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The following is a list of materials found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Name Recipes Obtain
Fire Cryst
FFBE Fire Cryst.png
Equipment: Flametongue, Wizard's Staff, Fire Rod, Altair, Capella, Tiger Mask, Kenpogi, Fire Ring
Abilities: Fire, Barfire, Barfira, Bravery, Burst Shot, Fire Blade, ATK +10%, Bug Killer
Items: Bacchus's Wine, Bomb Fragment, Grenade
Collection Points: Earth Shrine, Grandshelt Catacombs, Fulan Pass, Zadehl Westersand, Lanzelt Ruins, Golzas Canyon, Shrine of Decay, Dwarves' Forge, Mobreeze Airship Factory, Wind Shrine, Lake Dorr, Water Shrine, Surging Volcano, Fire Shrine
A crystal formed when fire magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in volcanic areas. Fire crysts appear to burn from within, and effuse a palpable heat. They are common finds, yet cause a number of injuries each year due to their propensity to explode. They should always be handled with care.
Ice Cryst
FFBE Ice Cryst.png
A crystal formed when ice magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in snowbound lands. Ice crysts glitter like true ice and remain ever cold to the touch. They serve as an important source of income for some regions, where they are collected in winter. But the magic-rich areas where they can be found also attract many monsters, so gathering the crysts is dangerous work.
Lightning Cryst
FFBE Lightning Cryst.png
A crystal formed when lightning magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in areas prone to electrical storms, and touching one may leave your fingers tingling with shock. They glitter with a beautiful light and it was popular for a time to use them in jewelry, but the disturbingly high incidence of accidental electrocution resulted in them being banned for any use other than forging magicks or offensive items.
Water Cryst
FFBE Water Cryst.png
A crystal formed when water magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in forests and on the water's edge. It shines with an undulating light, like sunlight glistening on the water's surface, and when touched it clings gently to the skin. The crysts are known to vary in appearance based on the quality of the water where they form. In places of pure water, they take on a stunning clarity. But in muddied rivers and lakes, the water crysts form with a like cloudiness.
Earth Cryst
FFBE Earth Cryst.png
A crystal formed when earth magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in mountainous regions and around old ruins. Earth crysts sometimes contain the fossilized remains of animals, and have a shocking heft for their small size. With the power to leach toxic substances from the soil, they can halp rejuvenate even the most blighted fields, simply by being buried in the ground. This process, while seemingly miraculous, takes time: those expecting an overnight cure will be disappointed.
Wind Cryst
FFBE Wind Cryst.png
A crystal formed when wind magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in places where the wind seems in constant motion. If you lift one to your ear, you can hear the sound of rushing air. Wind crysts also seem able to boost lift, and flying monsters gobble them down with pleasure. There is interest, now, in whether they could be used in the construction of airships.
Light Cryst
FFBE Light Cryst.png
A crystal formed when light magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in places filled with holy power. Light crysts glitter with a brilliance that intensifies when they are left in a bright place—or clouds over, in darkness. Other kinds of crysts can easily affect light crysts, dark crysts having the worst influence of all. These two opposing elements will weaken each other, so it is important to store light crysts and dark crysts separately.
Dark Cryst
FFBE Dark Cryst.png
A crystal formed when dark magic is condensed for a very long period of time. It is often found in places filled with dark power. Peering at the unnatural black of a dark cryst will seem to draw you into its depths. Dark crysts still the mind, and tucking one beneath your pillow will supposedly bring deep, dreamless sleep. They do not mesh well with light crysts, though, and the two will weaken each other's effects.
Fire Megacryst
FFBE Fire Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when fire magic is condensed for a very long period of time. They are filled with a mysterious light, as though burning from within. Used in everything from smithing to synthesizing, they have the greatest utility when one wishes to draw on fire magicks. A number of monsters fear fire, making these large crystals a traveler's best friend.
Ice Megacryst
FFBE Ice Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when ice magic is condensed for a very long period of time. They resemble the heart of ice, clear as glass, and just as cold to the touch. And yet these crystals do not melt even when held. They can be turned to many purposes, including the creation of ice-elemental weapons, items, and magic. Some artists have even attempted to carve ice crysts into beautiful sculptures that would never melt, but succeeded onl in freezing themselves in place.
Lightning Megacryst
FFBE Lightning Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when lightning magic is condensed for a very long period of time. Lightning appears to flicker within these mysterious stones, and they emit electricity when struck. For this reason, they are used for engineering airships, as well as for producing lightning-based magicks. In recent years, demand for these crysts has increased in parallel with their exploitation for military purposes, and some areas where lightning crysts can be harvested are closely controlled by national interests.
Water Megacryst
FFBE Water Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when water magic is condensed for a very long period of time. When shaken, these mysterious stones emit an undulating light, like sunlight under water. They are widely used to create magic items, weapons, and armor—but they are also indispensable for compounding medical curatives, so even peaceful folk are familiar with many applications of these large crysts, and researchers work day and night to develop even more effective medicines withe these all-purpose xenoliths.
Earth Megacryst
FFBE Earth Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when earth magic is condensed for a very long period of time. They sometimes contain leaves and roots from trees bursting with life energy. Earth crysts are harder and far heavier than crystals formed from other elements, but work well together with them. The utility of these crystals is not limited to magicks; they are also used for forging weapons and synthesizing items. Moreover, they are known for their ability to energize land and can be tilled into barren fields to improve them.
Wind Megacryst
FFBE Wind Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when wind magic is condensed for a very long period of time. If you lift one to your ear, you will hear the roar of strong winds. Restless and ever moving, wind has long represented the spirit of curiosity, and is tied to the idea of travel. There is even a tradition of giving these crystals to travelers as a protective charm, with the with that any troubles they meet on their journey will be blown away on the breeze.
Light Megacryst
FFBE Light Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when light magic is condensed for a very long period of time. Crystals of this kind shine with a brilliant light. They are widely used in magic creation, smithing, and synthesizing. It is also thought that demons and the undead find light crysts abhorrent, so many carry them to ward away such terrible enemies. Whether they are used as talismans or ingredients, the effectiveness of these crystals seems to increase with size, just as the likelihood of finding one decreases.
