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The second season of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius focuses on Lasswell and his friends departing to the world of Paladia to find his missing friend Rain, where they end up getting opposing the tyranny of the Aldore Empire that has reigned for 700 years.


Six months after their climatic battle, the party believes Rain is stranded in Paladia and ready an expedition to find him with the Invincible. To their surprise, the Sworn Six of Paladia (minus the Darklord) appear before them, revived by Dark Fina, and request to accompany them to find closure after 700 years. The party agrees.

Soon after entering Paladia, the party learns the world has been under Aldore's tyrannical rule for 700 years. Enraged that their homeworld decayed despite their efforts, the Sworn Six, now led by Raegen, decide to topple the Aldore Emperor. They separate from Lasswell's group who will search for Rain.

The Sworn Six donning their armors breach the Aldore Tower, the Emperor's seat of power, but are blocked by the Emperor's lieutenants and the Sworn Six's successors, the Orders. Although the Sworn Six put a good fight, they are defeated as the Orders guards, led by Hyoh of the Delta Star and 4th on the group's hierarchy, possesses the Sworn Six's battle data, giving them an overwhelming advantage[note 1]. Hyoh has them thrown into prison.

Meanwhile, as Lasswell's group struggles to find clues for Rain while they were forced to split even further, they are attacked by Galas of the Omicron Star of the Orders, ranking 15th in the group's hierarchy. Although the party puts a good fight, he unleashes his true power and overwhelms them. A mysterious man known as Akstar saves them, who mocks Lasswell's weakness and gives him weird nicknames. The party learns of a prison where Rain is believed to be held. Lasswell attempts to free the prisoners, but the Aldore Guards use the prisoners as hostages to force their surrender. The party, nonetheless, escapes with Nichol and Sakura's help, who disguised as guards, and the group reunites. As they prepare to leave, the guard once more forces them to surrender. Akstar appears, mocking Lasswell for his lack of strength, and uses the Obliterating Mirror of Equity, a stronger version of Raegen's signature technique, to defeat all the guards while leaving the hostage intact. The party is forced to face Galas who dreams of all the gains he can make by killing the party, but is himself bested and killed by Akstar who is disgusted at his dishonor. Lasswell requests Akstar to teach him, to which the latter eventually agrees to.

Meanwhile, the Sworn Six's prison cell mysteriously opens and they escape. Raegen orders the group to abandon their suits of armor as they have been damaged to the point they no longer provide any benefit, and to reaffirm their resolve to grow stronger, thankful to their armors for their centuries of servitude. The group decides to go by their true names, Cid, Folka, Ignacio, Sieghard, and Citra. As they travel to a nearby town, they witness the Aldore Tower surrounded by a powerful barrier, and decide to disable the barrier by destroying the facilities that power it up. They are attacked by Mid of the Theta Star, a dragoon ranking 8th in the group's hierarchy. The Sworn Six fend her off and she retreats. Cid learns that she is his estranged daughter turned immortal and vows to find her.

Lasswell's group finds a labor camp where Rain could be and decide to save the prisoners. Akstar believes the prisoners will betray them for their own skin, and departs. As Lasswell is about to free them, the party faces Gudon of the Xi Star, the 14th ranking member of the Orders, and the sadistic warden of the labor camp who took advantage of the prisoners' fear to set up a trap. He swats the party away with his machine's wrecking ball, mocking Lasswell's intentions to save the prisoners who were all too willing to betray him. Lasswell reaffirms his convictions and the same prisoners now try to defend him, but Gudon swats them away. Akstar appears, glad that Lasswell was right, and encourages the party to stand up, and they defeat Gudon.

As the Sworn Six are en route to one of the barrier facilities, Mid blocks their path and tries to convince them to stay away from Paladia, by force if necessary. Cid refuses to leave his daughter again, and the two duel with Cid winning. Raegen disables the facility and Mid departs, feeling conflicted.

