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The following is a list of rods found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Craft Buy
FFBE Rod.png
8 10 Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin
Chest: Latius Woods
Yes 140 Gil
42 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★ - A simple rod for apprentices.
An ordinary rod with no special traits. This is the first rod given to apprentice mages. Both rods and staves heighten a mage's spirit, but some of them have magical powers of their own. Thus beginners practice their magic with much less powerful weapons in order to avoid dangerous accidents caused by high concentrations of magical energy.
Iron Rod
FFBE Iron Rod.png
10 18 Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport
Chest: Phantom Forest
Yes 280 Gil
84 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None
★★ - A heavy rod made of iron.
A rod made of iron, a metal known for its extensive compatibility and for its ability to collect magical energy easily. Unfortunately, this metal is also the rod's biggest flaw, as it makes it too heavy to carry. And since most mages have little physical strength, they end up putting more effort into lifting the rod than they do into concentrating on casting their magic spells. Most humans cannot use this rod correctly, so it is recommended only for mages who are confident in their physical strength.
Fire Rod
FFBE Flame Rod.png
14 26 Find: Dwarves' Forge Yes
Effect: Fire-elemental attack. Enables use of Fira.
★★★ - A rod that grants the Fira ability.
A rod endowed with the power of fire that grants its wielder the ability to use the fira spell. Exploiting an enemy's weakness is an indispensable battle tactic, and magical attacks can make a world of difference when targetting such vulnerabilities. Owning this rod could make one's journey far easier, as foes who are weak against fire are by no means uncommon.
Rod of Lightning
FFBE Rod of Lightning.png
14 26 Chest: Village of Ambel Yes
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack. Enables use of Thundara.
★★★ - A rod that grants the Thundara ability.
A rod endowed with the power of thunder that grants its wielder the ability to use the thundara spell. Not only is its magical power useful on the battlefield, but tests have also been conducted that prove its use as a power source. Unfortunately, however, collecting the electricity created by this rod has proved impossible, which has limited its widespread use. Also, since a mage is required to chant the spells that call forth the thunder produced by the rod, it does not serve well as a practical source of electricity.
Ice Rod
FFBE Ice Rod.png
14 26 Chest: Timber Tracks
Reward: Colosseum (INT D-4)
Effect: Ice-elemental attack. Enables use of Blizzara.
★★★ - A rod that grants the Blizzara ability.
A rod endowed with the power of ice that grants its wielder the ability to use the blizzara spell. The ice rod can be used for a multitude of purposes besides attacking, such as regulating hot temperatures, extinguishing fires, freezing water, or virtually anything its owner can imagine. However, it is always best to use the ice rod in the company of others, as the blizzara spell sealed within the rod can sometimes backfire and freeze the wielder.
Wizard Rod
FFBE Wizard Rod.png
18 72 Reward: Surging Menace No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A rod with great dormant magical powers.
A rod of fearsome magical power that is believed to be a remnant of ancient times. The term "wizard" was a special title given only to the best of mages, but it has since lost this original meaning after black mages began using the term to refer to themselves and their secret activities. The wizard rod, however, has not lost any of the power it has housed since times of old.
Lilith Rod
FFBE Lilith Rod.png
60 Reward: The Giant of Babel No
Effect: Enables use of Drain.
★★★★★★ - A rod that robs foes of their vitality.
A rod that grants its wielder the ability to use the drain spell. Originally owned by a monster named Lilith, the rod seems to have absorbed some of its powerful magical energy while in its possession. It was believed to be exclusively used by these creatures from another world, but the recently opened path towards the Giant of Babel seems to have somehow transported it here.
FFBE Omnirod.png
20 91 Trust: Arc
Reward: Imperial Infiltration, Steel Castle Melfikya, Darkness Awakens
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - An otherwordly rod that boasts high magical power.
An otherworldly rod that boasts high MAG and even boosts ATK a little. Though spoken of in texts concerning the the legend of the flood of darkness and Warriors of Light, where it was found and what it was capable of vary greatly by book. Legends can be interpreted differently depending on the point of view, but the huge gap between the flood of darkness and the Warriors of Light has researchers greatly worried.