Dark Megacryst
FFBE Dark Megacryst.png
A large crystal formed when dark magic is condensed for a very long period of time. They are widely used in magic creation, smithing, and synthesizing. Filled with a deep darkness, these crysts absorb light from their surroundings, so leaving one in your room will bring a gloomy mood upon you. Dark crysts grow best in darkness, so the highest quality stones are the hardest to find.
Life Orb
FFBE Life Orb.png
A mysterious orb formed from the life energy that all living creatures possess. it can be used to make items and magic that use life power, including white magic. Among synthesizing components, life orbs are relatively easy to obtain, but as they have so many and varied applications, there is no harm in keeping a good supply at hand. Some say they are dropped by creatures facing death, but the exact truth of how these orbs form is still not known.
Farplane Soul
FFBE Farplane Soul.png
A soul that is believed to have wandered into this world from another. It is no more than energy—long gone is any individual will or sense of self. These souls can be used as components in magic or item creation. No one knows exactly how they come to be in this world, but given how commonly they are found, it may be the Farplane is closer than most think.
Gaia's Tear
FFBE Gaia's Tear.png
When the remains of beasts and dead vegetation return to the earth, the power that once resided in them is absorbed by the ground, and solidifies into these objects. They are full of nutrients and are a key component in many magicks and armors. Their name comes from the fact that many are shaped like droplets.
Thickened Hide
FFBE Thickened Hide.png
A leathery hide obtained from beast-type monsters. These tough hides can be used to make armor and other equipment, but must be properly tanned after skinning, or they will spoil. This is why most armorers learn tanning as a fundamental of their craft. By this simple means, sturdy hides can gain a softness and durability that is easily worth the small amount of extra work.
Raptor Feather
FFBE Raptor Feather.png
A large and strong feather dropped by many bird-type monsters, including zu and rocs. It can be used as a component in many different items. Most often seen as the fletching on arrows, these beautiful feathers can also be used as quill pens and fashion accessories. They are also effective antitoxins and can be used together with water crysts to make antidotes.
Chromatic Ooze
FFBE Chromatic Ooze.png
This jelly-like material can be collected from aquatic monsters. The translucent substance is brightly colored, and can be made to seem quite appetizing, but many are disinclined to partake of it after learning that it is essentially a flan and fish monster frankenstein. But it is apparently a much coveted delicacy among the world's most discerning gourmands.
Demon Tail
FFBE Demon Tail.png
It is thought that these demon tails serve as a sensor for the monsters that possess them. They are seemingly able to sense changes in temperature, the presence of enemies, and even the negative emotions of humans. Perhaps due to this sensitivity, demons have an extreme antipathy to having their tails grabbed. It is even believed that a demon will become unable to control its magic if its tail is separated from its body.
Broken Blade
FFBE Broken Blade.png
A fragment of broken sword often found in sites of battles past. Such fragments are typically melted down by blacksmiths and reused, for two main reasons: to preserve resources, and to carry on the wishes of their former owners. Many soldiers have had new weapons forged from the remnants of their fallen friends' blades, in an effort to sustain the dreams cut short by death. From such a blade, gripped tightly in their hands, they draw the resolve to battle on.
Digital Circuit
FFBE Digital Circuit.png
A digital circuit of the type found in many machines. This is one of the easiest mechanical components to find. Mechanical devices took a leap forward with the invention of such circuits, yet the use of them remains a privilege of the military and, of course, the wealthy. The day when ordinary people have access to such technology, including the technology that drives airships, appears to be still far off.
Dragon Fang
FFBE Dragon Fang.png
The remains of dragons are so highly prized, and so efficiently uses as components, that it is said no dragon body has ever naturally decomposed. Their fangs are particularly popular and hold much of a dragon's magical power. They are so hard, though, that fashioning them for any purpose requires special methods. They also have come to symbolize a warrior's prowess, as defeating a dragon requires an unfailing strength and an unwavering spirit.
FFBE Glowseeds.png
Mysterious seeds formed from the residual magic left behind by departed spirits. When planted in the soil, these seeds immediately sprout and develop glittering blooms. But the very act of opening exhausts these precious ephemerons of the magic, and they will be withered by the first light of morning. If they are to be used as components in items or magicks, this must occur before the seeds sprout and the power is lost.
FFBE Spellsilk.png
A silk thread excreted by certain insects. It is both flexible and sturdy. In Lapis, this silk is woven into a material used for clothing. In times past, it was harvested directly from wild monsters, but nowadays it seems that some have begun farming the insects in order to harvest this silk. Clothing fashioned from it will last a very long time, the one and only drawback being how very flammable it is.
Quality Stone
FFBE Quality Stone.png
A shiny stone that can easily be worked, and is used for many purposes—everything from construction to sculpture. Specimens dropped by stone-based monsters boast the finest quality, and are often used for carving statuary. But unsettling phenomena, such as stones bleeding or crying out when cut, have made it normal practice to now thoroughly purify the stones before working them.
Gummy Oil
FFBE Gummy Oil.png
An oil that can be gathered from plants and which has long been used as a convenient source of fuel. This thick oil is not of particularly high quality, but is so easily obtained that it has become an indispensable component. It gives off a distinctive and unpleasant smell when burnt, which may cause queasiness in areas with poor ventilation. Be sure to open a window when you light a pot of it.
Green Fluid
FFBE Green Fluid.png
A viscous green fluid said to be left behind by spirits of the deceased. It reeks of putrefaction and is widely abhorred. Yet it has its uses, secret and fiendish though they be: it has long been a key catalyst for curses, and its potency corresponds with the weight of negative emotion the spirit bore into death. Its uncanny origins and storied tradition of use have seen it remain in use as a component for various magicks and items. It is easy enough to obtain, but carrying it back home may require nerves of steel.
