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The following is a list of great swords found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Craft Buy
Great Sword
FFBE Great Sword.png
27 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt Yes 1,500 Gil
Effect: None.
★★★ - A great sword that deals heavy damage.
An extremely large sword. One strike from this blade can cause a vast amount of damage, but the great weight it carries limits the amount of people who can actually wield it. Even if one manages to lift it, swinging it may prove impossible for the average person. For this reason, the great sword is said to be more commonly used to mow down enemies, rather than actually cutting them.
Buster Sword
FFBE Buster Sword.png
35 Chest: Zadehl Westersand
Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Downtown Zoldaad
Yes 1,500 Gil
450 Gil (Recipe)
Effect: None.
★★★ - A sword big as a full-sized human.
A wide sword as large as a full grown adult. Swinging it is a herculean task, but legend has it that a blond warrior with blue eyes from another world once wielded it with ease. It was a prized memento of the joys and sorrows he once shared with a certain friend. The buster sword doesn't have a scabbard, and its weight makes it particularly difficult to transport. It was therefore affixed with a magnetic component that allows it to be carried over the shoulder.
Giant's Sword
FFBE Giant's Sword.png
41 Reward: Colosseum (ADV S-5) No
Effect: None.
★ - ??
The bigger they are, the harder they fall. As far as this man-made weapon is concerned, a single swipe of a Giant's Sword can make them fall so hard their future generations can feel it. No material was spared in the making of this plus-sized weapon. It is said that the majority of the blacksmiths reject any contract related to the creation of this blade due to the amount of time and care needed to make this behemoth of a sword.
Mythril Saber
FFBE Mythril Saber.png
45 Buy: Underworld Gaberada
Reward: "Invasion Afoot!"
Chest: The Crystal Tower, Lunar New Year
Yes 4,500 Gil
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A great sword made of mythril.
A great sword made of precious mythril. Its width and length do not differ from that of any other great sword, but the mythril that composes it makes this sword incredibly light. Although swinging it requires as much strength as handling a one-handed sword, a great deal of expertise is required to become accustomed to its reach. Thus, the mythril saber is best left for those veterans who know how to counterbalance its unique characteristics.
Golden Blade
FFBE Golden Blade.png
51 Chest: Zoldaad Castle Grounds, Trials of Love, The Crystal Tower
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A sword that glimmers with gold.
A great sword made of gold. Gold has always been renowned as the symbol for wealth and authority since ancient times thanks to its everlasting luster. However, the beauty of this material is not the only reason why so many pieces of golden equipment can be found around the world. Superstition is also deeply rooted in the manufacturing of these arms. One of these, the golden blade, is known to bring victory to whoever owns it, making it a product of high demand.
Blood Sword
FFBE Blood Sword.png
76 30 Yes
Effect: Enables use of Drainer.
★★★★★★★ - A blood-sucking blade that isn't too picky on its targets.
This crimson cutter was clearly inspired by the bloodsucking fauna of Lapis. A royal vizier from a faraway magical kingdom created the schematics of this weapon for his king. On grounds of suspected treason, the king rewarded him with a one-stop visit to the guillotine. When wielded, this blade extracts some of its target's life force, granting it to its wielder. The sensation of the life force entering its owner is usually pleasant, so much so that some soon find themselves addicted to its effects.
Save the Queen (FFT)
FFBE Save the Queen.png
112 Trust: Agrias No
Effect: Grants Auto-Protect.
★★★★★★★ - A loyal blade that protects its master until the end.
A sword given as proof of having taken an oath of loyalty. The spirit of integrity and tenacity that lives within this blade creates an invisible barrier that protects its wielder. It is one of the most prestigious honors a knight may ever receive, and extremely rare even among those sworn to serve the royal family. A knight's ability with the sword alone would not suffice to earn him this weapon, as he must first prove his high level of education and unshakable loyalty. Only those knights who meet all of the requirements may wield this blade.
FFBE Excalibur.png
120 Trust: Cecil
Reward: Dracotaur Lancer
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - A legenday sword with the sun's crest.