Both parties set their next destination in the continent of Gungan, the only continent spared from Aldore's power grip. Lasswell's group saves the beastwoman Kunshira from other beastmen who explains that Gungan is a victim of a civil war between two groups of beastmen: the Naturia, who revere nature, and the Shibyra, who revere technology. She leads them to the Naturia capital where they meet King Yaksha of the Naturia. He cannot provide clues towards Rain and the country may be reaching a breaking point in an eventual conflict with Shibyra despite attempts at negotiation. The party aids the Naturia to solve matters without violence, with Kunshira hinting at something happening at the hunting grounds that were deemed forbidden by the King. The party investigates and finds a dry desert, learning that King Yaksha was hiding the truth to prevent a panic. They reach an agreement with the Shibyra whose technology could aid them. Much to their surprise, the party finds none other than Sol in the desert. Suspicious, Lasswell engages in battle but Akstar interferes, preventing Lasswell from falling into Sol's trap. Sol explains that the land's Crystal is being drained of the power to sustain life. Sol, who is himself looking for Rain to kill him, joins the party, feeling he will find Rain all the faster this way. Lasswell reluctantly agrees as they can at least observe Sol from close.

Raegen's group ends up in the Shibyra land where they defeat Naturia Beastmen. They meet with Wong, aide to King Palte of the Shibyra, who explains the current civil war. Knowing they are the Sworn Six he requests their aid and the group agrees to listen. While on the Shibyra capital, they learn that King Palte is a human raised by the previous king. The King desires a peaceful resolution, but a terrorist attack amid the negotiations strained diplomacy as both sides blame the other. The Sworn Six investigate the matter and follow clues into a den of criminals. Before the Sworn Six can extract information from them, Fong appears with the suspects dead. Raegen is suspicious and returns with the rest to the capital.

Tensions flare up on both sides and both kings are forced to march to the frontlines to wage a full-scale battle. Raegen proposes a battle with representatives from both sides to prevent bloodshed, with himself as Shibyra's champion. Raegen is surprised to see Sol with the Naturia, but Lasswell steps up instead as their representative. Father and son fight while explaining each other's circumstances. The two sides watch in awe as they learn that they are adoptive parent and son. Raegen narrowly wins and convinces both sides to give them time to find the true culprit as both parties temporarily rejoin with a ceasefire from both tribes.

The party's investigation pits them in a cave where they find the gunpowder for the terrorists' bomb and none other than Fong who reveals himself as Nazuu of the Kappa Star, the 10th ranking member of the Orders, who plotted for both sides to destroy one another and take over the resources of the whole country for himself. Nazuu possesses "the core", a device King Palte developed that can restore life energy, but plans to use it in reverse mode to drain Gungan of all life. The party pursues Nazuu who tries to use an Aldore Reactor to syphon all life from the continent. The combined efforts of Lasswell's party and the Sworn Six defeat him.

With the matter resolved the two tribes reach a peaceful resolution with both Kings in leadership. Lasswell's party and the Sworn Six split again to pursue their respective goals with their next destination being Crystallis. Elsewhere, the Emperor orders Hyoh to terminate Lasswell and his group.

In Crystallis, Reagan's group meets Franis and Ishil, two members of the Children of Hess, a resistance group hoping to restore Hess to its former glory. The two reveal that Yuraisha, the leader of Hess dubbed the "Mother of Hess", is still alive thanks to the immortality treatment and is being held captive. Raegen feels indebted to Yuraisha because the power-hungry Aldore Emperor at the time, Vlad, was most likely going to kill his son (Raegen) at birth due to being next in line for the throne. Yuraisha saved him and took him in as one of her own, serving as his surrogate mother. Raegen feels guilty for turning his back on Hess to end the Aldore-Hess war.

The group finds Yuraisha chained inside Runferia Castle, greatly weakened after years of captivity. Although they attempt to heal her, Yuraisha's immortality is reaching its limit. She doesn't harbor a grudge against Raegen, and is happy that he came. She fears that the Hess bloodline may die with her, since there is no blood successor to take the throne. Raegen reveals that Yuraisha's grandson, Lasswell, carries Hess blood. They take Yuraisha back, running into Zolulu of the Lambda Star and Delulu of the Mu Star. They force the odd pair to retreat, only to learn later that they've taken the Children of Hess captive; unless Yuraisha turns herself in, they'll be killed. Reagan's group accompanies Yuraisha, fearing there is a trap at play.

