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The following is a list of enemies for the iOS game, Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

List of enemies[]

Name Cat ID (Catalog ID) Gold EXP Ability Loot Region
Goblin ATB.png
1 30 4 Takedown Mythril Knife Cornelia's Tract 1
It is said that there is a goblin at the start of any adventure worth having.
Nut Eater
Nutkin ATB.png
2 30 2 Incisor Healing Staff Cornelia's Tract 1, 3
The Archylte Steppe 1
This adorable yet sharp-toothed rodent will stop short of nothing to find a nut.
Cockatrice ATB.png
3 60 6 Peck Mythril Rod Cornelia's Tract 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 7
Rarely does evolution enable birds' beaks to petrify their foes—but it does happen.
Silver Lobo
Silver Lobo ATB.png
4 60 6 Bite Mythril Claws Cornelia's Tract 3
Interdimensional Rift 1
Outskirts of Midgar 1
The Archylte Steppe 4
The Archylte Steppe 5
Not all dogs go to heaven—these bloodthirsty hounds go straight for the jugular.
Triffid ATB.png
5 60 6 Root Lash Mage's Staff Cornelia's Tract 3
This magic tree grew so powerful it simply uprooted itself and started walking.
Gold Bear
Gold Bear ATB.png
6 180 10 Right Claw Poison Knuckles Cornelia's Tract 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 1
If you see a bear, never play dead. Run as fast as you can in the other direction.
Kactuar ATB.png
7 1,020 20 3 Needles Diamond Bell Cornelia's Tract 1, 3
Not to be confused with cactuar, but nevertheless often confused with cactuar.
Garland ATB.png
8 210 10 Sweep Enhancer Cornelia's Tract 2
"...You will die here and I will continue to live for eternity!"
Chaos ATB.png
9 420 30 Cyclone Bastard Sword Cornelia's Tract 4
This lord of discord thrives on strife. His knees subscribe to the same ideology, as well.
Flan ATB.png
10 60 7 Slap Rapier Bridge of Moore 1, 3
Zanarkand Ruins 1
The Archylte Steppe 1, 2
Don't let the name fool you. The flesh of this monster is downright nasty.
Gaelicat ATB.png
11 120 10 Cat Scratch Elven Bow Bridge of Moore 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 7
I, for one, welcome our new flying cat overlords.
Bomb ATB.png
12 120 10 Slap High Mage Staff Bridge of Moore 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
How could one with the gift of flight always be angry, let alone self-immolate?
Sucker ATB.png
13 270 20 Feeler Main Gauche Bridge of Moore 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
This ten-tentacled squid attacks only female prey—a true perversion of nature.
Objet d'Art
Objet D'art ATB.png
14 180 10 Stone Blade Mythril Sword Bridge of Moore 3
If anyone sees a pair of disembodied legs wandering about, let this guy know.
Jackanapes ATB.png
15 390 30 Critical Mage Masher Bridge of Moore 3
There is no reason to kill this monster other than for the sense of accomplishment.
Magic Pot
Magic Pot ATB.png
16 1,740 40 Elixir Thirst Lamia Harp Bridge of Moore 1, 3
What if... What if all that these pots ever truly wanted...was a nice warm hug?
Gilgamesh ATB.png
17 540 60 Stab Excalipoor Bridge of Moore 2
This likable henchman of Exdeath's eventually comes to befriend Bartz and crew.
Exdeath ATB.png
18 720 90 Flare Rune Staff Bridge of Moore 4
Malevolent souls sealed within a great tree of Moore gave rise to this evil mage. Scary stuff.
Leap Frog
Leap Frog ATB.png
19 120 10 Lick Serpent Rod Palamecia Desert 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
They say that frog tastes like chicken. There is only one way to find out...
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse ATB.png
20 210 10 Horn Claymore Palamecia Desert 1, 3
No matter how much it ages, the sounds of the crazy horse never falter or wane.
Floating Eye
Floating Eye ATB.png
21 270 20 Wing Attack Air Knife Palamecia Desert 1
Interdimensional Rift 7
Zanarkand Ruins 1
Zanarkand Ruins 2
This giant flying eyeball no doubt has an easier time than most using eye drops.