A legendary sword that emits a holy light. Its beautiful design bears the sun's crest on its hilt, and the blade itself is adorned with beautiful waves. The bright light it shines is also said to vanquish evil beings. This legendary weapon's whereabouts where unknown for quite a long time, but this didn't stop the hordes of frenzied soldiers from hunting down this fabled blade. Its scabbard is said to grant divine protection against agony and misfortune to whomever wears it.
FFBE Deathbringer.png
120 Trust: Dark Knight Cecil No
Effect: Dark-elemental attack. Grants Man-Eater.
★★★★★★★★ - A great sword endowed with the power of darkness.
A great sword that hails from ancient times which holds incredible destructive power, and was thus aptly named the "deathbringer" by those who witnessed it. Although many mistake this weapon as evil due to its ominous name, the blade itself is actually free of any curse. However, the great darkness that lives within it requires a great amount of spiritual discipline in order to be manipulated effectively.
Rune Blade
FFBE Rune Blade.PNG
27 10 Chest: Surging Volcano No
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★ - ??
A great sword of mysterious power engraved with ancient writing that emits a sacred aura. The archaic symbols belonging to an ancient civilization that have been chiseled into the blade hold the mysterious hidden power that give this weapon its special ability. Unfortunately, replicating the rune blade is quite difficult, as there are currently only a handful of people left who can effectively read and write these characters, in addition to understanding the sorcery behind them.
FFBE Excalipoor.png
1 Drop: The Big Bridge (Gilgamesh) No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - An imitation of a legendary holy sword.
A sword modeled after the Excalibur. Though at first look it appears as if it would boast high ATK, this couldn't be further from the truth. Still, many seek this sword, which is surprisingly hard to find. It is though this blade was made specifically for such people. Replicated down to the finest detail, one would be pressed to tell it from the real thing just by looking at it.
FFBE Durandal.png
74 Buy: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) No 18,000 Red Orb
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A large sword which name means immortal blade.
A large sword once wielded by a great hero. It's [sic] name means the immortal blade. There is a story about a hero who, when on the brink of death, in order for the durandal not to fall in enemy hands slammed it to the floor which actually caused the floor to split open. It is unclear whether or not this anecdote is true, but there is no denying the pin-point sharpness this holy blade boasts.
Erdrick's Sword
FFBE Erdrick's Sword.png
125 Buy: King Mog (Monster Carnival)
Reward: Estark's Challenge
No 120,000 Gold Coin
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★ - A legendary sword wielded by a brave warrior from the Farplane.
A weapon brought from a certain faraway world. It is said that a great hero named Erdrick once travelled the world, eventually using this sword to vanquish a great evil. So were the seeds of salvation sown.
Force Stealer
FFBE Force Stealer.png
58 Reward: "Beloved Equipment" No
Effect: None
★★★★★ - A large sword that devours its owners SPR.
A terrifying great sword that unknowingly eats away at the wielder's spirit. Shining in a beautiful yet ominous shade of purple, this blade has crushed the will of many adventurers that have fallen under the trance it induces. Carrying it alone can have serious consequences for the bearer, and thus extreme care is required to handle it. However, regardless of the many risks, its usefulness as a weapon cannot be denied.
FFBE Dandelga.png
130 Trust: Vargas No
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A large sword once owned by the hero of flames.
The great sword of the hero Vargas, who hails from another world. Legend has it that Dandelga was the masterpiece of one of Vargas's friends, a blacksmith who used special minerals and volcanic fire in order to forge it. This blade engulfed in flames is said to boost the abilities of the wielder, having given Vargas himself the incomparable audacity and bravery to challenge the gods during the great war that took place in his world long ago.
FFBE Apocalypse.png
103 Reward: Mysidia vault (completion) No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - A large sword named for the end of days.
A great sword of unknown origin said to appear before the fall of humankind. Although accounts of its appearance have been handed down through generations, details such as the materials it is composed of, its maker, and the date of its creation all remain a mystery. Scholars regard it as an omen of calamities yet to come, while others believe it to be a revelation from the gods. Some theories claim that perhaps it isn't a weapon at all, but instead the words that rise on the surface of the blade are meant to be read as the divine will of higher entities.
Crimson Saber
FFBE Crimson Saber.png
90 Reward: Trial of the Burning Soul No
Effect: Fire-elemental attack. Grants Crimson Soul (when equipped by Rain, Vagrant Knight Rain and Awakened Rain).