Along the way Raegen explains to Yuraisha what happened to her blood son, Rowen. The two were like brothers (in similar fashion to Rain and Lasswell), spending much of their time sparring for fun. Rowen being one of Hess's Eight Sages meant that Raegen had to face him in battle to end the war. The two made a bet: if Raegen won, Rowen would go into the crystal. If Rowen won, Raegen would give up his Purple Lightning. Raegen hailed victorious, but knew Rowen lost on purpose to end the war, and so promised to honor his end of the bargain. After they were banished to Lapis, Raegen sought out Rowen and freed him, but being trapped in the crystal caused him to lose his memories and powers. Raegen helped him get a new life and Rowen had a son (Lasswell), but died some time later to a monster attack. Raegen rushed to the scene, but was too late. Rowen's memories returned before his death, reminding that Raegen still never gave the Purple Lightning. Raegen agreed to give it to his son. When Lasswell's mother passed away, Raegen took Lasswell in as his own son.

Nearing the cave where the two Orders are waiting, Mid intercepts the group who warns that "she" is coming. She tries to stop the group through force out of concern for their safety, but fails, and is left to question what she should do. At the cave, Reagan's group learns that Zoululu and Delulu have already killed all of the Children of Hess held captive. The enraged party makes quick work of the duo, but they only laugh because "she" is here to kill them. Mid comes to the party's aid as Yego of Gamma Star, a malboro rider, appears and overwhelms the group. Only through the aid of Yuraisha's magic giving them a temporary power-up they survive long enough to escape. Yuraisha is on her last legs, unable to stand anymore (with Ignacio opting to carry her). With Yego still in hot pursuit, the group makes its way to a library where Yuraisha can cast a projection magic to spark rebellion—a spell that would cost her life. Cid and Mid hold Yego off while the rest accompany Yuraisha. She casts the spell, telling the people of Hess that hope is not lost, and then dies, leaving Raegen to mourn. As the other members of Hess resistance bury Yuraisha, Cid arrives, declaring they drove off Yego, but Mid got kidnapped. They head to Visectrum to save her.

Meanwhile, Lasswell's group is searching for Rain with the help of Sol (who can sense his presence). Akstar starts training Lasswell seriously, urging him to kill his emotions to develop true strength. Lasswell hesitates doing so, believing that his emotions give him strength. The group ends up in the village of Kappas, learning from a girl named Potchi that the Kappas are growing weak because of the nearby barrier station. Potchi comes with the group to destroy the barrier station (helping out Reagan's group in the process, since the stations are their target). At the station Sol wanders off, sensing Rain nearby. Lasswell and company give chase, and find Sol facing off against Hyoh. Sol, convinced that Hyoh is Rain, rushes to the attack with his full power, and tackles Hyoh off a cliff. The unconscious Sol dreams about his time with the Sages of Hess, where a less bloodthirsty Sol told Yuraisha that he can't feel emotions. Lasswell's group catches up to Sol and Hyoh. Lasswell steps up to fight him, and during their fight, he notices Hyoh fights the same way Rain does. Lasswell is convinced Sol may be right about Hyoh, but Hyoh proves he isn't Rain by rushing forward and stabbing Fina in the gut. Sakura teleports the group away as they examine Fina's wound, which has began to crystallize (making it unable to be healed). Potchi proposes they head to a facility that turns crystals into sand, and they head off, unaware that Hyoh and Nagi of Iota Star are in the area as well.

At the facility, they learn that Potchi is a Whyt, a creature that can use transformation magic. Potchi disguises as an Aldore soldier and helps the party get inside. At the bottom Nagi sets upon them, oddly obsessed with Hyoh, declaring she'll go at any length to help him. Hyoh tells a defeated Nagi to stand down and confronts Lasswell. The two fight evenly-matched, until Lasswell taps into his power and unleashes the Absolute Mirror of Equity (much to Akstar's surprise). Hyoh's mask breaks off and he covers his face. Lasswell asks for Hyoh to at least show his face so he can confirm he is not Rain, but Hyoh strikes back and escapes with Nagi. Lasswell's group uses the machine to remove the crystal wound from Fina and heal her, while the Emperor berates Hyoh. Potchi collapses from the effort of using too much magic, so Lasswell's group heads to the Whyt village to let her rest. Sol senses Hyoh is nearby, and they find the village mysteriously empty. Hyoh appears and takes out the group effortlessly, having gained a massive power boost (but is visibly fatigued). A hooded figure appears and cuts Hyoh down, causing him to explode in a flash of red light.