Mateus's Malice
FFBE Mateus's Malice.png
19 129 Trust: Emperor No
Effect: Grants HP +10%.
★★★★★★★★ - The desires of a tyrant turned into a rod.
A rod handed down from another world. It was said to have been owned by an tyrannical emperor who had aspirations of world domination. This rod full of demonic power was created with an insatiable hunger for subjugation, the overflowing power of which sucks away at the SPR of any who come close to it. If one wishes to handle this weapon, it is necessary that they are of unshakably strong will.
Drakesclaw Rod
FFBE Drakesclaw Rod.png
10 35 Yes
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A rod constructed from a dragon's claw.
A rod made from a precious dragons claw. Materials from dragons are capable of being turned into superior weapons and equipment, however they are both difficult to procure, and the ability of those who work with them is not very advanced, so not many of such items are in circulation. Because of this, equipment made from parts of dragons are seen as a status symbol by adventurers.
Draco Spike
FFBE Draco Spike.png
30 101 Trust: Zyrus No
Effect: Grants Dracoslayer.
★★★★★★★★ - A rod that is especially effective against dragons.
A rod that boasts immense destructive powers against dragons. Rumor has it that its original owner engaged in blood rituals, and infused the rod with his blood and intense hatred for dragons over his countless battles against them.
Rod of Gravity
FFBE Rod of Gravity.png
5 35 Yes
Effect: Enables use of Gravity.
★★★★★ - ??
A rod that is so heavy that it is of little use as an offensive weapon. Meant more for the defensive-minded, it is said that users of this rod carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Striking Staff
FFBE Striking Rod.png
16 42 Reward: Mysidia vault (Aurora Key #3) No
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A mysterious rod that boosts ATK.
A mysterious weapon made for mages that not only increases their magical powers, but their physical strength as well. Although its striking power may not compare to that of the swords normal warriors carry, it gives the usually feeble mage a chance to protect him or herself when the situation calls for hand-to-hand combat. Apparently, a great number of female mages can be seen carrying this weapon about for self-defense purposes.
Lovely Rod
FFBE Lovely Rod.png
5 55 12 Chest: Trials of Love No
Effect: Increases resistance to Dark (+20%). Can only be equipped by female units.
★★★★★ - A rod left behind by the fairy of love. (Females only)
This rod is pink in color and about a meter in length. Its main appeal is that it offers its wielder, should their magic power be sufficient, the ability to summon the person of their dreams at will.
Golden Eye
FFBE Golden Eye.png
11 88 Yes
Effect: Grants HP +10%, MP +10%. (Exclusive: Papalymo)
★★★★★ - A scepter brought from another world. (Papalymo only)
A scepter used by people known as thaumaturges from the faraway world of Eorzea. Handed down through generations of the male Lalafell's family who serves the Scions of the Seventh Down, the organization responsible for keeping Eorzea safe, it gets its name from the gem attached to its tip. It holds superior power in being able to concentrate magic.
Recovery Rod
FFBE Recovery Rod.png
18 51 18 Reward: Mysidia vault (Aurora Key #9) No
Effect: Enables use of Cura.
★★★★★ - A rod that enables cura.
Since ancient times most rods have been made to amplify the magical powers of mages. However, the recovery rod boosts both ATK and MAG, as well as bolsters the SPR needed to render white magic more effective. It also grants its wielder the ability to use the Cura spell, making it a popular weapon for many thanks to its wide variety of uses.
Holy Rod
FFBE Holy Rod.png
10 53 Exchange: King Mog (Henne Mines) No 6,000 Mote
Effect: Grants MP +15%. Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A high-class rod imbued with holiness.
A high-class rod imbued with holiness. This rod is used mainly by high level mages as it requires a special license and the ability to use holy powers to wield.
Platinum Rod
FFBE Platinum Rod.png
14 40 Buy: Ilteah Town, City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum
Chest: Ruggles Underground Pass
No 2,100 Gil
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A rod made from platinum.