★★★★★★★★ - A large sword that shines like burning flames.
A large sword that shines like burning flames used by a knight of Grandshelt named Rain. The beautiful, silver blade reacts to the wielder's emotions to let out a shimmer reminiscent of flames. It is said that this sword was made using a special technique, featuring a unique curve along the center of the blade that is not found on any other swords. (Enables special abilities when equipped by Rain)
Defender (FFT)
FFBE Defender.png
65 Buy: King Mog (In the Name of Love) No 4,000 White Orb
Effect: Grants Stand Back.
★★★★★ - A broad sword made from hard steel.
A broad sword that was brought from the distant world of Ivalice made from hard steel. The wielder of this sword has a greater chance of evading attacks. The sword is quite noticeable with its broad blade and jewel set on the base of its hilt. These swords are known as "knight's swords" in Ivalice, and was used by knights who pledged their allegiance to their masters and gods, while also holding faith in themselves.
FFBE Organics.png
74 Reward: Time for Revenge No
Effect: Dark-elemental attack
★★★★★★ - A large sword imbued with dark power.
A large sword imbued with dark power. The blade is a deep purple, reminiscent to the depth of dark, and yields the power of dark within. The power of dark has long been a subject of fear to many, and a bringer of calm to others. Likewise, this sword may either bring fear or calm depending on its user.
FFBE Tonitrus.png
120 Trust: Guromu No
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack. Grants Auto-Bravery.
★★★★★★★ - A sword with a blade infused with the power of lightning.
A sword with a blade infused with the power of lightning. According to ancient records, this sword had no particular features aside from it being very sharp. Then one day, lightning struck the tip of the blade, imbuing it with the power of lightning. Care needs to be taken when using it as it can electrify the user.
Great Flamesword of the Fire Dragon*
FFBE Great Flamesword of the Fire Dragon.png
135 Trust: Hunter Rain No
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Red Wing*
FFBE Red Wing.png
63 ?
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - ??
Platinum Saber
FFBE Platinum Saber.png
70 Buy: Ilteah Town, City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum
Chest: Land of Darkness
Yes 15,000 Gil
Effect: None.
★★★★★ - A large sword made from platinum.
A large sword made from platinum. It is expected for a large sword made of platinum to be extremely heavy, but through the efforts of many blacksmiths, the overall weight of the sword was greatly reduced. The sword is light enough to be swung by the weak, yet retains the power expected from a sword of its size. The sword works best when used to crush enemies by swinging it down with might rather than slashing.
Glauca's Greatsword
FFBE Glauca's Greatsword.png
125 Trust: Glauca No
Effect: Dark-elemental attack. Grants Auto-Regen.
★★★★★★★ - A crimson large sword brought from the faraway world of Eos.
A crimson large sword brought from the faraway world of Eos. This sword is said to have been used by a general of the Niflheim Empire. It is said that this general, who wore a unique set of armor made of liquid steel, held power beyond any mere mortal with how he could swing the sword with the greatest of ease.
FFBE Masquerade.png
130 Trust: Katharina No
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Revolving Saw
FFBE Revolving Saw.png
130 Trust: Conrad No
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%.
★★★★★★★ - A treasured sword around which countless teeth revolve.
A treasured sword around which countless teeth revolve. The saw remain immobile outside of battle, but the moment it is equipped, the saw begins to rotate at speeds reflecting the wielder's emotion. The saw is extremely difficult to use by those who lack the weapon skill, or those who experience fluctuations in emotions, as controlling the speed of the saw requires extensive training for use, even by veteran mercenaries.
Tailor's Scissors
FFBE Tailors Scissors.png
105 Trust: Grinfield
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%. Enables use of Death.
★★★★★★★ - A giant pair of sharp scissors.
A giant pair of sharp scissors that was originally used in battle by a very powerful tailor to shear fur off of monsters. It can be used for tailoring, but the sharp blades can cause massive injuries to novice tailors attempting to use it. Because of this, no one is making these scissors anymore. Only a handful of top-class tailors are still using these to this very day.