The hooded figure is Rain who has been seeking to defeat the Aldore Emperor after learning about his tyrannical rule. He approaches Sol to settle the score, but Sol is disinterested in fighting Rain, and leaves. Later in the night, Rain reveals to the group that the Aldore Order is a tournament being held in Visectrum, and the winner becomes Alpha Star (and thus, the next emperor). Lasswell and the others decide to participate, while Akstar confronts Sol about his decision to not fight Rain. Sol admits that the Rain before him is different than the Rain he fought on Lapis, and drops his suspicions about Akstar, believing that he, too, is hiding something.

In the meantime, Reagan's group heads to the prison in Visectrum where Mid is being held. She has made up her mind to join the group after Cid frees her. Their reunion is cut short as they find Raegen and the others struggling against Yego. Mid rushes between the groups, knowing that Yego is lonely because she grew up alone. Mid proposes Yego join them, and she agrees if Cid will be her father. Cid is taken aback and Yego decides to make the decision easier by having her malboro devour Mid. Cid attacks Yego, who has become hysterical, and begs her "father" not to hit her. A flashback reveals Yego was raised by malboros and that she joined the Orders out of curiosity, having never met another human. Yego asks Cid to kill her, and is surprised when Cid spares her, saying Mid wouldn't want him killing Yego. The malboro regurgitates Mid, as Yego never intended to kill her. Cid says Yego can come with them and be his daughter (much to her delight). They end up running into Distorque of Zeta Star, Yego's sadistic master during her time in the Orders, and Shamlin of Eta Star, Distorque's meekly obedient disciple. Raegen and company force them to retreat before moving on.

The group heads to the final barrier station only to learn it has already been destroyed. Four hooded figures are about to attack them, but a fifth voice tells them to stay. They're introduced a middle-aged man named Mombert, and the four hooded figures—Redge, Maemae, Honor and Darish—kids with potent magical abilities called the "Four Sages of Hess". Mombert wants to assassinate the Aldore Emperor, and requests the group's aid. He leads them around the continent of Visectrum to four locations to remove the magic palings protecting the emperor. Raegen and the others realize the kids must die to remove the palings, to which they object to. Mombert assures that they were born for this purpose, as they learn by the final death that the four were visions Mombert created. When he was a kid, he and his four friends were tasked with killing the emperor, but failed due to the palings. Being the only one to escape alive, Mombert vowed to see his mission through and remade his friends as visions. With the final paling gone and the party in the area where the emperor is sitting, Mombert throws himself at the emperor and creates a massive explosion of energy. As the dust settles, the Emperor holds Mombert in a choke-hold and kills him.

Raegen confronts the emperor who renders all of Raegen's attacks ineffective with mini-palings. The rest join and the emperor calls in Levnato of Alpha Star to even the playing field. The emperor was merely toying with Raegen's group for the sake of entertaining the people watching, but before he can finish the group off, they teleport away. Raegen and company end up in Visectrum's capital where they meet a member of the Children of Hess named Milo. Milo leads them to the main arena where the finals are being held, and after hearing about Lasswell's status in the tournament, Raegen and the others head to the arena.

Meanwhile, Lasswell's group alongside Rain heads to participate in the tournament. During one of Lasswell's sparring sessions with Akstar, he unintentionally awakens his Hess blood and defeats Akstar. Sakura, who is watching nearby, is concerned over Rain, since Aldore and Hess blood are incompatible. Rain assures that it doesn't matter, but she notices a glimmer of doubt in Rain's eyes. At the preliminaries, they meet some contestants like Pris and Atole, the Magus Sisters, and Demoldoa of Epsilon Star. Lasswell's group gets along well with Pris and Atole, two orphans who plan to win the tournament and make Paladia a better place. Demoldoa kills them in the preliminaries, much to the party's anger. In the next round, they find the Magus Sisters about to be killed by Demoldoa so he can advance. Lasswell forces him to flee, much to the sisters' gratitude. Lasswell's group fails to advance since they've wasted too much time and haven't reached the minimum of 5 defeated contestants. Demoldoa uses his authority as an Order to let them pass to kill them in front of everyone. Sol breaks off from the group, declaring that he sees no need to stay with them any longer. Sol summons another Chaotic Darkness that the group promptly defeats. Akstar cooks a meal for the party (which he never does) before leaving the next morning, telling Lasswell that his training is finished and he'll face him in the finals. Akstar shows Lasswell how to perform the True Mirror of Equity before leaving.

