 ?
★★★★★★ - ??
Judgment Staff*
FFBE Judgment Staff.png
60 163 Trust: Light Warrior Lenna No
Effect: Grants SPR +30%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Staff of Light (FFV)*
FFBE Staff of Light.png
9 78 No
★★★★★ - ??
Healing Staff (FFII)*
FFBE Healing Staff FFII.png
65 ?
★★★★ - ??
Dragon's Destiny
FFBE Dragon's Destiny.png
12 88 Reward: Lord of the Beasts No
Effect: Grants Dragon's Destiny.
★★★★★★ - A golden staff encasing a dragon's pearl.
A golden staff encasing a dragon's pearl. It is rumored that this staff is one of the legendary weapons used by a ruler of beasts. Upon wielding, all beasts within a certain radius will effectively obey any commands given.
Myra's Mic Stand
FFBE Myra's Mic Stand.png
10 150 Trust: Myra No
Effect: Grants To All My Fans.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A microphone stand used for performing on stage. Unlike their newer wireless counterparts, standing microphones offer a more classic design that makes performances feel more intimate. The adorable design of this particular piece is said to have been inspired by a talented idol who owned it long ago.