A high-quality rod made of platinum. Since most mages are not known for their physical strength, the rods and wands they use depend highly on the weapon's weight. The iron rod is especially hard to wield due to its weight, and in fact, the platinum rod is even heavier. However, it has been crafted in an ingenious manner that distributes the weight evenly, making it easier to handle despite its weight.
Iridal Staff
FFBE Iridal Staff.png
19 82 Yes
Effect: Grants Auto-Regen. (Exclusive: Shantotto)
★★★★★★ - A staff brought from the Farplane.
A staff brought from the distant world of Vana'diel. The staff is able to greatly increase the user's magic power, so it should prove to be very effective in the hands of a skilled black mage.
Tactician Magician's Wand
FFBE Tactician Magician's Wand.png
16 38 Yes
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A special wand brought from the Farplane.
A special wand brought from the distant world of Vana'diel where it is classified as a "club" type weapon. The Federation of Windurst only gave these wands to those who proved themselves worthy on the battlefield.
Rod of Judgment
FFBE Judge's Rod.png
9 81 Exchange: Moogle Town No 100 Star Quartz
Effect: Grants MP +20%.
★★★★★★ - ??
A rod said to hand down judgment. According to legend, this rod holds the power to determine right and wrong, and a swing of the rod would smite those deserving of punishment. Of course, whether this legend is true or not is not confirmed, but it is safe to assume that this rod does hold great powers.
FFBE Punisher.png
52 47 Chest: Moogle Town No
Effect: Enables use of Soul Charge.
★★★★★ - A rod named after he who hands down punishment.
A rod named after he who hands down punishment. The very name of the rod speaks for itself. In a certain land, the sight of a person holding this rod brought fear to evildoers. This effect was so obvious that many sought for rods that looked similar to the Punisher, thus bringing about mass production of rods made in its likeness.
Water Drake's Rod
FFBE Water Drake Rod.png
11 48 Reward: Memories from the Battlefield‎‎ No
Effect: Grants MP +10%. Water-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - A rod handed down in the water capital.
A rod handed down in the water capital, Olderion. The clear, running waters in Olderion is so powerful that it can be used as holy water without any rites, and this rod was purified using these waters. The rod's unique design is made after the water drake found at the source of Olderion's waters, Lake Dorr, and this very design is believed to impart the rod with special powers that can ward evil.
Glory of Evil
FFBE Glory of Evil.png
92 120 Reward: Wicked Moon No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★ - A rod said to bring about calamities.
A rod with a name befitting of its design. The rod is actually a sword crafted in likeness to bones, but because it is enchanted to increase the wielder's magic powers, it was soon referred to as a rod instead of a sword. Where the rod came from is unknown, and it seems to appear when a red moon comes out. With the rod's appearance comes calamities, and once done, it disappears without a trace.
Variable Mog
FFBE Variable Mog.png
5 80 Exchange: King Mog (Gagazet) No 15,000 Al Bhed Primer
Effect: MP +10%, SPR +10%.
★★★★★★ - A weapon from the Farplane modeled after a moogle.
A plush doll from the faraway world of Spira. Oddly enough, this plush doll can be equipped as a rod. Modifying gear in Spira is commonplace, so some black mages chose to modify plush dolls as their weapon of choice to magnify their magic powers. It is said that there are other weapons modeled after beings besides moogles, such as cactuars.
Onion Knight (FFX)
FFBE Onion Knight FFX.png
21 120 Trust: Lulu No
Effect: MP +20%. Grants Auto-Faith.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A plush doll from the faraway world of Spira. Oddly enough, this plush doll can be equipped as a rod. There are seven special weapons in Spira that exhibit tremendous power after strengthening them through special means, and the Onion Knight is said to be one such weapon. This weapon is said to have been used by a certain female who guarded a traveling summoner who ventured out into the world to defeat the great fiend, Sin.
Bone Rod
FFBE Bone Rod.png
12 51 Chest: Petra, Forest of Illusion No
Effect: Enables use of Darkra.
★★★★★ - ??