Sahagin ATB.png
22 180 10 Claw Javelin Palamecia Desert 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
These fishmen have a timeless turf war with rival imps over prime waterside real estate.
Adamantoise ATB.png
23 720 60 Crush Coral Sword Palamecia Desert 1
Interdimensional Rift 5
If turtles truly are the longest-lived animals, then this guy deserves his own holiday.
Gigas ATB.png
24 510 40 Elbow Surviver Palamecia Desert 3
Interdimensional Rift 3
This speedy giant loves a good fight. But watch out when he starts throwing elbows.
Tonberry ATB.png
25 1,680 40 Knife Ichigeki Palamecia Desert 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
Outskirts of Midgar 2
The Archylte Steppe 5
These fiends lurk in darkness, slowly drawing near those whose eyes meet theirs.
Black Knight
Black Knight FF2 ATB.png
26 420 30 Stab Blood Lance Palamecia Desert 2
Four of these fiends together cannot be defeated—at least not by permissible means.
Emperor Mateus ATB.png
27 3,150 240 Starfall Golden Spear Palamecia Desert 4
Returned from Hell with all its power, this fiend is simply as evil as they come.
Crew Dust
Crew Dust ATB.png
28 510 20 Ray Thief's Knife Fabul Waterway 1, 3
Outskirts of Midgar 1, 2
Watch out for these spirits on fire-powered ships. They come and go in a flash.
Grenade ATB.png
29 660 40 Slap Dancing Dagger Fabul Waterway 1
Zanarkand Ruins 2, 4
The anger of these evil explosives is even greater than that of their bomb brethren.
Blood Eye
Blood Eye ATB.png
30 780 70 Wing Attack Wightslayer Fabul Waterway 1, Interdimensional Rift 7
Looks can kill, and this massive blood-red eye can't help but look at everything.
Iron Claw
Iron Claw ATB.png
31 990 90 Scissor Killer Bow Fabul Waterway 3
This easy-to-clean utensil slices, dices, and disembowels hapless adventurers.
Basilisk ATB.png
32 1,020 90 Talon Dive Ogrenix Fabul Waterway 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 3
This beast's gaze turns the living to stone. You don't want to get stoned, do you?
Black Knight
Black Knight ATB.png
33 420 30 Rapid Fire Diamond Sword Fabul Waterway 3
Interdimensional Rift 7
These knights are cursed to think but a single thought for all time—none shall pass.
Iron Giant
Iron Giant ATB.png
34 36,000 1000 Takedown Defender Fabul Waterway 3
Zanarkand Ruins 3, 4, 5
With its mighty sword, this mighty giant passes the time by rending things in two.
Flan Princess
Flan Princess ATB.png
35 6,000 130 Caress Save the Queen Fabul Waterway 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
Not all princesses look pretty in pink.
Cactuar ATB.png
36 5,880 130 1,000 Needles Kotetsu Fabul Waterway 1
Interdimensional Rift 1
This sadist revels in making others pluck its thousand needles from their flesh.
Scarmiglione ATB.png
37 1,700 130 Back Attack Poison Rod Fabul Waterway 2
The Archfiend of Earth is weakest of them all, but wins points for being the scariest.
Cagnazzo ATB.png
38 1,900 140 Whirlpool Frost Rod Fabul Waterway 2
It is not known exactly why the Archfiend of Water insists on walking on all fours.
Barbariccia ATB.png
39 2,050 140 Maelstrom Thunder Rod Fabul Waterway 2
Some say the Archfiend of Wind's gales blew off her own garb. This is not likely.
Rubicante ATB.png
40 2,240 150 Glare Flame Rod Fabul Waterway 2
The Archfiend of Fire is an honorable warrior who dons a fabulous flame-retardant cape.
Golbez ATB.png
41 9,540 650 Meteor Rune Blade Fabul Waterway 4
Sure he's an evil mage in all black, but that doesn't mean you can't call him brother!
Crawler ATB.png
42 690 60 Slap Beast Killer South Figaro Sea 1
Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Listen to a crawler's Dischord.
