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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Original Soundtrack Vol.2 is the second soundtrack of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, also composed and produced by Noriyasu Agematsu. To be released three years after the first one, it includes tracks such as "Over the Rain Clouds", "Order without Honor" and "The Sky's the Limit!".

Track list Edit

Disc One Edit

  1. "Parallel Star"
    Normal battle theme from story events.
  2. "Point of No Return"
  3. "Misgivings"
  4. "Under His Banner"
  5. "Wickedness Afoot"
  6. "Another Tale to Tell"
    Boss theme from story events.
  7. "Wisdom of the Ages"
  9. "Dawn"
  10. "Call of the Crystal"
  11. "A Climactic Clash"
  12. "Chaotic Darkness"
  13. "Banish the Darkness"
  14. "Gaze of the Abyss"
  15. "Over the Rain Clouds"

Disc Two Edit

  1. "The Sky's the Limit!"
  2. "Break the Limit!"
  3. "Forging a Dream"
  4. "Where Dragons Slumber"
  5. "Marching Ever Onward"
  6. "Allure of the Unknown"
  7. "Unfettered Waltz"
  8. "The Order of Pi"
  9. "Chill Out"
  10. "?????"
  11. "Forgiveness"
  12. "Order without Honor"
    Plays during battle encounters against The Orders.
  13. "Split in Two"
  14. "The Zenith"
  15. "I, and I Alone"
  16. "DUEL!! (Band Exvius Version)"
  17. "Onslaught (Band Exvius Version)"

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