A rod made from a beast's bone. Many shun the rod's appearance as one can easily see the bone it is made out of, but it yields the magic power of the beast the bone came from, thus making it quite powerful. The rod also holds the beast's grudge, so those who use the rod need to have a mental resilience strong enough to repel the beast's curse.
Chocobo Feather*
FFBE Chocobo Feather.png
20 76 Reward: Chocobo Search (JP) No
★★★★★★ - ??
Gale Rod
FFBE Unknown Rod 2.png
14 82 Reward: Where Destinies Intersect No
Effect: Wind-elemental attack. Enables use of Aerora.
★★★★★ - A large rod inlaid with a large green gemstone.
A large rod, as tall as a human child, topped with a green gemstone. It initially seems to lack any usefulness, but when in the hands of one who excels in wind magic, the rod will float in the air to follow its master, making it easy to bring the rod with you. Wind is constantly circulating inside the gem, which is said to change in velocity depending on the user's magic power.
Wizard Rod+
FFBE Improved Wizard Rod.png
22 125 Reward: Scorn of the Surging Menace No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★ - A wizard's rod with enhanced abilities.
A modified wizard rod with enhanced abilities. It has been modified so that it taps into its latent powers so as to exponentially increase its magic. It is said that these modified rods were lost when the research facility securing a cache of wizard rods was attacked by a horde of monsters.
FFBE Gambanteinn.png
16 101 Purchase: Premium Box No
★★★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Laevateinn.png
31 130 Trust: Livid Shantotto No
Effect: Grants Vidofnir.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A rod that came from the faraway world of Vana'diel. One of the weapons known as the "Myriad Arms of Balrahn." In the world of Vana'diel, only those who have overcome trial and tribulation are deemed worthy of using this weapon, thus enabling the person to tap into its true power.
Dragonlord's Sceptre
FFBE Robot Wand.png
28 159 Trust: Dragonlord No
Effect: Grants MP +40%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A staff used by a demon king bent on global domination, who appeared from a faraway world. The top of the staff is carved to look like a dragon's head. Those who wield it are said to gain the defensive strength of a dragon.
Ether Scepter
FFBE Ether Scepter.png
12 98 Trust: Jelanda No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - A rod that can unleash immense power.
A rod that appears in a legend told throughout the world of Midgard. It is imbued with ether that supposedly enables its bearer to cast a puissant spell, but the immense power required to do so has broken countless others of its ilk. This particular rod shows neither signs of having invoked such spells nor signs of damage.
The Divine Art of War
FFBE Unknown Rod 3.png
16 151 54 Trust: Maritime Strategist Nichol No
Effect: Grants Water God's Favor.
★★★★★★★★★ - A book of tactics that introduces information used by strategists and generals.
A book of tactics used by Nichol. The book introduces various battle tactics and formations employed by strategists and generals of old. The book also increases the user's magic and willpower. Very few are able to use this book as it is filled with a lot of difficult and complex information that can only be deciphered by those who have the intelligence to understand and use its content.
Lunar Eclipse Rod
FFBE Lunar Eclipse Rod.png
20 20 170 20 Trust: Mediena No
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A rod that was used by a certain female mage who was touted as being the closest to attaining the pinnacle of magic. The rod is able to greatly increase its user's magic power. At one point of time, this rod was said to use moonlight for its power, which was why the moon would sometimes disappear from the night sky. This has been refuted, but it proves how the people back in the day feared her magic powers.
Staff of Blizzards
FFBE Staff of Blizzards.png
16 78 Yes
Effect: Water-elemental attack. Enables use of Aquatic Implosion when equipped by Kaliva.
★★★★★★ - A staff of crystallized ice.
A staff of crystallized ice. It was once wielded by a brilliant wizard of unmatched power. How or when the staff crystallized is unknown. Some say that the wizard himself crystallized it as a symbol of power, while others say that a portion of the wizard's power is sealed within the crystallized ice.
Doga's Rod
FFBE Doga's Rod.png
8 103 Trust: Doga No
Effect: Grants Doga's Protection.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A rod from a faraway world that greatly increases the user's magic power and resistance to fire attacks. This rod was used by a disciple of the Great Magus Noah. It is said that the apprentice inherited great magic powers after Noah's passing.