Coeurl ATB.png
43 930 80 Claw Cat Claws South Figaro Sea 1
Interdimensional Rift 1
The Archylte Steppe 5
Cat lovers have mixed feelings about these felines. It must be the paralyzing and man-eating.
Ahriman ATB.png
44 840 70 Evil Eye Sun Blade South Figaro Sea 1
Interdimensional Rift 7
The gaze of this beast's great eye is absolutely petrifying. Literally and figuratively.
Enchanted Fan
Enchanted Fan ATB.png
45 750 80 Stone Aevis Killer South Figaro Sea 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 7
This ancient machine commands gusts and gales, which is nice come summer.
Magna Roader
Magna Roader ATB.png
46 2,010 180 Roller Crystal Sword South Figaro Sea 3
Outskirts of Midgar 2
These unlikely creatures love going off sweet jumps. Vrooom vrooom vroooooom!!!
Magitek Armor
Magitek Armor Enemy ATB.png
47 1,230 180 Magitek Missile Quicksilver South Figaro Sea 1, 3
A technological feat of the Empire, melding magic and machine into a single terror.
Great Malboro
Great Malboro ATB.png
48 23,100 550 Really Bad Breath Yoshiyuki South Figaro Sea 3
Interdimensional Rift 5
"Great" here refers primarily to the rancidity of the creature's breath. We're talking halitosis.
Prototype ATB.png
49 29,160 640 Missile Ancient Sword South Figaro Sea 1
This thing is pretty powerful for a prototype that just climbed out of some ruins.
Mover ATB.png
50 4,600 80 Brutal Bound Stardust Rod South Figaro Sea 3
Though these three are and always have been together, they bear no relation.
Ultros ATB.png
51 2,400 290 Tentacle Lilith Rod South Figaro Sea 2
Many have come to question the nature of this octopus's relationship to Typhon.
Typhon ATB.png
52 2,640 300 Snort Zwill Crossblade South Figaro Sea 2
Never one to mince words, this vile, two-faced monster lets its snort do the talking.
Kefka ATB.png
53 9,060 860 Firaga Shining Staff South Figaro Sea 4
The power of this first Magitek Knight of Gestahl came at the cost of his sanity. True story.
Killer Mantis
Killer Mantis ATB.png
54 1,410 160 Metal Cutter Blood Sword Eureka Forest 1, 3
The unmanning mandibles of this menacing mantis have mangled many a man.
Frostbeast ATB.png
55 1,260 140 Hose Ice Brand Eureka Forest 1
Ice was made to be melted. The same truism goes doubly so for beasts made of ice.
Kum Kum
Kum Kum ATB.png
56 2,370 310 Blizzaga Kagenui Eureka Forest 1, 3
If you try to figure out the origin of this monster's name, you're gonna have a bad time.
Dhorme Chimera
Dhorme Chimera ATB.png
57 2,820 330 Hose Tiger Fangs Eureka Forest 1, 3
Outskirts of Midgar 4, 5
For having lion, goat, dragon, and behemoth parts, this beast is surprisingly weak.
Sand Worm
Sand Worm ATB.png
58 2,190 280 Thwack Kiku-ichimonji Eureka Forest 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 1
These dry desert-dwellers detest water. Throw some on them and watch them squirm.
Malboro ATB.png
59 2,670 340 Bad Breath Partisan Eureka Forest 3
Zanarkand Ruins 4
Far too many arms, far too large a mouth, and breath that can end life. Just run away.
Behemoth King
Behemoth King ATB.png
60 23,040 1,730 Heave Duel Claws Eureka Forest 3
Few who encounter this king of the Veldt live to see its tail, much less tell of it.
Gil Turtle
Adamantoise FF5 ATB.png
61 21,000 600 Turtle Impartisan Eureka Forest 1
Interdimensional Rift 5
The shells of these turtles are said to be full of gil. Crack one open and see.
Siegfried ATB.png
62 59,910 3,120 Hyperdrive Lightbringer Eureka Forest 3
Interdimensional Rift 7
With a name like Siegfried, it's only natural that he would be a master swordsman.