In the final stretch of the preliminaries, Jake gets severely wounded while protecting Lid. Sakura prepares a teleportation spell to send them to Gungan, but Demoldoa arrives to stop them. The Magus sisters hold off Demoldoa at the cost of their lives before Lasswell avenges them by finishing off the Epsilon Star for good. Now in the semi-finals, Lasswell's group meets Krowa, a former member of the Orders, and Regina, a human-like automaton powered by Krowa's magic. They agree to help Lasswell win the tournament, and soon Akstar himself helps out Lasswell for the sake of getting him into the finals. Assassins ambush Lasswell's party in the train to the final match. They reroute the train to crash into a nearby town, forcing them to pick between losing the finals and innocent lives. Krowa and Regina deal with the sabotage while Lasswell and company head on, but the duo are caught in a trap and die. Meanwhile, Lasswell faces off against Akstar, both roughly equal in strength. Lasswell, thinking back to Akstar's training, combines all three Mirrors of Equity to unleash the Final Mirror of Equity, felling the swordsman in one strike. Lasswell is declared the winner, but he refuses the prize and instead calls out the Emperor to defeat him. Raegen's group enters the arena as the Emperor calls upon Levnato and Zeno of Beta Star to assist him. Lasswell is devastated to learn that Akstar was Zeno the whole time, as he turns his back on his once-called companions.

During the fight, Rain and Lasswell activate their blood awakenings, but the powers repel one another. The Children of Hess begin to bomb the stadium and Milo leads both groups out of the stadium to their airship, the Yuraisha. Rain is infuriated, accusing Milo of killing innocents, to which he responds that they're casualties of war. The group uses the ensuing chaos at Visectrum to attack key Aldore facilities in Magistellus. Lasswell's group defeats Physalis of Pi Star, an odd girl accompanied by a moogle named Moog. Despite being with Aldore, she seems like a good person for simply knocking out the Children of Hess instead of killing them. Meanwhile, Raegen's group runs into Distorque and Shamlin, the former revealing that Yego has a bomb implanted in her that he can detonate on a whim. Shamlin turns on Distorque, tired of obeying his master, and kills him before leaving without a fight. Back on the Yuraisha, Rain and Lasswell fight over their ideals: Lasswell believes Hess and Aldore blood can come together, while Rain believes it's impossible. When they destroy the final facility, Rain stays behind, declaring that they can't work together anymore since he plans to change Aldore from the inside, meaning Hess must be stopped. Lasswell watches Rain turn his back on the party, revealing that he was Hyoh all along.

Shaken by the loss, Lasswell and Fina foolishly try to find Rain on foot. Aldore forces surround them, but a vision of Rain saves them, left for them by Rain before he disappeared in season one. They run into Sol who was wandering the vicinity looking traces of Rain's past. He reveals that Rain was taken in by a kind-hearted girl named Mirfas when he wound up in Paladia. The townspeople, learning that Rain was Aldore royalty, blamed him for their miserable lives and tried to kill him. Mirfas died taking the blow in Rain's stead, as he learned the hard way that the two bloodlines cannot come together. Back with the main group, Lasswell and Raegen's groups are sent around Paladia to stop Aldore's advances. Back at Gungan, Lid tends to a wounded Jake, who has lost the ability to see or hear. Kunshira takes her to the Land of Provenance to find the Tear of Provenance, a medicine able to restore Jake's condition at the cost of Lid's life. They lose to Juraga of Nu Star but he recognizes Lid's determination and leaves. Lid takes the tear and dies, but Juraga returns and gives her a secret medicine only known by the Naturia royal family that revives her. With the tear, Lid heals Jake and the two return to the main group. Shortly after, Sakura and Nichol defect to Aldore to become members of the Order so Rain won't have to bear his burden alone.

