The following is a list of spears found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Javelin.png
22 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Find: Grandshelt Catacombs (recipe); Fulan Pass
Craft: Iron Ore x8, 128 gil
640 Gil
Effect: None.
★★ - A spear designed to be used as a throwing weapon.
The javelin was originally thrown high into the sky to attack foes from a great distance. With the improvements on cost and transportation of weapons brought by the emergence of the bow and arrow, however, the use of the javelin to attack long distance gradually diminished. Since this weapon was meant to be disposable, it was produced in such large numbers that it is now often used for lance training.
FFBE Partisan.png
31 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Lost Village of Marlo
Craft: Silver Ore x10, Copper Ore x5, 320 gil
1,600 Gil
480 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★★★ - A wide spear with three points.
A large and wide spear with a three-pointed tip. Its heavy metal head was designed to slash better than other lances, which was an enhancement made for soldiers of smaller nations to deal damage more efficiently against larger, more powerful adversaries. Subsequently, the partisan came to be associated with small squadrons carrying out raid attacks. It is now the weapon many soldiers turn to after they have finished their training with the javelin.
Mythril Spear
FFBE Mythril Spear.png
40 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway, Downtown Zoldaad, Underworld Gaberada
Reward: Colosseum · INT B-4 (recipe)
Craft: Mythril Ore x12, Iron Ore x5, 320 gil
1,600 Gil
Effect: None.
★★★ - A spear made of mythril.
A lance made of mythril with prongs that shine in a beautiful silver hue. It is extremely light and easy to maneuver, as equipment made of mythril often tends to be. Although many are under the impression that this rare material can only be made into arms by dwarves, this is not always the case. An applied blacksmith with the appropriate skillset may be able to forge such weapons and armor, though perhaps not with the inherited techniques and innate talent passed down through generations of dwarves.
Flame Lance
FFBE Flame Lance.png
48 Find: Surging Volcano (recipe)
Reward: "Settling the Score"
Craft: Fire Cryst x8, Fire Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 960 gil
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A lance that burns brightly.
A lance endowed with the power of fire that when swung releases flames from its tip. Its enchanted blade was forged in the same manner as a mystical sword's, but it lacks the raw power of the weapons tempered by mages. Due to this, its flames do not burn brightly enough, driving most owners to search tirelessly for ways to enhance it. However, the flame lance still proves very effective against foes who are helpless against fire.
Thunder Spear
FFBE Thunder Spear.png
48 Find: Lake Dorr, The Empire of Light and Dark
Reward: "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" (recipe)
Craft: Lightning Cryst x8, Lightning Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 5000 gil
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A lance that procures lightning.
A lance endowed with the power of thunder that when swung releases lightning from its tip. Its enchanted blade was forged in the same manner as a mystical sword's, and it always glows in a white and bluish hue that makes it very aesthetically pleasing. A famous knight in the Kingdom of Pharm is known to wield this spear, and appears to boast of many young admirers. They can often be seen playing in the streets shouting "You shall be judged by my thunder!" holding twigs meant to mimic this spear in their hands.
FFBE Trident.png
48 Find: Zoldaad Castle Grounds (recipe); Shrine of Decay
Craft: Water Cryst x8, Water Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 960 gil
Effect: Water-elemental attack.
★★★★? - ??
A three-pronged lance said to be the property of the god who protects the seas. This belief originated from the association of the trident to the fishermen who originally used it to catch their prey. Curiously enough, since this weapon can also be thrown like a harpoon, it can sometimes be found lodged in the stomach of giant fish. The trident is a weapon fishermen know in great depth.
Wind Spear
FFBE Wind Spear.png
48 Reward: "A Fair Day's Wage" (recipe)
Craft: Wind Cryst x8, Wind Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 5,000 gil
Effect: Wind-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A lance that calls forth whirlwinds.
A spear infused with the power of wind that can produce whirlwinds from its tip when swung about. Its magical blade was created in the same manner that mystical swords come to be forged. The wind spear also increases the jumping power of the wielder, making it the perfect weapon for the usually airborne dragoons. This weapon was one adorned with decorations such as bird feathers to accentuate its beauty as it descends rattling during an attack. However, the decorations soon proved distracting, ending this trend almost immediately.
Lad Mirazh
FFBE Lad Mirazh BF.png
62 Buy: King Mog (Grand Gaia Chronicles) 3,000 Karma
3,000 Crimson Ore (Update)
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - A lance that houses a spirit of azure hue within.
A lance belonging to the summoner, Karl, who hails from another world. An amalgamation of both spear and axe, this peculiar weapon represents Karl as leader of one of the demon slayers divisions organized by the Akras Summoners' Hall. He has used this weapon against countless foes during his travels, including a multitude of gods that sought to gain control over Grand Gaia. And although Karl has continuously used it to protect his friends as well, it has yet to lose its edge, even in this world.