Otherworldly Bone
FFBE Otherworldly Bone.png
A bone from the powerful frame of a great beast. These bones are extremely strong and have long been used as tools. As smithing and synthesizing processes developed, these bones also naturally came to be used as components in those arts. Most often they are used as-is for constructing armor and weapons, but they can also be crushed and powdered to be used in medicines.
Abominable Wing
FFBE Abominable Wing.png
One of the wings that mean life and death to a flying monster. It is hard to obtain entire wings and not mere feathers, but should you succeed in getting one, it can be put to many uses. Bedding made from the down of these wings is light and has excellent heat retention. It is greatly coveted, and—given the huge number of wings needed to create even one duvet—also very expensive.
Tough Scale
FFBE Tough Scale.png
A scale sported by certain species of fish and as strong as any armor. It is thought that fish evolved these scales as they were advantageous in the life-or-death struggle of nature. In general, the strongest fish have the toughest scales, but that does not mean they are entirely free of predation: these scales are sometimes found within the stomachs of other beasts.
Cursed Tusk
FFBE Cursed Tusk.png
There is a folk belief that you will lose your mind if you are bitten by a demon. It was long thought to be mere superstition, but it appears that demons do, in fact, carry a toxin in their bodies that can cause confusion and paranoia. The discovery of this fact has provoked even greater hatred of demons than ever before, but has also, oddly enough, increased demand for demon teeth, to be used as components.
Wizard Stone
FFBE Wizard Stone.png
A crystal formed from the magic within a human's body. All people carry a certain amount of magic within them from the time they are born, which is why these stones can emerge not only from wizards and the like, but also from people who are not, in the regular sense, magic users. Some theorize that if we could discover the process by which they arise, these magic stones might serve as a new source of energy.
Polymer Emulsion
FFBE Polymer Emulsion.png
Machine-based monsters may occasionally drop this rare emulsion; a substance used in their armor and plating. Its unique chemical properties make it both sturdy and surprisingly easy to work with. It is easy to repurpose into new items, and was first discovered when investigating machinery found in old ruins. There are still many questions to be answered about its origins.
Dragon Scale
FFBE Dragon Scale Material.png
Dragons are known for their incredibly long lifespans when compared to humans. Many aspects of dragon life are still not well understood, but one behavior that has been observed is the creature's molting routine. As their bodies grow, dragons slough off their skin, scales and all. The residuum of this process is an extraordinary amount of skin and—of greater interest to the adventurer—huge piles of hardy dragon scales. It would surely vex any dragon to learn the value of its discarded leavings: anyone who happens upon them shall never want for gold.
Elemental Tear
FFBE Elemental Tear.png
A droplet-shaped stone, dropped by spirits on rare occasions. It has a rainbow sheen when struck with light. Many elemental spirits take on a mysterious crystalline form, but lack anything resembling a face. Indeed, it is unclear if their bodies even contain fluid. And yet the image of an elemental spirit shedding tears is so beautiful that the name has never been abandoned.
Rockbeetle Husk
FFBE Rockbeetle Husk.png
Rockbeetles live on a diet reliant on the metals found in soil, and the more they eat, the harder their exoskeletons become. Large and undamaged specimens of such are sometimes diplayed as objets d'art, but rockbeetle husks can also be used in place of regular metals for many purposes. These shells may not seem all that different from their less-brilliant cousins at first, but striking one with an ungloved fist will shatter both your misconceptions and every bone in your hand.
Sparkling Stone
FFBE Sparkling Stone.png
A sparkling stone that monsters may drop on rare occasions. Their size and coloration will depend on the monster they come from and the region, but some can rival even the finest gemstones in their beauty. They fetch a high price and can be used in jewelry, but there are many who object to wearing jewels that come from monsters. Think twice before giving a gift containing one of these brilliant stones.
FFBE Screamroot.png
A root from a mandragora plant. It is usually dried and used as an ingredient in medicines. Mandragoras shriek when they are pulled from the earth or feel that they are in danger. Their cries are piercingly loud and can even stun the person who uproots one. To avoid this hazard, alternative methods of gathering the obnoxious little screamers have been developed, including training unsuspecting animals to dig them up instead.
Corpse Fly
FFBE Corpse Fly.png
These flies appear from seemingly nowhere to swarm the dead. Since they feast on rotting flesh, they have become a symbol of impurity—yet this same natural habit helps to return the remains of monsters, and sundry unfortunates, to the earth. Many people believe that death leads to a second life, so there are recipes which use these flies—and the power contained in their bodies—as components.
Copper Ore
FFBE Copper Ore.png
The raw ore needed for making copper items. Being both easy to find and easy to craft, it is widely used. Many armies use it to make bronze armor for lower-ranked soldiers to wear during training. Such armor is relatively lacking in both offensive strength and durability, but on the other hand, can be easily replaced when bent or broken. Its great popularity means there is a constant demand for copper or.
Iron Ore
FFBE Iron Ore.png
The raw ore needed for making iron items. It is a key ingedient in many kinds of armor and weapon. Iron tools are lighter and easier to handle than those made of copper, but the metal's lackluster appearance earns it little love, despite how useful it may be. In their hearts, all warriors secretly long for the beauty and strength of mythril. But iron can be used for more than just equipment: it is also used as a component in synthesizing.
Silver Ore
FFBE Silver Ore.png
The raw ore needed for making silver items. The silver that can be extracted from this ore has a brilliant shine and is prized by makers of armor and accessories. However, silver is in fact a very soft metal, and easily damaged. It also blackens quickly if not polished frequently. Though not the easiest metal to maintain, many seem to enjoy the upkeep it requires, and even the changes in color it suffers over time.
Mythril Ore
FFBE Mythril Ore.png
The raw ore needed for making mythril weapons and armor. The legendary metal that can be extracted from this ore is lighter and more malleable than both iron and silver, yet also far harder when forged. Young warriors consider it a mark of status to don mythril armor, but it is so hard to obtain the necessary ore that most will never have the chance to do so.