Hein ATB.png
63 5,130 900 Thundaga Artemis Bow Eureka Forest 2
A good wizard gone bad, and originator of the much-loathed Barrier Shift spell.
Cloud of Darkness
Cloud of Darkness ATB.png
64 8,460 1,960 Wave Cannon Deathbringer Eureka Forest 4
This being born of Xande's death sees all creation and it wants it painted black.
Elm Gigas
Elm Gigas ATB.png
65 4,260 550 Left Jab Apollo's Harp Narshe Plains 1, 3
This left-jabbing wind giant floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.
Flamehound ATB.png
66 2,700 330 Hose Flametongue Narshe Plains 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 3
Even dog lovers have to admit it feels good to cast an ice spell on these things.
Ninja Enemy ATB.png
67 3,240 420 Shuriken Homura Narshe Plains 1, 3
Ninja don't sleep. They wait. Ninja don't dodge bullets. Bullets dodge ninja. And so on.
Behemoth ATB.png
68 23,040 1,730 Beatdown Dragon Claws Narshe Plains 1, 3
Where does a behemoth sit at the faire? It kills everyone and destroys the grounds.
Armor Construct
Armored Construct ATB.png
69 4,980 640 Spin Light Axe Narshe Plains 1, 3
Outskirts of Midgar 5
This metallic monstrosity is extremely difficult to destroy. Why even bother? Move on.
Gigantos ATB.png
70 7,320 950 Throat Jab Great Axe Narshe Plains 3
When this colossal giant gets its weight behind a jab, your throat is in for some trouble.
Omega ATB.png
71 190,800 6,360 Wave Cannon Ulysses Narshe Plains 3
Outskirts of Midgar 5
An ancient machine lacking onboard navigation, lost in the Interdimensional Rift forever.
Skull Eater
Skull Eater ATB.png
72 93,600 1,820 Incisor Valiant Knife Narshe Plains 1
This crazy-eyed grey squirrel wants nothing more than to eat your face and head.
Death Gaze ATB.png
73 77,760 3,240 Aeroga Venom Claws Narshe Plains 3

Interdimensional Rift 7

An airship and this winged dread would truly make for a nightmare at 20,000 fulms.
Ultima Weapon
Ultima Weapon ATB.png
74 15,630 2,600 Meteor Ultima Weapon Narshe Plains 2
Though ancient, unrivaled, and unbleeding, it still feels the need to brag about its power.
Lord Kefka
KefkaGod ATB.png
75 20,500 5,700 Forsaken, Havoc Wing Lohengrin, Murakumo Narshe Plains 4
This psycho clown and self-made god has an unhealthy appetite for destruction.
Zu ATB.png
76 5,010 630 Dive Trident Troia Range 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 7
Zanarkand Ruins 5
The Archylte Steppe 2
This selfish bird attacks from above with no consideration at all for what you're doing.
Sand Crawler ATB.png
77 8,160 1,130 Maelstrom Holy Lance Troia Range 1
Interdimensional Rift 1
Some say this beast hides in the sand to ambush prey, but perhaps it's just shy.
Tyrannosaurus ATB.png
78 5,010 660 Mad Rage Fire Lash Troia Range 1, 3
Even in death, this monstrous skeletal lizard has not lost its taste for blood and flesh.
Deathmask ATB.png
79 5,010 810 Holy Bismarck Troia Range 1, 3
Not a face you'd want to wake up to in the morning.
Armored Fiend
Armored Fiend ATB.png
80 7,890 920 Flamethrower Rune Axe Troia Range 1, 3
Interdimensional Rift 3
An enhanced armor construct that is even harder and more annoying to defeat. Great...
Thanatos ATB.png
81 8,580 1,560 Knock Silly Yoichi's Bow Troia Range 3
This knight decapitated himself so his headless horse wouldn't feel self-conscious.
Shinryu ATB.png
82 215,280 9,560 Tidal Wave Ragnarok Troia Range 3
Best make sure you are well-leveled and well-geared before taking on this dragon.