Death Scythe
FFBE Death Scythe.png
70 Reward: Halloween - Night of the Pumpkin
Effect: Enables use of Reap Blood.
★★★★★? - ??
Nobody knows the origin of this infamous weapon, but it is known that it should be wielded with caution. This evil scythe will bind itself onto its wielder as it actively seeks for more souls to consume. The previous wielders of the scythe that were unable to satisfy its quenchless thirst were either driven insane or had their own soul consumed by it.
Calamity Spear
FFBE Calamity Spear.png
75 Buy: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) 5,000 Trochoid Gear
Effect: Wind-elemental attack. Enables use of Aero Blitz. (Exclusive: Fang)
★★★★★? - ??
A spear given the name of a horrible disaster. Equipping it rapidly increases its wielder's ATK, and enables him or her to carry out attacks infused with the power of wind. Only a qualified few are capable of wielding this uniquely shaped item with two tips at each end.
Bahamut's Fang
FFBE Bahamut's Fang.png
76 Reward: Vision of Bahamut (recipe)
Craft: Shadow Bahamut Jade x1, Shadow Bahamuts Ore x70, Shadow Bahamut Fang x60, Shadow Bahamut Heart x70, 120,000 gil
Effect: Grants Dragon Killer.
★★★★★★ - A spear that is made from parts of the shadow bahamut.
A spear that is made from parts of the shadow bahamut. Since it holds the power of dragons, legend has it that only the most powerful warriors capable of defeating said mythical beasts may wield it. There are countless stories of warriors said to have owned this weapon who pierced their enemies from the sky as they soared like flying dragons.
Crimson Blood
FFBE Crimson Blood.png
128 Trust: Reberta
Effect: Grants Dragon Killer.
★★★★★★★★ - A spear that is heavily tainted by dragon blood.
A spear made specially to defeat dragons. Its red tint comes from the blood of dragons that seeps through its blade. Legend has it that this spear craves dragon blood and will bless its wielder with extra strength when fighting against dragons.
FFBE Gungnir.png
90 Trust: Kain
Reward: March on Garuda
Buy: King Mog (Fabul Castle Guard)
12,000 Pink Tail
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A lance of the god of war said to bring victory.
A lance that promises its owner victory. Once owned by a war god, the gungnir's might lives up to its reputation. According to legend, this lance would penetrate any target it was thrown at, and eventually make its own way back to its master. Scholars remain speculative about its supposed divine origins, but there is no doubt that the gungnir has always brought peace over the course of history.
Demon Scythe
FFBE Demon Scythe BF.png
120 Trust: Elza
Effect: Dark-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - An evil scythe with immense destructive power.
A gigantic scythe rumoured to possess the eerie ability to slash through both its enemies and their shadows. According to myth, this weapon feeds on the souls of its vanquished foes to amplify its power, and its insatiable thirst is said to drive some to madness as the energy collected within begins opening a rift past the realm of the living.
Ice Lance
FFBE Ice Lance.png
48 Find: Snowy Woods (recipe); Town of Amore
Craft: Ice Cryst x8, Ice Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 960 gil
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A spear with a cool air abour it.
A spear with a cool air about it. Its blade was made using a method that imbues blades with magic. Many who traverse deserts and volcanoes brandish these to fight off the heat. Despite the multiple incidences per year of frostbite and regardless of how they are labeled, the manufacturers are troubled as to how they can keep their customers safe.
Dragon Spear Gae Bolg*
FFBE Dragon Spear Gae Bolg.png
★★★★★★? - ??
Twin Lance
FFBE Twin Lance.png
52 Reward: The Big Bridge
Effect: Grants Two-Hit Combo.
★★★★★★ - An otherwordly weapon that enables normal attacks to hit two times.
A special weapon from the Farplane. Equipping it enables the wielder's normal attack to hit two times in one turn. A strangely shaped pole with a blade affixed at its tip, capable of striking an enemy multiple times when spun. Though described in Farplane texts as a "unique spear," the debate over what type of weapon it really is might never end.
Holy Lance
FFBE Holy Lance.png
82 Buy: Devastated Town 100 Star Quartz
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A blessed lance that shines with divine light.
A lance bearing the name of holy magic. The blessed light that it shines eradicates all evil, and the divine protection it offers is said to guard its owner from any calamity that may befall him or her. The silver hued holy lance boasts both raw power and beauty. Only those who are gifted and righteous may wield this sacred lance. Legend has it the holy lance is one of the relics given to mankind by the God of Light.