Iron Duke
FFBE Iron Duke.png
118 Reward: The Web-Weaving Princess No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - A large sword from the Farplane made from the beak of a giant bird.
A rough large sword brought from the faraway world of Eos. The sword holds no special properties, and instead it was crafted so that it can inflict massive damage to opponents. These swords were created in Eos using a beak from a giant bird, and is considered one of the strongest weapons around.
Save the Queen (FFIX)
FFBE Save the Queen (Beatrix).png
135 Trust: Beatrix No
Effect: Increases resistance to Fire (+30%). Grants 100-Knight Slayer.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A knight's blade from the faraway world of Gaia. The blade is very fine and beautiful, and was the choice weapon used by a female general who swore her loyalty to the queen of Alexandria. It is said that she faced the crisis that struck Alexandria with this sword in hand.
Excalibur II
FFBE Excalibur II.png
130 Trust: Steiner No
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A knight's sword from a different world that is notoriously hard to come by.
A knight's sword from the faraway world of Gaia. The blade holds an unusual green tone to it. This sword is known back in the world of Gaia as being the strongest of all knight swords, and is also notorious for how difficult it is to obtain.
Iron Will
FFBE Iron Will.png
40 Yes
Effect: Grants DEF +15%.
★★★★ - ??
A giant blade brought from another world. The dull blade is used to crush its enemies with its weight. No amount of washing or honing could remove the smell of blood seeped into its blade.
FFBE Beastlord.png
125 Trust: A2 No
Effect: Grants DEF +20%. Enables use of Beast Roar.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A powerful otherworldly great sword shaped after the king of beasts. Bearing a bestial design, this sword cuts down any who would challenge its bearer's authority.
Flaming Blade Agni
FFBE Unknown Greatsword 2.png
125 Trust: Elbis No
Effect: Fire-elemental attack. Grants Fire Resistance +15%.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A large sword the size of a man that is imbued with fire magic. Equipping the sword increases the user's resistance against fire attacks. As the great sword's appearance states, it is very powerful, but in turn, the wide and thick blade makes it so heavy that it can be quite a burden to hold. When used properly, the weight of the sword lends the power to rend anything in half, but then again, very few are able to properly wield this sword.
FFBE Dragvandil.png
61 ?
★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Revolver.png
125 (GL)
88 (JP)
Gift: FFVIII celebration campaign (JP)
Buy: King Mog (SeeD Field Exam)
No 100,000 Triple Triad Card
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A weapon known as a gunblade that hails from a faraway world, notable for the rotating barrel above the grip. Gunblades are unique weapons that combine giant swords with firearm mechanics. By loading them with bullets and pulling the trigger, the wielder can unleash a powerful vibration through the blade that increases the sword's damage output.
Lion Heart
FFBE Lion Heart.png
150 (GL)
140 (JP)
Trust: Squall No
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%. Grants The Legendary Beast when equipped by Squall.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Gunblades are unique weapons that hail from a faraway world, and this one is said to be the greatest of them all. The elegant blade has a bluish tint, and—befitting the name—the hilt is emblazoned with the mark of a lion. In the world from which they originate, gunblades are often modified to augment their powers, but trying to build a Lion Heart requires some of the rarest materials in the land.
Thunder God's Sword
FFBE Thunder God Cid's Sword.png
174 Trust: Orlandeau No
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★★ - A great sword used by a count known as the "Thunder God".
A great sword used by a count known as the "Thunder God" who excels in the ways of the knight's sword. Many who idolize him see this sword as sacred. The count was not only a skilled swordsman, but also a sound person who always thought about the well-being of the people. It could be said that only those who hold the proper sword skills and a just heart have the right to wield this great sword.
FFBE Skofnung.png
78 Buy: King Mog (Shrine of Ru'Avitau) No 6,000 Faded Crystal
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - ??
A great sword with a bluish blade that came from the faraway world of Vana'diel. It seems as if this weapon can be obtained as a rare drop against a monster called "Olla Grande" that appears in the Shrine of Ru'Avitau in Vana'diel.