Master Tonberry
Master Tonberry ATB.png
83 82,080 1,180 Knife Assassin's Dagger Troia Range 1
What a large knife, you say? Why, all the better to dispatch you with.
Intangir ATB.png
84 188,400 2,720 Meteor Tinklebell Troia Range 3
This sleeping beast does not take kindly to being woken.
Demon Wall
Demon Wall ATB.png
85 16,410 4,170 Crush Gorgon Blade Troia Range 2
"As if the attacking doors weren't enough..."
Zeromus ATB.png
86 21,300 10,540 Big Bang Treaty-Blade, Mace of Zeus Troia Range 4
This self-styled wellspring of darkness hates everything, and he's okay with that.
Lich ATB.png
87 10,800 5,660 Flare Radiant Lance Interdimensional Rift 2
This undead Fiend of Earth commands powerful magic and looks great in purple.
Marilith ATB.png
88 10,960 5,660 Firaga Butterfly Sword Interdimensional Rift 4
The Fiend of Fire herself gets mixed up when flailing all six of her swordarms.
Kraken ATB.png
89 15,120 5,660 Blizzaga Nanatsusayanotachi Interdimensional Rift 6
This regal Fiend of Water has a penchant for sinking things with its tentacles.
Tiamat ATB.png
90 17,280 6,330 Levinbolt Wyvern Lance Interdimensional Rift 8
The envy of Marilith, the six necks of this Fiend of Wind never get entangled.
Neo Exdeath
Neo Exdeath ATB.png
91 107,580 24,900 Grand Cross Excalibur Interdimensional Rift 9
If being consumed by the Void doesn't make you want to destroy everything, what will?

List of Premium Enemies[]

Name Cat ID (Catalog ID) Gold EXP Ability Loot Region
Sweeper ATB.png
✩1 690 Scaled to Level Double Machine Gun Wizer Staff Outskirts of Midgar 1, 2
This Mako Reactor sentinel just loves riddling trespassers full of bullets.
SOLDIER 3rd Class
SOLDIER 3rd Class ATB.png
✩2 690 Scaled to Level Full Swing Hardedge Outskirts of Midgar 1, 2, 4
These Shinra henchmen are so weak and craven that they tend to travel in pairs.
Death Machine
Death Machine ATB.png
✩3 690 Scaled to Level Matra Magic Princess Guard Outskirts of Midgar 2
More thorough than the sweeper, this machine wants to obliterate you entirely.
Sword Dance
Sword Dance ATB.png
✩4 960 Scaled to Level Saw Premium Heart Outskirts of Midgar 4
All this thing wants to do is cut you up into little pieces and leave you there.
SOLDIER 2nd Class
SOLDIER 2nd Class.png
✩5 960 Scaled to Level Death Strike Butterfly Edge Outskirts of Midgar 3, 4, 5
These ambitious souls have managed to climb one rung up the Shinra henchman ladder.
Corvette ATB.png
✩6 1,080 Scaled to Level Saw Nail Bat Outskirts of Midgar 5
And you thought the sword dance was bad. Watch out when this thing is spinning.
Master Tonberry
Master Tonberry (VII) ATB.png
✩7 1,380 Scaled to Level Knife Limited Moon Outskirts of Midgar 1, 5
This guy bears a big grudge, and he's coming for you
SOLDIER 1st Class
SOLDIER 1st Class ATB.png
✩8 1,230 Scaled to Level Death Strike Apocalypse Outskirts of Midgar 5
Even though they have become Shinra elite, once a henchman, always a henchman.
Ultimate Weapon
Ultimate Weapon ATB.png
✩9 2,730 Scaled to Level Shadow Flare Ultima Weapon Outskirts of Midgar 6
Thanks to Gaia's gift of wings, this Weapon has the annoying habit of flying away.
Safer Sephiroth
Safer Sephiroth ATB.png
✩10 4,080 Scaled to Level Supernova Death Penalty Outskirts of Midgar 7
Though able to command supernovas, this guy can't even spell his own name.
Garuda ATB.png
✩11 690 Scaled to Level Dive Brotherhood Zanarkand Ruins 1, 2, 5
This avian terror appears on Mushroom Rock Road, and is as ugly as it is dangerous.