Gracos's Trident
FFBE Unknown Spear 2.png
82 Buy: King Mog (Monster Carnival) 6,000 Candy
Effect: Ice-elemental attack. Grants Aquan Killer.
★★★★★★ - A spear once wielded by a sea demon god from the Farplane.
A weapon brought from a certain faraway world. This spear, used by a sea demon known as Gracos, is said to hold a great power enabling its bearer to control the very seas themselves.
FFBE Artisan.png
135 Trust: Aileen
Effect: Earth-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A high-spec weapon made by a dedicated craftsman.
A weapon made using a combination of cutting edge Dilmagia technologies which launches spears from its giant muzzle. Its construction is extremely complex, and without sufficient mechanical knowledge one wouldn't be able to produce one, let alone repair one. Also, they are a lot lighter than they look, and given the apparent attention to detail it is assumed this was created by quite an outstanding craftsman.
Lamia's Scythe
FFBE Lamia's Scythe.png
51 Buy: King Mog (The Battle of Judecca) 3,000 Blue Phantoma
Effect: MP +15%. Grants Bewitching Fragrance when equipped by Sice.
★★★★★ - A scythe from another world that boosts MP.
A great scythe from the distant world of Orience. Lamia's Scythe raises the wielder's MP upon equipping it, and although it boasts of great power, not everyone is qualified to use this destructive weapon at will. In Orience, a young girl is said to have taken this scythe as her weapon, which was in no way lighter in her hands. However, some speculate that her incredible prowess and skill in battle allowed her to wield the scythe with ease.
Orc Piercer
FFBE Orc Piercer.png
44 Reward: The Shadow Lord Invades (recipe)
Craft: Breath of Life x10, Twilight Stone x5, Antique Bone x6, 960 gil
Effect: Grants Man-Eater.
★★★★ - ??
A spear brought from the distant world of Vana'diel. This weapon is said to be highly effective against a race of beastmen called "orcs" whom the humans in Vana'diel faced.
Wyvern Spear
FFBE Dragon Whisker.png
80 Find: Endless Cliff
Reward: Gronoa's Vault (Black Key #2)
Effect: Grants Dragon Killer.
★★★★★★ - A spear that can only be wielded by those recognizeg by the flying dragon.
A spear that can only be wielded by those accepted by flying dragons. Wyverns are quite common among the dragon family, but they still view humans as lower lifeforms, and will rarely ever form a bond with them. There are rare cases of wyverns found living with humans, and when such a wyvern faces death, they turn into a spear as proof of their will to fight to the very end alongside the human they have acknowledged as their friend.
Moogle Spear
FFBE Moogle Spear.png
82 Reward: One Year Anniversary, Kupo! (recipe)
Craft: White Tail x40, White Metal x20, 6400 gil
Effect: Grants Power Bump (when equipped by Moogle) and Conflicted Mind.
★★★★★★ - A spear brought from the Farplane.
This spear is rumored among us moogles as being really special, kupo. From what I heard, a chosen moogle used this spear to defeat hundreds upon hundreds of monsters, kupo. But since then, no moogle has been able to use it, so rumor has it that our king sealed it away, kupo. I bet anyone who uses this spear will become the target of admiration of all moogles, kupo!
FFBE Bentus.png
125 Trust: Aura
Effect: Wind-elemental attack. Grants Auto-Shell.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A spear that awakens the wind when wielded. The tip of the spear is made dense so that it increases the damage it can induce, but because it is imbued with the power of the wind, its weight is hardly noticeable in the hands of those fit to use it. There is a legend where a certain one caused a tornado by impaling the Ventus into the ground.
Zodiac Spear
FFBE Zodiac Spear.png
130 Buy: King Mog (Henne Mines) 12,000 Mote
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises Accuracy +50%.
★★★★★★ - A powerful otherwordly spear with a powerful name.
A spear from the distant world of Ivalice. An incredibly long spear of simple design that must be handled with two hands, regardless of the physical strength of the wielder. This spear is said to be so rare and so difficult to obtain in its world of origin that many believed it to be a mere myth.
Break Shot (ブレイクショット)*
FFBE Unknown Spear.png
★★★★? - ??
Platinum Lance
FFBE Platinum Lance.png
62 Buy: Ilteah Town
Reward: "Pest with a Bug"
16,000 Gil
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A spear made from platinum.
A spear made from platinum. The tip of the spear is made with platinum, and reflects light as a silvery white glimmer. Long ago, when these spears were first made, the weight of the platinum at the tip made it hard to handle, but with the advancements made through the tedious labors of many craftsman, the spear is now so light that some profess it is actually easier to use than standard fare steel lances. Unfortunately, the price makes it difficult to own, preventing wide spread use of the spear.
