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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, composed and produced by Noriyasu Agematsu, who has previously worked for Square Enix in the Chaos Rings series.

Purchasing the soundtrack at the Square Enix's official shop includes two bonus tracks, "United We Stand" and "Candle in the Darkness".


Back in the day, I was very into Final Fantasy III to VI on the Famicom and the Super Famicom. When creating the music for FFBE, the key word or key phrase was, “How would the FF music from this period sound like if they were performed by a live orchestra?”

Noriyasu Agematsu

For the soundtrack, Noriyasu Agematsu wanted to have memorable phrases from the Final Fantasy games of his generation to pop up throughout the game's music. In particular, he felt that the sound of the harp was key, so Agematsu inserted harp parts wherever he could. He also wanted to respect the intro of the battle theme and use it as homage from the very beginning.[1]

In order to preserve the nuances of the music from Final Fantasy III and VI even while recording with a full orchestra, Agematsu kept things simple during the initial stages, sticking to having only two sounds – the melody and the base – while building a strong melody. He would then work on the arrangement later to make the music grander in scope. The battle theme, "DUEL!!", is the one he paid particular attention to the melody due to how often players would be listing to the track.[1]

Track list[]

Disc One (50:50)[]

  1. Moment of Recall — 2:47
    Played at the Home menu.
  2. To the Horizon — 2:27
    Plays at all times while on the World Map.
  3. Into the Labyrinth — 1:35
  4. DUEL!! — 2:51
    The game's normal battle theme.
  5. Victory's Fanfare — 0:47
  6. Peaceful Village — 2:27
  7. Not of This World — 2:38
    Plays while on the Dimensional Vortex and the Farplane.
  8. Rain in Forest — 2:37
  9. The Ancient Life — 2:27
  10. The Initiation — 2:13
  11. Monument Valley — 2:18
    Plays at Enchanted Maze exploration map.
  12. Supreme Mission — 2:36
  13. Divided We Fall — 2:46
  14. The Emergency — 2:18
  15. Onslaught — 2:47
    The game's normal boss theme, as it plays during most boss battles.
  16. The Suspicion — 1:47
  17. Walkabout — 2:58
  18. Overcome the Menace — 2:50
  19. Tree of Tales — 2:30
  20. Once more Dance? — 2:46
  21. Prelude — 2:25

Disc Two (55:37)[]

  1. Great Voyage — 3:09
  2. State of Grace — 3:01
  3. The Oath — 2:35
  4. Snowdrop — 2:40
  5. Joie de Vivre — 2:50
  6. Mirage Palace — 2:55
  7. Sacred Ground — 2:25
  8. Amigo de Chocobo — 1:47
  9. Antiquities — 1:53
  10. The Imperial Capital — 2:26
  11. Shadow of Doubt — 2:44
  12. Mystic Ruins — 2:27
  13. The Ghostship — 2:28
  14. Secrets in her Eyes — 2:20
  15. Nothing's in Vain — 2:48
  16. Odyssey — 2:50
  17. Force and Furious — 2:37
  18. End is Nigh — 1:36
    Plays during scenes with the Sworn Six of Paladia, in particular Veritas of the Dark.
  19. Celestial Battle — 3:10
    Plays during battles against espers and key battles, such as against the Sworn Six of Paladia.
  20. Triumph of Destiny — 2:59
  21. Final Fantasy — 3:57
    Plays during download times following maintenance periods.

Liner notes[]

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