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The following is a list of maces found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Bronze Mace
FFBE Bronze Mace.png
14 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt (weapon & recipe)
Find: Grandshelt Catacombs
Reward: "Bleeder of the Pack"
Craft: Copper Ore x4, 36 gil
180 Gil
54 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★ - A mace forged from bronze.
A mace of bronze that is fairly easy to obtain. Unlike the hammer, the mace was manufactured as a weapon from the very beginning, though both are used to deal heavy blows. The mace is not limited to one shape, and its design depends highly on its maker. However, the more uneven the shape, the more damage it deals, and thus many odd looking versions of this weapon have been created.
Iron Mace
FFBE Iron Mace.png
19 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Grandport
Craft: Iron Ore x6, 72 gil
360 Gil
108 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★★ - A mace forged from iron.
A mace made in the same manner as the bronze mace, but with iron instead. Since iron is harder and lighter than bronze, this version is much more powerful than its predecessor. The iron mace is also used during ceremonies, though its shape for such occasions is kept mostly circular and without any sharp edges. Regular soldiers are the ones who mainly wield this weapon, while higher ranking soldiers usually carry maces made of materials such as mythril.
FFBE Werebuster.png
25 Buy: Felicitas Town
Find: Magi Nation Mysidia (recipe)
Reward: Colosseum · BGN C-3
Craft: Thickened Hide x5, Otherworldly Bone x1, Silver Ore x8, 180 gil
900 Gil
Effect: Grants Beast Killer.
★★★ - A mace effective against beastmen.
There are many mysteries surrounding werebeasts that are party human and part animal. Legends tell of the existence of such beings, but these accounts can probably be better attributed to humans falling under the influence of a curse or illness. However, when livestock begins to suddenly die of unnatural causes, it could be a sign that a werebeast is lurking nearby. It is best to tread with caution if that is the case.
Mythril Mace
FFBE Mythril Mace.png
30 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion (weapon & recipe); Town of Kolts, Raven's Hideaway, Downtown Zoldaad, Underworld Gaberada
Reward: Colosseum · INT C-3
Craft: Mythril Ore x11, 180 gil
900 Gil
270 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★★★ - A mace made of mythril.
Battering weapons such as maces have the power to smash through tough armor, but their own great weight hinders those who lack the physical prowess to use them. However, since this mace is made of mythril, its weight presents no problems for the wielder. Its beautiful silver shine and subtly decorated head has also seen the mythril mace used as a staff by bishops.
Lunar Pestle
FFBE Lunar Pestle.png
60 15 Buy: King Mog (Festival of the Autumn Moon) 30,000 Mogcake
Effect: MP+25.
★★★★★? - ??
Once an apparatus used to crush peppers and other herbs into powdery mush, this former companion to the mortar grew in size thanks to lunar magic and now serves a different purpose: beating the tar out of monsters, while also empowering its wielder's magic power. According to folklore, a scholar of unknown origin who wanted powdered herbs for his dinner, accidentally mistook a chunk of moonrock, the broken fragments quickly latched onto each side of the pestle. It then grew six times larger, breaking the mortar it was in, as well as the scholar's foot.
Thorned Mace
FFBE Thorned Mace.png
78 Reward: Attack of Antenolla
Effect: Has 70% chance to inflict Poison. Grants Man-Eater.
★★★★★★ - A mace laced with poison.
Finding methods to create stronger weapons must be an endless struggle for weapon makers. This mace is said to have been created with that idea in mind. Seeking to bring out its ultimate potential, its manufacturer added thorns to its design to amplify its destructive power. In addition to that, the thorns themselves were laced with poison to maximize damage. This all resulted in the incredibly powerful, yet ominous looking thorned mace.
Skull Crusher
FFBE Skull Crusher.png
35 Buy: King Mog (Operation MA Demolition) 1,200 White Phantoma
Effect: None.
★★★★ - An otherwordly mace able to powderize enemies.
An otherworldly mace said to be able to crush enemies to dust. Its head is large, and extremely heavy. Its long handle was constructed so that one could use centrifugal force to produce great power with it. Though all it takes to properly wield this weapon is the strength to lift it, it is quite a difficult weapon to master, but its ATK still makes it highly valued.