Northern Lights
FFBE Northern Lights.png
120 Trust: Ryunan
Effect: Ice-elemental attack. Grants Auto-Protect.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A legendary spear from the Dragon's Village said to hold the dragon's seal. The tip of this unbreakable spear is honed so sharp that it can pierce dragon scales easily. The spear has a will of its own, and will freeze a wielder's fingers if it deems the wielder unworthy. There is a story of a young Dragoon known to be a "dragon sealer," who departed, spear in hand, to seal a dragon, but he was never seen of again.
Drakeshorn Spear
FFBE Drakeshorn Spear.png
52 Reward: Fate of the Dragoon
Effect: Grants Auto-Bravery.
★★★★★ - ??
Dragoon Duke's once beloved spear. Dragoons from Dragon's Village train themselves day in and day out to seal evil dragons. In order to pierce dragon scales, the Dragoon must use their strengths and the spear they hold. When Duke gained prominence among his clan as a Dragoon, he equipped a new spear, so this particular spear was retired then, but it still is a very powerful spear, even to this day.
Dragoon Lance
FFBE Dragoon Lance.png
55 Reward: Destroy the Machine Lifeform (recipe)
Craft: Broken Circuit x30, Rusted Lump x20, Titanium Alloy x10, Meteor Light x10, 3200 gil
Effect: Grants Dragoon Lance.
★★★★★ - ??
A spear representing an oath made in another world. Legend has it that there was once an overlord and an ancient dragon who overcame their racial boundaries to bond together in friendship.
Dragon's Whisker - Replica
FFBE Replica Wyvern Lance.png
69 Reward: The Mage of Sin
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A replica of the spear capable of splitting the heavens themselves.
A replica of one of the twelve shining arms capable of splitting the heavens themselves. Though it looks very similar to the Dragon's Hair, it is a fake, so it lacks the power the real spear holds. At least it offers the owner a chance to feel how it's like to own one of the twelve shining arms.
Dragon's Whisker
FFBE Wyvern Lance.png
138 Reward: The Mage of Sin and Taboos
Effect: Grants Dragon's Whisker and Dragon Killer.
★★★★★★★★ - A spear capable of splitting the heavens themselves.
One of the twelve shining arms. This spear was created by a master craftsman using the hair of a very powerful dragon. According to legends, this spear holds the power to split the very heavens and earth. Only those who have shown their might to the Mage of Sin and Taboos, Alhena, can wield this spear.
Precision Lance
FFBE Precision Lance.png
74 Reward: Imperial Infiltration (recipe)
Craft: Iron Shavings x30, Electrolytic Condenser x30, Laser Sensor x15, 6400 gil
Effect: Grants Critical +10%.
★★★★★★ - ??
A powerful polearm brought from the faraway world of Eos. It is said to be a prize given as a reward to those who win when betting on monster battles which are conducted in the water capital, Altissia.
Stoss Spear
FFBE Stoss Spear.png
140 Trust: Aranea
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises Accuracy +50%. Grants High Jump.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A black polearm brought from the faraway world of Eos. The spear incorporates magitek technology, which allows the user to soar through the air. The spear is extremely difficult to use, so only the most skilled were able to use it properly. It is said that a certain beautiful female dragoon of the Niflheim Empire forces used this spear.
Beast Piercer*
FFBE Beast Piercer.png
★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Tonbo-Giri.png
★★★★ - ??
FFBE Vajrayana.png
175 Trust: Lenneth
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Unknown Spear 5.png
★★★★★★ - ??
Sealing Spear Vacher Drake (封槍ヴァーチャードレイク)*
FFBE Unknown Spear 6.png
173 Trust: Duke
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Dragoon Lance*
FFBE Dragoon Lance FFXV.png
★★★★★★★ - ??
Horn Spear Dragoon Tyrant (吼槍ドラグーン・タイラント)*
FFBE Dragoon Tyrant.png
★★★★★★? - ??
Kain's Lance*
FFBE Kain's Lance.png
168 Trust: Atoning Dragoon Kain
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Sky Feather*
FFBE Sky Feather.png
175 Trust: Cid
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Octopath Spear*
FFBE Octopath Spear.png
★★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Reaver.png
33 100 36 Trust: Grim Lord Sakura
Effect: HP+666, MP+66. Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises Accuracy +50%. Fire and Dark-elemental attack. Grants Death Awaits when equipped by Grim Lord Sakura.
★★★★★★★★? - ??
An otherworldly spear that radiates with immense power. Not many can use this two-handed weapon effectively, but for those who can it provides them with a great boost to their magical powers and survivability.
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