Milo reveals that Aldore is planning to activate a dormant creature of immense power called Weapon, and the only one who knows how to control it, a researcher named Elmaul, is currently held captive by Aldore. The group heads to Weapon's location, Rubiena, while the Aldore Emperor sends all of the Orders and three cloaked women called the Exostars. The main group splits up, Raegen's group encountering the first Exostar, Obliterating Star. All three of the Exostars are monsters containing the duplicated soul of Ignacio's childhood friend, Kagane, and live in an endless cycle of life and death serving the emperor. Ignacio vows to liberate Kagane even if it means killing her himself. Meanwhile, Lasswell's group runs into the Orders, who were separated from Hyoh in an earthquake. They fight Levnato, Nichol and Physalis, and Lasswell is about to finish off Levnato when he attacks the nearby Children of Hess, distracting him. Physalis is angry at Levnato's lack of decency and switches sides, although Levnato doesn't show any concern over this. They run into Juraga who joined the Order to protect Gungan, and upon defeat he questions whether he should stay with Aldore. Hyoh, separated from the Orders, is surrounded by monsters but Sol saves him, proposing they defeat the Aldore Emperor together. Hyoh declines, but Sol follows him, leading the pair to travel together for the time being.

Lasswell's group, not far from Weapon, calls it a night. Lasswell and Physalis meet and fight with Sakura and Nichol, but not before sharing a meal with the two. The Emperor needs a "key" to activate the Weapon, and on cue, red tendrils extend out of the Weapon and snare Physalis, trapping her inside the monster. The Emperor reveals that Physalis, having both Aldore and Hess blood inside her, is the key to activating the Weapon, and commands ut to annihilate the island. Physalis resists the Weapon's will, buying time for Lasswell and company to save her. They follow the Weapon and jump onto its back, but are ambushed by the Emperor and the remaining Orders. The Emperor reveals his plan to use the Weapon to drain the Crystals and the people of Paladia of their energies, turning himself into the eternal ruler of a world where only he exists. Physalis teleports Lasswell's group away, allowing them to rendezvous with Raegen. Along the way they run into Juraga, who has decided to help the group and saved Elmaul. Both groups meet and decide their plan: Raegen's group will seek out the Emperor, while Lasswell's group will save Physalis and stop the Weapon. Elmaul explains that the Tear of Provenance is necessary to save her, so Lid and Juraga head back to Gungan to get it.

Rain and Sol are making their way across the island, both uncharacteristically concerned for the other's safety, Sol thanking Rain for protecting him from a monster attack by healing his wounds. Sakura and Nichol join the group, Rain revealing that after Mirfas's death he tried and failed to defeat the Emperor, but instead of killing Rain, he had offered him to join the Orders and seize power for himself. With the Emperor's absurd plan revealed, Sakura and Nichol no longer see any reason for Rain to fight for Aldore since the Emperor is too power-hungry to relinquish the throne. The group unanimously decides to take the fight to the Emperor himself.

Raegen's group runs into Levnato, determined to protect the Emperor. After a fierce battle that Levnato nearly wins by taking a performance-enhancing drug, the group fells the Alpha Star and faces the Emperor in battle. The group weathers his assault, but is overwhelmed when he summons an army of Exostars to his side. Rain, Sol, Sakura and Nichol arrive, defeating the Exostars as Rain and Sol take on the Emperor and force him to flee. The group gives chase as Rain and Sol almost seem to be on good terms, Sol uncharacteristically making fun of Rain's cooking skills. The Emperor falls in battle, but before Rain can finish him off, Levnato appears and unleashes a powerful magic attack before fleeing with the Emperor. Sol takes the blow for Rain and dies, expressing his gratitude to Rain for being able to destroy his lack of emotions before disappearing. With their job done, the group heads over to the Weapon. Along the way they run into Nagi and Shamlin, both of whom are defeated before being accepted into the group by Sieghard.