Chrome Sphene
FFBE Unknown Greatsword 6.png
170 20 20 Trust: Loren No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A great sword crafted by a well-known smith. The blade is fitted with a green gem. The sword is very sharp, and only those who have mastered the art of the sword can use it properly. This sword became popular after word spread that a certain female knight of Grandshelt known as the "Twin Blade General" used it in battle.
Ultima Weapon (FFVII)
FFBE Ultima Weapon FFVII.png
180 Trust: Cloud No
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A great sword that came from a faraway world and boasts tremendous power. It is as large as the average adult male and has a translucent blade that shines resplendently. It is said this weapon was wielded in defense of a planet by a young man with spiky gold hair.
Ultima Weapon (FFBE)
FFBE Ultima Weapon FFBE.png
180 Trust: Hyoh No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
An energy blade touted as being the pinnacle of all weapons. It alters the wielder's magic powers into burning gas, and compresses it into a super-heated, high-pressure energy blade. The blade is so powerful that it can split even the thickest of castle walls in two. The weapon is very difficult to control, so it was kept safe deep within a treasury, but the weapon went into the hands of a very talented youth who was able to tap into the true power of the weapon.
Lightbringer (King's Knight)*
FFBE Lightbringer King's Knight.png
168 Trust: Ray Jack (JP) No
Effect: Light-elemental attack. Enables use of Lucifer Gift.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Note: Classified as a sword in the Global version, with a lower Attack power and a different added ability and method of obtaining.
Crag Splitter
FFBE Crag Splitter.png
56 15 Yes
Effect: Grants HP +5%. Earth-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A great sword embedded with earthern gemstones.
A great sword embedded with earthern gemstones. Rumor has it that it can split mountains in a single strike and only the strongest may wield it.
Lightbringer - Replica
FFBE Replica Lightbringer.png
90 Reward: The Patriotic Hero No
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A replica of a great sword infused with holy light.
A replica of one of the Twelve Radiant Arms that is infused with holy light. Though it looks very similar to the Lightbringer, it is a fake, so it lacks the power the real sword holds. At least it offers the owner a chance to feel how it's like to own one of the Twelve Radiant Arms.
Lightbringer (FFBE)
FFBE Lightbringer.png
135 Reward: The Ambulant Patriotic Hero No
Effect: Light-elemental attack. Grants Holy.
★★★★★★★★ - A great sword infused with holy light.
One of the Twelve Radiant Arms. A great sword infused with holy light. The sword grants power to its wielder, and leads them to destroy evil with its powerful light. It is believed to be a sword bestowed by a god of light, but no one knows for sure. Only those who have shown their might to the Wandering Dead Hero, Dabih, can hold this sword.
Bahamut Tear
FFBE Bahamut Tear.png
165 Trust: Arngrim No
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack. Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%. Grants Bahamut Tear.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A greatsword that appears in a legend told throughout Midgard. This powerful weapon is named after a dragon god and is fashioned for use by einherjar—heroes who have been chosen by a Battle Maiden. As the sword is extremely powerful, it requires tremendous skill and a great amount of magic to create.
Kanshou Great Sword
FFBE Kanshou Great Sword.png
83 Reward: Kanshou and Bakuya Yes
Effect: Grants Kanshou's Will.
★★★★★★★ - ??
The "male" blade of the legendary pair of swords that was forged by a blacksmith for a king. In order to make the swords more powerful, the blacksmith's wife had no choice but to sacrifice herself to forge the swords. The blacksmith forged the swords in grief and decided to keep "Kanshou" while presenting the other, "Bakuya," to the king.
Cuisine Sword
FFBE Cuisine Sword.png
72 91 Trust: Forelsket No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★ - ??
A great sword used by an elven chef. The sword is designed so that it can be used to prepare the monster it kills for cooking. The sword is obviously too big to use as conventional kitchen ware, but the elven chef is able to use it so well that he can separate even the largest of monsters into select cuts.
Dark Faith
FFBE Dark Faith.png
110 Purchase: Premium Bundle No
Effect: Grants HP +10%, MP +10%.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
A great sword made from a special dark metal ore. Not only does it slash the enemy with great force upon impact, but it also boosts the wielder's physical and mental state.
Excalibur (FFBE)*
FFBE Excalibur FFBE.png
160 Reward: Parameter Quests No
★★★★★★★★★? - ??