FFBE Lumber.png
Lumber cut from the trunks of old trees. It can be used to make weapons and equipment, as well as in its usual capacity as a building material. The wands of wizards, too, are often made from such wood, and the success of their magic will be greatly affected by the wood's quality. Wands made from strong timber of an old, straight tree will perform just as their masters expect, but it may take a wizard some time to adapt to the eccentricities of a wand from a gnarled and twisted tree.
FFBE Alcryst.png
A crystal without any records contained within it. These crystals are smaller than the crystals in which Visions are bound, but they are abolutely necessary for creating ability crystals. It is common practice to record knowledge, or a skill, in one of these crystals and carry it on one's person. They are in constand demand and sold in most towns. They are also one of the many blessings of the Crystal.
Fine Alcryst
FFBE Fine Alcryst.png
A mysterious stone that can produce even more powerful ability crystals than regular alcrysts. No one knows how they are formed or where their light comes from. The relative difficulty of finding these superior specimens means that the number of people who can use the most powerful abilities through them is likewise limited, which some think is for the best.
Hard Pebble
FFBE Hard Pebble.png
The product of many small stones bound together over many years. Held together by the power of earth magic, these stones cannot be easily broken apart, so much so that trying to break one apart with a chisel would actually damage the chisel instead. Because of this, they are not well-suited to being used in masonry, and are instead used in making items and abilities that can make use of the earth magic they contain.
Pure Stone
FFBE Pure Stone.png
A beautiful, faintly shiny stone. Infused with life energy, they are often used in making items and abilities. Though they are often found after defeating a monster, it is hard to think that they produce them themselves, and is instead believed that these monsters, charmed by the stone's life energy, simply enjoy carrying them around.
Bugross Ore
FFBE Bugross Ore.png
"What a fine prediction! We set out to investigate the unexplored Burgross seaside, famous for reported monster sightnings. Despite that, we did our best and came away with the ore we were looking for! All in all, a perfect sucess!" - Excerpt from the vaults
Ulric Iron
FFBE Ulric Iron.png
"There's a rumor afoot, you know..." the tavern master said, speaking of a strange lighthouse. Having been set up to guide ships through an area full of shallow reefs, this lighthouse was destroyed in the last war and left in ruins. These stones can be found in the ruins, though it is said an even greater treasure rests deeper within.
Core Dust
FFBE Core Dust.png
A pile of dust form a place where it's said that no light shines. Where it is found, it is said that one wouldn't be able to see even a step in front of themselves. Some records say that if one produces the stone bestowed with life that all would be clear as day, but there are none who understand what this means. Some pass it off as mere garbage, but some of the items harvested in this are have strange powers and are often used in making weapons.
Abyss Pearl
FFBE Abyss Pearl.png
A gem found in the darkness of the abyss. It goes without saying that finding a pearl in a place where you can't even see your hands in front of your face is going to be difficult. However, if you find one of these and bring it up into the light, it sparkles brilliantly in the sunlight. The flame-eater uses these pearls in its construction, but thanks to their rarity, and the inability of any items in its recipe to be replaced, it is extremely rare and hard to produce.
Panther Fang
FFBE Panther Fang.png
A claw from a beast called the red panther. They have very powerful legs, and are able to jump incredible distances in a single bound. They sometimes approach human settlements where they are feared as cunning yet fearsome beasts, capable of tearing with their sharp claws, or even unleashing powerful kicks with their back legs. Their saliva is also harmful, and anyone bitten by one is sure to become poisoned.
Demon Wing
FFBE Demon Wing.png
A material believed to come from a demon's wing. They are said to contain a portion of the power of a demon said to have been around since ancient times. Though seemingly harnessing unfathomable power, it is though that likely no one could have ever had the power to defeat such an ancient, all-powerful demon, and is instead rumored that these wings were taken from a different monster instead.
Ancient Stone
FFBE Ancient Stone.png
A stone said to be found in an ancient shrine. It gives off a soft glow, and is used in making certain equipment. Buried deep underground, they require great determination in being discovered. Stones like this are often found in totally unimaginable places. It is best sometimes just to sometimes stop, and carefully check around oneself to see what can't be found.
FFBE Uraninite.png
A material that, spoken of in texts from the farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. What appears to be a simple stone that gives of a pale blue light is in fact a source of unimaginable power, used to power machines in the Farplane, as well as modifying equipment. Due to the enormous power these possess, they are thought to be able to produce powerful weapons.
Iridium Plug
FFBE Iridium Plug.png
A plug that, spoken of in texts from the Farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. With all the various parts available in Lapis, there are none which look like it. According to texts, this was mainly used in the moving parts of machines, and therefore wasn't exactly rare. However, it is also said to be used in some special equipment.
Paraffin Oil
FFBE Paraffin Oil.png
An oil that, spoken of in texts from the Farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. This oil was apparently made for machinery and was likely used to decrease friction and heat production between contacting surfaces. The quality of it is beyond anything produced in Lapis, which only speaks of the manufacturing skills of those in the Farplane.
Crystal Oscillator
FFBE Crystal Oscillator.png
A gem that, spoken of in texts from the Farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. This small, mysterious blue gem appears to have been manufactured with a fairly high level of precision. It would be difficult to explain how it could be made with the knowledge currently available in Lapis, and for the scientists in the Farplane to have been able to accomplish something like this only goes to show how far advanced their standards are beyond those of Lapis.
FFBE Perovskite.png
A material that, spoken of in texts from the Farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. Due to its solid, crystal-like construction, it is thought to have been produced in a high-pressure environment. Though a grey color, it shines brightly when touched by the sun, and it appears to have been frequently used in enhancing equipment in the Farplane.
Entrancing Tail
FFBE Entrancing Tail.png
An animal's tail that, spoken of in texts from the Farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. This sharp pointed tail was said to belong to a sacred beast with the head of a demon, and wings resembling old rags. Why such a horrible sounding monster could have been owner of something like the "entrancing tail" is shrouded in mystery.