Lasswell's group encounters Zeno, who urges Lasswell to kill him in battle so he can truly surpass him. Zeno accompanies the group to his battlefield of choice, a field of flowers with the Aldore Tower in the distance. The two clash before Lasswell defeats his former master. Zeno tells Lasswell to leave and awaits his death until Dark Fina appears in a Crystal, urging him to continue. Zeno complies, heading to Aldore Tower for the upcoming final battle. Meanwhile, Lasswell's group meets up with Lid and Juraga, who have acquired the Tear, and jump onto the Weapon. They use the tear to free Physalis, but inadvertently release its core as well, activating the Weapon's defense mechanisms. Lasswell and company stave off the swarm of monsters, and soon both Raegen's and Rain's groups show up to help. After destroying the Weapon's core, Rain and Lasswell have an awkward reunion where they accept that they must walk separate paths due to their blood. However, as per Physalis's demand, the two overcome the wall by shaking hands, transforming both knights into kingly figures. With everything else resolved, the group sets its sights on the Aldore Tower for the final battle.

They split up and run into Akstar and Dark Fina, who seem to know each other and join the group. Along the way up Yego, Mid, Shamlin, Naji, Milo, Juraga, Kunshira and Elmaul are all forced to leave at certain points. The Aldore Emperor is in a recovery pod, where he learns he lived a normal life and was about to be a husband before realizing it was all an illusion fabricated by one of the emperors to strengthen his resolve through despair. Before the final battle, Akstar approaches Rain and awakens a power within him. The group fights the Emperor, and force him to yield. Levnato appears and expresses his disappointment, dismisses the Emperor, and reveals himself to be Vlad, the emperor during the Aldore-Hess war. By replicating his soul he became immortal, and pulled the strings behind Aldore for 700 years by posing as the Alpha Star and manipulating the various emperors. Vlad fires a massive ball of energy at the group, but Rain rushes forward and a barrier appears, thanks to what Akstar gave him earlier. Vlad's attacks are ineffective, and he leaves to his floating palace, Grandore, to fire upon the continent of Paladia and wipe out its inhabitants. The group gives chase, but while taking the teleporter there the transfer space begins to destabilize, separating Rain's and Lasswell's groups. Rain's group gets to the palace with little trouble, but Lasswell's group ends up deeper in the space where they find crystals recalling memories of their journey. They begin to show an alternate reality: one where no barrier appeared when Rain blocked Vlad's attack, and the party is defeated.

Rain lost an arm, leg and eye, urging Lasswell to finish off the tired Vlad. Lasswell put down his weapon so Vlad would spare his friends, but Vlad went back on his word and fired another blast, killing everyone except Rain. A terrified Rain encountered Zeno, who revealed himself as Akstar and led Rain out. Rain spent decades trying to thwart the emperor, but always failed. Dark Fina saved him from execution and took him back in time where they met Akstar and sealed him inside a crystal so Rain could disguise himself as Akstar and train Lasswell to strengthen his emotional resolve.

Both parties meet Vlad in battle, and with the help of Akstar and Dark Fina, reign victorious over the tyrannical ruler. Lasswell sees Akstar off, since changing the timeline means he and Dark Fina will disappear. Their celebration is cut short as Vlad appears before the party in a monstrous ogre-like form that towers over the mountains. The group escapes Grandore, but Vlad declares he will wipe out all of existence. Since the crystal on his forehead contains his soul, destroying it would defeat Vlad. Using the Invincible they land on Vlad's midriff and make their way up. The Sworn Six. minus Raegen, stay behind to fight duplicates of the Sworn Eight while the main group destroys Vlad's crystal. Nothing happens and they plummet into the deepest recesses of Vlad's mind, where three mini-versions of him set upon the party. The party prevails thanks to the crystals they picked up earlier, which summon visions of their friends to their side to aid them. They destroy the real crystal containing Vlad's soul, who has gone insane, and destroy him for good.

With the battle over, the party goes their separate ways. Sakura and Nichol help Rain assume the Aldore throne, while Milo helps Lasswell with Hess. The rest go on to live a quiet life in peace, Cid living with Yego and Mid, Sieghard forming a dancing troupe with Shamlin and Nagi, Ignacio learning to sculpt, Folka living in Olderion, Lid and Jake finally coming together, and Fina and Physalis staying in Lapis, the latter becoming a Knight of Grandshelt. Meanwhile, the real Akstar comes out of his crystal, commenting that it would be nice to meet Lasswell.


  1. this is only mentioned in the Japanese version