Conjurer's Rod
FFBE Conjuror Rod.png
12 60 Reward: Priestess of the Crystalline Waters No
Effect: Grants Wind Resistance +15%, Earth Resistance +15%.
★★★★★ - A rod with a bird motif.
A rod with the motif of a magic bird that was worshipped by people long ago. It was once used by a shaman, and gives the wielder spiritual protection and strong magic powers. When the Priestess of the Land's rod was discovered in Olderion, it was found to be made up of the bones of rare magic birds, which many scholars believe speaks to her grand authority.
Psycho Rod
FFBE Unknown Rod 4.png
32 120 Trust: Elly No
Effect: Grants MAG +20%.
★★★★★★★★ - A rod from another world..
A powerful rod from another world. Said to have been used by a female soldier who led the Gebler Special Forces in the Empire of Solaris. The woman who wielded this weapon received it as a gift from her father.
Marshal Rod
FFBE Marshal Rod.png
7 100 Reward: Desert Despair No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - A unusually-shaped rod from another world.
An unusually-shaped rod from a faraway world. Primarily used by soldiers, it is available for purchase in Thames, a floating city situated atop a giant salvage ship.
Whale Whisker (FFT)
FFBE Whale Whisker.png
16 90 Reward: March on Tiamat No
Effect: Grants Whale's Cry.
★★★★★★★ - A pole from a faraway world.
A pole from the faraway land of Ivalice. It is made from not wood or metal, but the whisker of a giant whale. The concoction of various items in Ivalice requires ingredients that can be obtained by poaching specific monsters, which also seems to have been the case for the whale whisker.
Stardust Rod*
FFBE Stardust Rod.png
15 167 Reward: Scorn of the Octopus Teacher No
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Gravity Rod (FFVI)*
FFBE Gravity Rod FFVI.png
60 No
★★★★ - ??
Tropical Delight
FFBE Tropical Delight.png
24 125 Trust: Seaside Nichol No
Effect: Grants MP +30% and Auto-Refresh.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A rod with a design inspired by summer. Although its appearance makes it seem like a refreshing and delicious tropical drink, it is actually a rod endowed with great magical powers.
Half Crescent Rod
FFBE Half Crescent Rod.png
15 80 Yes
Effect: Grants MAG +15% and MP +15% when equipped by Circe.
★★★★★★ - A rod with an attachment in the shape of a half crescent moon.
A rod with an attachment in the shape of a half crescent moon. This is one of the replicas of a rod belonging to a certain oracle. When wielded correctly, its user will be magically empowered.
Sibyl Crescent
FFBE Sibyl Crescent.png
24 164 Trust: Circe No
Effect: Grants MP +20% and Spiritual Flux.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A rod with a headpiece shaped like a crescent moon. Said to have belonged to a certain oracle whose predictions always became true, this rod holds unimaginable power that can perhaps change the course of the future.
Accumulate Rod*
FFBE Accumulate Rod.png
14 76 No
★★★★★ - ??
Poison Rod*
FFBE Poison Rod.png
6 104 No
★★★★★★★ - ??
Mage's Staff (KH)
FFBE Mage's Staff KH.png
3 82 Yes
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A staff from another world.
A staff from another world. The royal magician of Disney Castle loves this weapon, and even takes it with him when he sets off on a journey to find the "key" at the behest of his king.
Diamond Rod*
FFBE Diamond Rod.png
12 78 No
★★★★★★ - ??
3 93 No
★★★★★★★ - ??
Crescent Rod
FFBE Crescent Rod.png
28 135 Trust: Sophia No
Effect: Grants Connection Symbol when equipped by Sophia.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A rod from a faraway world in the shape of a crescent moon. Its magical properties enhance the magical prowess of its wielder. It is said that the original owner fought for the fate of the galaxy after learning of a great secret hidden within her.
Xande's Rod*
FFBE Xande's Rod.png
22 148 24 Trust: Xande No
Effect: Grants MP +10%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Asura's Rod*
FFBE Asura's Rod.png
12 174 No
★★★★★★★★★ - ??