Menacing Wings
FFBE Menacing Wings.png
An animal's wing that, spoken of in texts from the Farplane, shouldn't exist in this world. It is said that these wings are not only light, but tough as iron as well. Though useful as materials, they are incredibly hard to obtain as the monster who carries them is incredibly aggressive. On top of that, defeating one without damaging its wings is even more troublesome.
Gold Ore
FFBE Gold Ore.png
Koltz Star
FFBE Koltz Star.png
Hope Diamond
FFBE Hope Diamond.png
Flaming Blood
FFBE Flaming Blood.png
Desert Mineral
FFBE Desert Mineral.png
Old Jungle Tree
FFBE Old Jungle Tree.png
Miraculous Thread
FFBE Miraculous Thread.png
Hide of the Guardian
FFBE Hide of the Guardian.png
Seed of Illusions
FFBE Seed of Illusions.png
Ancient Writings
FFBE Ancient Writings.png
High-grade Armor Oil
FFBE High-grade Armor Oil.png
Mysterious Drop
FFBE Mysterious Drop.png
Alter Blade
FFBE Alter Blade.png
Dream Blossom
FFBE Dream Blossom.png
Quality Gold Dust
FFBE Quality Gold Dust.png
Massive Stone
FFBE Massive Stone.png
A masive stone said to rain from the skies in unholy lands. Legend has it that they were used to punish the wicked, which causes some who come across them to question tehir own deeds.
Demon Heart
FFBE Demon Heart.png
Though often said to be heartless, demons actually possess incredibly powerful hearts. Necessary to keep their demonic blood flowing, these crimson powerhouses grant whoever obtains one a frightening degree of power.
Fine Flour
FFBE Fine Flour.png
If you ever meet a baker in Grandshelt or Grandport, chances are you'll see him or her covered head to toe in white powder. Such is the abundant, messy, and pure nature of flour. Much like artists need paint to create art, bakers and breadmakers need flour to craft the most delectable kinds of pastries, pies, and breads, all for the sake of sharing the joy of food to all across Lapis.
Lotus Seed Paste
FFBE Lotus Seed Paste.png
Faraway tribes who have mastered martial arts are also know for using odd materials as culinary ingredients. Such is the case of the lotus seed paste. Farmers from these tribes would mash down the seeds, then use the resulting paste as an ingredient for their cakes, the most famous of which being the mogcake. No other ingredient can produce the specific kind of sweetness that lotus seed paste offers.
Brown Egg
FFBE Brown Egg.png
Chefs commonly use these as staple ingredients in breakfasts, as well as a base agent for pastries like the mogcake. The methods of preparing and cooking eggs are way too numerous to mention, but any cook worth his or her salt must know, and perfect, at least three methods as a rite of passage to be taken seriously in the kitchen. Incidentally, a recent Granshelt survey said that the common townsfolk prefers their eggs sunny side up, while those of royalty prefer them soft-boiled.
Coarse Rock Sugar
FFBE Coarse Rock Sugar.png
A commodity that is arguably more valuable than gold or diamonds, depending on who you are asking. Bags and crates of this stuff are common sights in the ports of Grandshelt, as it is commonly used in daily life, be it for cooking up sweet dishes or as an additive for coffee or tea. Rock sugar can also be used to make an already sweet pastry even sweeter. It can make stellar creations like the mogcake all the more divine.
Cavern Ore
FFBE Cavern Ore.png
The rare stone can only be found on the ground in certain caverns. Though it may seem like an ordinary stone, a trained eye can tell this is anything but.
Stainless Steel
FFBE Stainless Steel.png
A common alloy used in manufacturing in Lapis, Stainless Steel is used in everything from eating utensils to fine sturdy weapons. Because of its high tensile strength and low production cost, there is no shortage of men willing to run the mills that produce this metal in keeping up with industry and commercial demand. Industrialists and pioneers are only limited by their imagination when working with this material.
Blood Alcryst
FFBE Blood Alcryst.png
A common alcryst soaked in the blood of the fallen foot soldiers in a great war. These stones were then found by a shepherd, who soon discovered the dark magical properties they held. He then sold it off and was never heard again....
Blood Stone
FFBE Blood Stone.png
A stone taken from a colosseum that for decades hosted epic battles. Many great warriors, beasts and heroes have fallen in that colosseum, and its sands and stones has been soaked in the blood of those fallen.
Red Egg
FFBE Red Egg.png
Blue Egg
FFBE Blue Egg.png
Rainbow Egg
FFBE Rainbow Egg.png
Crystal Egg of Power
FFBE Crystal Egg of Power.png
Crystal Egg of Mind
FFBE Crystal Egg of Mind.png


Name Usage Obtain
Beast Meat
FFBE Beast Meat.png
Meat from one of the wild beasts that hunt for prey with nothing but claws and teeth. The flesh of these beasts is not tender, but rather, sinewy and tough. But folklore tells that to consume such meat is to gain those very same characteristics, so many warriors do so in the pursuit of greater strength. To obtain the meat, though, they must battle and defeat fearsome beasts—which in itself must surely toughen the body. Yet who shall question the reasoning of warriors?
Pearl of Wisom
FFBE Pearl of Wisdom.png
A mysterious pearl said to grant knowledge to its owner. Many mages seek these pearls, as they allow them to obtain experience and knowledge of new magicks more quickly than traditional methods, such as the conscentious study of ancient tomes. However, a single pearl cannot hold terribly much knowledge. Simply collecting a handful of novelty baubles will not catapult you ahead on the path to magical excellence; that path is long, and paved with the stones of diligence and hard work.
Allure Powder
FFBE Allure Powder.png
A sandy powder that glitters with a mysterious light. This powder is said to draw forth its holders' allure. It can be used to charm enemies due to this ability, but if not used correctly, the effects can rebound upon the user and leave him or her in a state of confusion. It can also be used in fortune telling: cast some into a fire and the flames will change color, based on what lies in the supplicant's heart.
