The following is a list of locations in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. All locations are from the worlds of Lapis and Paladia, or the Farplane.

Unlike other games in the series, these locations are fixed contact points with one or more dungeons to be fought by the player, and correspond to both places and events (e.g. a storm, or entering an airship) for story purposes.

World of Lapis locations[edit | edit source]

Grandshelt[edit | edit source]

Dirnado[edit | edit source]

Olderion[edit | edit source]

Zoldaad[edit | edit source]

Mysidia[edit | edit source]

Dark Continent Gronoa[edit | edit source]

Pharm[edit | edit source]

Land of the Crystals[edit | edit source]

Realm of the Dragon King[edit | edit source]

World of Paladia locations[edit | edit source]

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