Mushussu ATB.png
✩12 690 Scaled to Level Rush Arc Sword Zanarkand Ruins 1, 2, 5
This desert dragon is always in a foul mood because sand gets stuck under its scales.
Floating Death
Floating Death ATB.png
✩13 690 Scaled to Level Evil Eye Wind Spear Zanarkand Ruins 2, 5
This scan-defiant fiend has a gaze that can confuse even the most capable mind.
YAT-99 ATB.png
✩14 960 Scaled to Level Open Fire Murasame Zanarkand Ruins 3, 4, 5
Created by the Yevon faith, because one long-range arm cannon simply isn't enough.
Nidhogg ATB.png
✩15 960 Scaled to Level Breath Burning Fists Zanarkand Ruins 5
This dragon may be slow, but its fire breath will incinerate you and all you hold dear.
Dark Flan
Dark Flan ATB.png
✩16 960 Scaled to Level Flare Judicer's Staff Zanarkand Ruins 4
Even if it were edible, does this really look like something you would want to eat?
Yellow Element
Yellow Element ATB.png
✩17 1,080 Scaled to Level Thundaga Herding Staff Zanarkand Ruins 5
This lightning elemental flies around with more cash than it knows what to do with.
YAT-97 ATB.png
✩18 1,080 Scaled to Level Open Fire Masamune Zanarkand Ruins 4, 5
Though made to kill in the Machina War of 1,000 years ago, it still works today.
Anima ATB.png
✩19 2,730 Scaled to Level Pain Nirvana Zanarkand Ruins 6
This is indeed, the Final Aeon of Seymour. Let the debate be ended once and for all.
Braska's Final Aeon
Braska Final Aeon ATB.png
✩20 4,080 Scaled to Level Ultimate Jecht Shot Caladbolg Zanarkand Ruins 7
Possessed of a wish to save the world, and the will to end the spiral of death.
Ghast ATB.png
✩21 420 Scaled to Level Spin Kaiser Knuckles The Archylte Steppe 1, 2, 5
Unable to fulfill their Focus, these l'Cie are just waiting to be put out of their misery.
Flan FF13 ATB.png
✩22 60 Scaled to Level Slap Magus Rod The Archylte Steppe 2
It sounds delicious, but the flesh of this Pulse beast tastes like a rubber turd.
Microchu ATB.png
✩23 690 Scaled to Level Body Slam Gladius The Archylte Steppe 1, 2, 6
Admittedly cute, until you consider it will grow to be an ochu. Not so cute.
Vampire ATB.png
✩24 960 Scaled to Level Thrash Gigantaxe The Archylte Steppe 4, 5
Kill these Cie'th of Gran Pulse to set their souls free. It's the right thing to do.
Beta Behemoth
Beta Behemoth ATB.png
✩25 1,080 Scaled to Level Heave Blazefire Saber The Archylte Steppe 3, 4, 5
Crafted for military use, this enormous beast won't move an ilm unless ordered.
Behemoth King
Behemoth King FF13 ATB.png
✩26 1,230 Scaled to Level Hurl Gluttony Sword The Archylte Steppe 5
A monstrosity romaing Gran Pulse, eagerly awaiting the ambitious and ill-experienced.
Flowering Cactuar
Flowering Cactuar ATB.png
✩27 1,350 Scaled to Level Firaga Save the Queen The Archylte Steppe 1
Every rose may have its thorn, but this flower comes with thousands of needles.
Picochu ATB.png
✩28 960 Scaled to Level Body Slam Total Eclipses The Archylte Steppe 5
Admittedly cute, until you consider it will grow to be a neochu. Kill it now.
Ochu ATB.png
✩29 2,730 Scaled to Level Feeler Dragon Whisker The Archylte Steppe 6
The gaping maw and lethal tentacles almost ruin the beautiful flower atop its head.
Orphan ATB.png
✩30 4,080 Scaled to Level Merciless Judgment Omega Weapon The Archylte Steppe 7
This lonely deity has the most amazing three-way conversations in all of Cocoon.