FFBE Litrock.png
A hardy stone that protects its bearer. Curiously, its structural integrity seems to depend on the resolve of its owner. If the bearer of one of these stones has a strong desire to protect someone, the stone will be so hard as to be almost unbreakable. But if the same stone is passed to an owner with no such wish, it can easily be smashed to dust. For this reason, it seems likely that these stones are often mistaken for ordinary rocks by the most people who come across them.
Seed of Life
FFBE Seed of Life.png
A seed from a tree bursting with strong life energy. When planted, these seeds sprout into saplings in mere days. They are said to awaken latent abilities in those who hold them, with an especially grand effect on warriors. This is why they have long been sought by warriors who wish to sweep past their every enemy like an unstoppable wave. The ability of these seeds to vitalize the physical body allows such soldiers to fully tap their greatest asset.
Crimson Tear
FFBE Crimson Tear.png
A liquid as red as blood, and which wells up suddenly from the ground, an eerie fact that gave rise to tales that it is the tears of a god lamenting the foolishness of humankind. But in these more rational, scientific times, it is generally accepted that this liquid is simply groundwater that has absorbed magical power from the earth. It emboldens the spirit, giving one the strength to fight on, thus making it quite widely sought.
Mystic Ore
FFBE Mystic Ore.png
A mysterious ore that can increase a mage's powers. Unlike regular magicite, which forms when magic itself becomes solid, mage ore is formed when a naturally occuring ore in the ground absorbs magic from its suroundings. It is often unearthed near mines. Being an ore, it is unrefined and comes in many different sizes, and has very little shine. But not only will it warm the hand of any practitioner of magic who takes hold of it, it even changes shape to better fit the curve of his or her palm.
Aqua Pearl
FFBE Aqua Pearl.png
A blue pearl said to protect the kind-hearted. These pearls will amplify the abilities of those who support or heal their allies using magic. They are often used in sacred rituals at shrines, and acquire their distinctive coloring by being submerged in the purest water and prayed over. An aqua pearl alone will not heal a person's injuries, but they certainly do seem to hold some holy power.
Luminous Horn
FFBE Luminous Horn.png
A glowing horn said to protect those who fight with magic blades. Its light is thought to be a vestige of the magical power that wild beasts absorb into their horns, to enhance their facility as weapons in battle. The greater this residual power, the brighter the glow. Some are now investigating whether such horns could be used to seal magic away.
Quality Parts
FFBE Quality Parts.png
Extremely high-quality parts that can be used in the building of machinery. While moder technology is quite elaborate, as demonstrated by Dilmagia's glorious airships, it is still very difficult to make components as sophisticated as this. This has led to some rather convincing theories that such parts have come to our world from some other one, or are relics of a highly advanced civilization now lost to time.
Rainbow Needle
FFBE Rainbow Needle.png
A needle that shines with every color of the rainbow. These needles make any who hold them appear more attractive to others, and are a popular talimsman among those who work in the arts. Clothing sewn with rainbow needles is so beautiful that you cannot tear your eyes away from it. In times past, the needles were used to make haute couture for noblewomen, but now that we know of the magic held within rainbow needles, it has become forbidden to use them in sartorial arts.
Golden Egg
FFBE Golden Egg.png
A golden egg that can be found in a bird's nest once in a blue moon. These eggs are fantastically nutritious, and are even said to make you more clever if you eat them. No one knows what causes birds to suddenly lay a golden egg, though many researchers have tried in vain to observe the phenomenon. The most resolute naturalist may abandon his watch for the merest moment, only to perceive, immediately upon his return, the unmistakable golden gleam of a fully deposited egg, resting beneath its mothe in as smug a way as an egg can manage. These eggs never hatch into chicks nor do they ever spoil.
Book of Ruin
FFBE Book of Ruin.png
An ancient tome passed down among the faithful of a certain dark god. It tells of the war of the gods, as well as how the world began and how it will end. The entire book is filled with perplexing messages that appear to be some sort of code, and have been interpreted in many and various ways by scholars. It is thought that if you ever did understand everything written in this book, you would lose your mind. It is also sometimes used as a magic tool.
Earth's Core
FFBE Earth's Core.png
A crystal fromed when the life energy of the earth is condensed into a physical form. These gems represent fertility, and the lands in which they are found are generally very productive. They can also revitalize barren fields to some extent if they are added to the soil. But these effects are only temporary, so farmers hoping to truly rejuvenate their lands still have little choice but to work assiuously to that end.
Heaven's Ash
FFBE Heaven's Ash.png
The ash that is left when branches of spiritwood trees, which stretch upward into the heavens, are burnt. It is notable for its pure white color, unlike that of normal ash. It is filled with holy power and is said to provide protection for those holding out hopes and prayers, and dreaming dreams yet to come true. In some regions, this dust will be scattered in places considered unclean, and rubbed into the cheeks of newborns to protect them from disease.
Deepsea Bloom
FFBE Deepsea Bloom.png
A beautiful and mysterious flower said to bloom on the ocean floor. These flowers expel a hallucinogenic foam and are said to lead astray the sailors whose ships pass over them. Those who experience the hallucinations see many different things, but, be they visions of loved ones or distant homelands, they all recall a keen longing for the past. These blooms will not easily wilt as long as they are kept in water, but once brought onto land, they quickly wither and die.
Scripture of Time
FFBE Scripture of Time.png
A scripture that speaks of time, and that is said to have been written to recount to later generations the deeds of the gods whose knowledge goes far beyond human intelligence. According to the scripture, these gods were able to freely manipulate both time and space, and had the ability to seal love, longing, hatred and despair, and other strong emotions, in crystals. Indeed, the scriptures may have been passed down to explain the power which still resides in the crystals we continue to worship.
Farplane Dew
FFBE Farplane Dew.png
When rain or dew drips from a crystal, it forms these power-filled droplets, which are said to give protection to warriors who borrow their strength from other worlds. Espers and other visitors from the Farplane will feel their hopes and wishes strengthened by these stones. Supposedly, when collected in a scrying bowl, the clear liquid within these drops allows one to glimpse distant lands and foreign worlds.