Iconic Sword
FFBE Iconic Sword.png
176 Trust: Jecht No
Effect: Grants Regal Demeanor.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A large sword from the faraway world of Spira. An overwhelmingly heavy double-bladed sword, it is difficult to wield even for the most muscular of men. However, one of High Summoner Braska's Guardians, who helped to defeat the giant monster Sin, is said to have handled the blade with ease.
Chaos Blade (FFT)
FFBE Chaos Blade FFT.png
168 127 Trust: Beowulf No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A knight's sword from the faraway land of Ivalice. It seems to have been the most powerful known sword of the knights, owing to its sanctification by the gods, and apparently in Ivalice it could be found at the lowest depths of a ruin full of precious artifacts.
Big Chopper*
FFBE Big Chopper.png
130 Trust: Galas No
★★★★★★★ - ??
Diamond Saber
FFBE Diamond Saber.png
85 Yes
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - ??
A greatsword with a blade made from diamond of the highest integrity. Many a swordsman has been drawn to the elegance of this weapon, undeterred by its exorbitant cost. Yet, many still find themselves unwilling to use it in battle lest they risk scratching a blade they drained their fortune to possess. Thus, many diamond sabers are left safely sheathed and never see the outside of a storehouse.
FFBE Centurio.png
175 Trust: Crimson No
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%. Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A great sword with a scarlet glow emanating from its blade. Though it has seen extensive use, this weapon has been so well-kept that it still retains its razor-sharp edge. Its owner served under Veritas of the Dark, later using this blade to protect the town of Sacher for many years until his untimely death. In his final moments, it seems he entrusted it to a certain knight, though no one may ever know for sure.
Buster Sword (FFVII)*
FFBE Buster Sword FFVII.png
145 Trust: Zack No
Effect: None.
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Sturdy Umbrella
FFBE Sturdy Umbrella.png
98 Yes
Effect: Increases resistance to Water (+15%). Water-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - ??
An ordinary-looking umbrella that is pretty sturdy. Although it is commonly used to block out the sun, some kids use it as a makeshift sword. They use these to fight against each other like real knights, or so they think.
Adel's Great Sword*
FFBE Adel's Great Sword.png
180 Trust: Emperor Adel No
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Lion Heart (WoFF)*
FFBE Lion Heart.png
140 Trust: Squall (WoFF) No
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Icebrand (FFV)*
FFBE Icebrand FFV.png
65 Chest: Exdeath Castle - Exploration No
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★ - ??
Buster Sword (KH)
FFBE Buster Sword KH.png
180 Trust: Cloud (KH) No
Effect: Two-handed weapon; damage range (100% - 160%); raises accuracy +50%.
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
A great sword from another world. This weapon is as large as a grown man, making it difficult for the average person to wield correctly. Its hilt is wrapped in tattered bandages, and it boasts more destructive power than the common blade. Some say that a swordsman from another world in search of a certain someone can wield this gigantic sword with great ease.
Rune Blade (FFVI)*
FFBE Rune Blade FFVI.png
55 ?
★★★★ - ??
Sun Blade*
FFBE Sun Blade.png
104 Chest: No
★★★★★★ - ??
181 Reward: No
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
True Crimson Saber*
FFBE True Crimson Saber.png
174 Trust: No
★★★★★★★★★ - ??
Split Edge*
FFBE Split Edge.png
90 Chest: ?
★★★★★ - ??
Asterisk - Replica
FFBE Asterisk Replica.png
50 Reward: Eggstinction No
Effect: Grants Static Wind. Lightning-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A replica large sword said to have been used by a brave warrior of old.
A replica large sword said to have been used by a brave warrior of old. Its blade is infused with the power of lightning, causing it to send sparks flying upon contact. A more powerful version of this weapon does indeed exist, but few know where to find it.
Fusion Sword
Icon-Fusion Sword (FFVII AC).png
190 Trust: Cloud (FFVII: AC) No
Effect: Grants Limit Break Version 5.
★★★★★★★★ -
A great sword from a distant world. Made from a combination of six different blades, they can be used separately or combined together depending on the situation. The aloof man who owns this great sword in its world of origin usually carries all the blades that compose it separately on his motorcycle.