FFBE Vesper.png
60 Reward: Mysidia's Vault (Aurora Key #4)
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A mace named after an evening star.
A weapon named after the brightest star in the evening sky of another world. The vesper mace was owned by members of the clergy and other influential men as a beacon of hope shining amidst the darkness born from confusion and despair. As its function was mostly ceremonial, it is quite a hefty weapon that when used by those with enough strength to wield it can cause a great amount of damage.
Platinum Mace
FFBE Platinum Mace.png
44 Find: Kappa Village (recipe); Duggle Village
Craft: Gaia's Tear x10, Wizard Stone x10, Sparkling Stone x5, Silver Ore x4, Mythril Ore x3, 540 gil
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A mace made of platinum.
A mace made of platinum. Although maces made of gold were greatly effective in battle, their significant weight presented a problem, and thus craftsmen began researching ways in which to make the weapon lighter. However, since platinum can also be quite weighty, an expert craftsman is required to make a platinum mace that is easy enough to wield, making its price remarkably high.
Thoth's Wand
FFBE Thoth's Wand.png
70 48 Reward: The Shadow Lord Invades (recipe)
Craft: Breath of Life x15, Twilight Stone x5, Sacred Branch x6, Blessing Needle x2, 540 gil
Effect: HP +10%. (Exclusive: Kupipi)
★★★★ - ??
A wand brought from the distant world of Vana'diel where it is classified as a "club" type weapon. It is said that this weapon's power is affected by the moon, but this has not been confirmed outside of the world it came from.
Nail Bat
FFBE Nail Bat.png
115 Buy: King Mog (Destroy the Reactor) 15,000 1/35th Scale Soldier
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises Accuracy +50%.
★★★★★★ - A mysterious weapon brought from another world.
A mysterious weapon brought from another world. This "bat" is apparently a stick used for a type of entertainment, and is covered with nails. It seems as if this weapon was enshrined in temples made by a race called the Ancients in the world from which it originated.
Mace of Zeus - Replica
FFBE Replica Zeus Mace.png
55 49 Reward: Mech of Fury
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A replica of a mace given the name of a great god.
A replica of one of the twelve shining arms given the name of a great god. Though it looks very similar to the Mace of Zeus, it is a fake, so it lacks the power the real mace holds. At least it offers the owner a chance to feel how it's like to own one of the twelve shining arms.
Mace of Zeus
FFBE Zeus Mace.png
110 98 Reward: Mech of Fury and Sorrow
Effect: Enables use of Ultima Blow.
★★★★★★★★ - A mace given the name of a great god.
One of the twelve shining arms. The power exhibited by this mace is compared to that of a smite from god, and each swing pulverized anything it came in contact with, even the largest of boulders. Despite being known as a weapon fit for the gods, no one knows where exactly this mace is, and many scoffed at it as being something purely of legends. It is said that only those acknowledged by the machine weapon, Elnath, would be able to lay their hands upon this weapon.
FFBE Fangbreaker.png
62 Reward: Conspiracy to the Throne
Effect: HP +15%.
★★★★★ - A ball-topped mace named after its ability to break fangs.
A ball-topped mace named after its ability to break fangs. The momentum of the mace unleashes a blow so strong that it can crush a monster's fangs as well as the monster itself. Zoldaad soldiers who ride magitek armors find swords and spears cumbersome for use, so many opt to uses these maces so that they can attack while riding on their armors.
Thorned Mace+*
FFBE Improved Thorned Mace.png
117 Reward: Scorn of Antenolla
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Pantherskin Bag*
FFBE Pantherskin Bag.png
★★★★ - ??
Serpent Mace
FFBE Serpent Mace.png
15 85 Buy: King Mog (The Misty Bamboo Forest) 25,000 Lantern
Effect: Grants Aquan Killer.
★★★★★★★ - A mace with the power of serpent.
A mace with the power of serpent. It's said that a magical craftman catch a great serpent and gilded a mace with its soul. The aquatic will fear the one who is holding it.