FFBE Spiritsand.png
A mysterious powder left behind when spirits pass by. If cast into a fire, the flames will burn a brilliant white and reveal both your fears and your future. The sand glows faintly in darkness and so can be sued as a light source, or to mark one's path when traversing dark caves. However, it is so valuable and difficult to obtain that almost no one uses it so imprudently.
God's Reliquary
FFBE God's Reliquary.png
A mysterious object thought to have been left behind by a god of light. These relics come in many forms, including jars, knives, and even perfectly spherical globes, but none are fully understood. Our current knowledge provides no clue as to how to use them, or even how they were made. Opinions differ on whether their origins are truly divine, but no one disputes the fact that they could not be made using any currently existing technology.
Dragon Heart
FFBE Dragon Heart.png
Dragons have long been worshipped as beings akin to gods, due to their long lives, great knowledge, and overwhelming physical strength. The bodies of the largest specimens hodl mysterious powers, and it is speculated that those who consume a dragon's heart will gain great strength and wisdom. Many adventurers, in pursuit of this boon, have challenged dragons and, as a rule, been pulverized by them—ironically demonstrating how badly they needed the very wisdom and strength they were seeking.
Esper's Tear
FFBE Esper's Tear.png
The crystallized tear of an esper. This clear, droplet-shaped stone possesses great power. One would expect no less, since the creature is magic itself given form. These tears are believed to increase the casting power of a magic user many times over. There are tales of espers willingly giving their tears to worthy humans as a symbol of their trust.
Talmonite of Life
FFBE Talmonite of Life.png
A substance said to contain the very ingedients of life. It can strengthen one's abilities and even deepen one's understanding of existence. There are historical cases of people attempting the forbidden, including the creation of artificial life and the reanimation of the dead, using talmonite. Although these dark experiments ended in failure, such endeavours are now expressly forbidden, and talmonite is a carefully monitored component.
Esper Shard
FFBE Esper Shard.png
A curious crystal said to awaken latent abilities. These small shards contain little power and have no function in isolation, but their power can be tapped in the right circumstances. They do not act upon your physical or magical skill directly, but rather help to clear away your doubts and anxieties, allowing you to view the world with a broader perspective.
Esper Cryst
FFBE Esper Cryst.png
A curious crystal said to awaken latent abilities. It serves little purpose on its own, but those possessing certain abilities or items may be able to access its power. This apparent show of whimsy over whom they will help makes some wonder if some sort of intelligence might reside within these objects, but no reliable evidence has been found to support this idea so far.
Sacred Crystal
FFBE Sacred Crystal.png
When an esper crystal, said to be able to awaken a person's latent abilities, grows particularly large and heavy, the result is one of these holy crystals. They are extremely rare to come across and will not react to an unremarkable human, making your chances of being able to use one (even if you can find one) extremely low. Still, they are said to bestow great power upon those deemed worthy.
Holy Crystal
FFBE Holy Crystal.png
When an esper crystal, said to be able to awaken a person's latent abilities, grows into its largest form, the result is one of these godly crystals. They are extremely rare to come across and, as with holy crystals, will not react to an unremarkable human. It is said that they call out to those whom they find worthy, and indeed, some who have discovered one of these crystals describe having felt led to it by an unknown power.
Divine Crystal
FFBE Divine Crystal.png
A crystal said to awaken dormant powers in anyone who holds it. This perfectly clear stone gives off its own sparkling light. This light is said to strengthen those who have the will to overcome their own limits however, it is said to weaken those who lack such direction. Due to this characteristic, it is often compared to a mirror, showing the true nature of one's character.
Fairies' Writ
FFBE Fairies' Writ.png
A secret message inscribed by the king of fairies. Thera are still various parts that are unreadable, thanks to it being written in fairy letters. It has also been stamped with a special seal by th eking of the fairies so that anyone unqualified should try and read it, the letters would dance about the page, making it even more difficult to decipher. Everything in it, including what it's about and even who it's to, remains a mystery.
Rainbow Bloom
FFBE Rainbow Bloom.png
A beautiful flower with a rainbow sparkle, not thought to be of this world. Though legends say they once flourished in the paradises of ancient times, they have still been found in recent years. However, they are nowhere near as prevalent as they were said to have been then, and since they die soon after being replanted, they have become somewhat more myth than reality as of late.
Calamity Gem
FFBE Calamity Gem.png
A gem infused with the power of great calamity. These are mainly used by extracting the enormous power held within them which was sealed away by a powerful magic spell. The string that wraps around the gem itself is so sturdy that neither sword nor fire can even damage it. However, since the calamitous power held within the gem is known to take control of the heart of those who come near it, it is said that only those firm of spirit can even hold one.
Prismatic Horn
FFBE Prismatic Horn.png
A sparkling prismatic horn. These are unsuited for manufacturing as they are incredibly hard. Also, once they've given off all their magic power, they are reduced to dust. Though they were long thought to be from a divine beast, since they've never been witnessed attached to any sort of beast, many now believe they were actually horn-shaped magical spirits. However, there are still many who claim them to be from divine beasts.
Calamity Writ
FFBE Calamity Writ.png
A writ of prophecy left by the ancients. The incredibly high level of civilization achieved by the ancients is apparent everywhere you look, from the ruins that can be seen all around, to the machines they left behind. Some believe there could be clues to why the ancients suddenly vanished in a prophecy thry left regarding their eventual demise which is still being studied to this day.
Hard Rock
FFBE Hard Rock.png
A stone believed to grant firm protection to anyone who holds it. There was once an are famous for its production, used in making walls and so forth for important castles. However, the amont produced has began to dwindle as years pass thanks to its wide scale use in construction. Lately, monsters have been spotted carrying them, making defeating one a great chance for someone to get their hands on one of these stones.
Fury Seed
FFBE Fury Seed.png
An item that is so red it almost looks like it's on fire. Despite it being called a seed, it is much larger than most other normal seeds, and even if you plant it in the ground, it will not sprout. It is said to ease confusion or fear for whoever holds it, but this effect is said to also cause some to fight a bit too recklessly. That being said, it is best kept in the hands of those who have self-control.
Wicked Drop
FFBE Wicked Drop.png
A liquid consisting of liquified magical power. It is very difficult to use, as it loses its power when used in making equipment and items. Those who have held it say it varies in temperature depending on how much magic power it contains, with high concentrations almost burning like fire to the touch. It is also apparently used in enhancing magical powers.
Brilliant Ray
FFBE Brilliant Ray.png
A strange, dimly green shining shard. Often found in places like schools, libraries and research facilities where knowledge is often stored, it is said that these shards may have th ability to draw power from the spirit of inquiry that exists in these places. Originally clear and colorless, they gain a deeper and deeper hue the more powerful they get. It is said that for anyone who is hungry for wisdom, it is only natural for them to search these shards out.
Lucky Seedling
FFBE Lucky Seedling.png
A sparkling gold seedling. Said to be a good luck charm, it is believed that carrying this around helps to ward off bad luck. They sprout only a few days after being planted, and after a while longer they produce a flower. What's strange about them is that the shape and color of the flower they produce changes depending on who planted them. Why this happens isn't fully understood, but it might be in response to the potential of the planter.
Bizarre Box
FFBE Bizarre Box.png
A box of which something different comes out every time it is opened. Found all around the world, even though it appears to be a manufactured item, no one can tell what it is or what it is supposed to be used for. Some believe that when it is opened, it activates some sort of magic spell connecting it to anohter place. This place may produce a vault of gold, but it might also produce a monster.
Hermit's Teachings
FFBE Hermit's Teachings.png
Star Mote
FFBE Star Mote.png
Swordsmanship Notes
FFBE Swordsmanship Notes.png
FFBE Perfume.png
A bottle filled with refreshing aroma. It is a mixture of different natural fragrance oils that can be usually found in flowers and plant materials.
FFBE Lipstick.png
Rosy lipstick to brighten up one's day. Frequently used by most young women, this is a common make up product which can be found in town. Aside for coloring ones lips, it also helps to keep the surfaces of the lips moisturized.
Nail Polish
FFBE Nail Polish.png
A fine bottle of nail paint. This bottle of nail polish is filled with expensive dyes made from natural materials.
Face Powder
FFBE Face Powder.png
Foundation to be applied on the face. Often mistaken for normal powder in the past, it is now stored in a nice and compact container which also provides a much niftier look.
Hair Spray
FFBE Hair Spray.png
An essential product to maintain the perfect hairstyle. Long forgotten invention by an unnamed chimst who wanted to create a mixture for his daughter to staighten her hair, has resurfaced into this realm again in a modern package.

Ability awakening[]

Name Usage Obtain
White Alcryst
FFBE White Alcryst.png
White Milcryst
FFBE White Milcryst.png
White Heavicryst
FFBE White Heavicryst.png
White Giancryst
FFBE White Giancryst.png
White Purecryst
FFBE White Purecryst.png
Black Alcryst
FFBE Black Alcryst.png
Black Milcryst
FFBE Black Milcryst.png
Black Heavicryst
FFBE Black Heavicryst.png
Black Giancryst
FFBE Black Giancryst.png
Black Purecryst
FFBE Black Purecryst.png
Green Alcryst
FFBE Green Alcryst.png
Green Milcryst
FFBE Green Milcryst.png
Green Heavicryst
FFBE Green Heavicryst.png
Green Giancryst
FFBE Green Giancryst.png
Green Purecryst
FFBE Green Purecryst.png
Power Alcryst
FFBE Power Alcryst.png
Power Milcryst
FFBE Power Milcryst.png
Power Heavicryst
FFBE Power Heavicryst.png
Power Giancryst
FFBE Power Giancryst.png
Power Purecryst
FFBE Power Purecryst.png
Guard Alcryst
FFBE Guard Alcryst.png
Guard Milcryst
FFBE Guard Milcryst.png
Guard Heavicryst
FFBE Guard Heavicryst.png
Guard Giancryst
FFBE Guard Giancryst.png
Guard Purecryst
FFBE Guard Purecryst.png
Healing Alcryst
FFBE Healing Alcryst.png
Healing Milcryst
FFBE Healing Milcryst.png
Healing Heavicryst
FFBE Healing Heavicryst.png
Healing Giancryst
FFBE Healing Giancryst.png
Healing Purecryst
FFBE Healing Purecryst.png
Support Alcryst
FFBE Support Alcryst.png
Support Milcryst
FFBE Support Milcryst.png
Support Heavicryst
FFBE Support Heavicryst.png
Support Giancryst
FFBE Support Giancryst.png
Support Purecryst
FFBE Support Purecryst.png
Tech Alcryst
FFBE Tech Alcryst.png
Tech Milcryst
FFBE Tech Milcryst.png
Tech Heavicryst
FFBE Tech Heavicryst.png
Tech Giancryst
FFBE Tech Giancryst.png
Tech Purecryst
FFBE Tech Purecryst.png

Other materials[]

Name Usage Obtain
Standard Mogcake Box
FFBE Standard Mogcake Box.png
A finely crafted box made by the moogles for gifting of mogcakes to friends and family. This box can hold 45 mogcakes and will help preserve their freshness. The bright red of the box represents good fortune for the receiver of these gifts.
Rare Mogcake Box
FFBE Rare Mogcake Box.png
A large finely crafted box made by the moogles for gifting of mogcakes to friends and family. This box can hold 540 mogcakes and will help preserve their freshness as well as keep them hot and toasty. The bright red and gold of the box represent luck and good fortune for the receiver of these gifts.
Premium Mogcake Box
FFBE Premium Mogcake Box.png
A huge finely crafted box made by the moogles for gifting of mogcakes to friends and family. The cherry wood box helps enhance the flavours of the mogcakes and keeps them smelling like they're fresh out of the oven. This box can hold 1,440 mogcakes. The brown and gold of the box represent longevity and good fortune for the receiver of such gifts.