The following is a list of exclusive downloadable content for the iOS game, Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Premium Character Shop[edit | edit source]

Downloadable Characters[edit | edit source]

All purchases of characters cost $0.99, and which character the player gets is random.

Name Image Game Ability Character Description
Firion Firion ATB.png Final Fantasy II Glow Attack This youth has little love for the Empire, and even less for the Lamia Queen.
Cecil Dark Knight Cecil ATB.png Final Fantasy IV Souleater This captain of the Red Wings has some issues with the King of Baron's authority.
Kain Kain ATB.png Final Fantasy IV Blaze Jump Cecil cares for this commander of the Baron Dragoons, despite his many deceits.
Rydia Rydia ATB.png Final Fantasy IV Mist Breath This young summoner from Mist has a good, sweet heart, but hates cowardly adults.
Pig Pig ATB.png Final Fantasy IV Flirt This is a man ensorcelled into a pig. But not in an altogether bad way, actually.
Bartz Bartz ATB.png Final Fantasy V Master Mime On the advice of his late father, this piano-playing youth now wanders the world.
Krile Krile ATB.png Final Fantasy V Summoner's Dualcast This mooglespeaking animal lover is following in the footsteps of her grandfather.
Chocobo Chocobo ATB.png Final Fantasy V Chocobo Kick These large yellow birds are loved worlds over for their charm, yet loathed for their stench.
Terra Terra ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Riot Blade This half-esper and half-human girl likes nothing more than cuddling fluffy moogles.
Locke Locke ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Mirage Dive Most consider this globe-trotting treasure hunter to be no more than a common thief.
Celes Celes ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Spinning Edge This former Magitek Knight of Gestahl is a dead ringer for the opera star Maria.
Setzer Setzer ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Dive Bomb This gambling rogue soars the skies, facing danger to visit the tombs of friends.
Mog Mog ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Stardust Jitterbug These weird little creatures are best known for saying "kupo" a lot, and not much else, really.
Imp Imp ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Whirlpool Strike Admirers of these slimy green monsters have even create [sic] robots modeled in their image.
Magitek Armor Magitek Armor ATB.png Final Fantasy VI Thunder Beam The two you're looking for aren't piloting this fusion of magic and machine.
Cloud Cloud ATB.png Final Fantasy VII Meteorain This self-styled SOLDIER member packs a huge sword and sports a chocobo hairdo.
Tifa Tifa ATB.png Final Fantasy VII Beat Rush & Somersault This AVALANCHE heroine really wishes people would stop getting into her drawers.
Aerith Aeris ATB.png Final Fantasy VII Healing Wind This last of the magical Cetra was born in the icy north and raised in the slums.
Red XIII Red XIII ATB.png Final Fantasy VII Blood Fang This long-lived canine warrior and guardian is happy to sit, stay and fetch.
Squall Squall Lionheart ATB.png Final Fantasy VIII Blasting Zone This mercenary of Balamb Garden's SeeD loses his usual cool when playing cards.
Rinoa Rinoa ATB.png Final Fantasy VIII Angelo Cannon This vibrant young member of the Forest Owls is extremely moody after waking up.
Seifer Seifer ATB.png Final Fantasy VIII No Mercy This reckless Balamb Garden disciplinarian really has a knack for failing exams.
Zidane Zidane Tribal ATB.png Final Fantasy IX Thievery This Tantalus Theatre Troupe member really knows how to touch--er, treat a lady.
Steiner Steiner ATB.png Final Fantasy IX Thunder Slash As leader of Alexandria's Knights of Pluto, this man of honor lives to protect.
Eiko Eiko ATB.png Final Fantasy IX Terra Homing Not every girl is descended from legendary summoners and has a moogle for a friend.
Tidus Tidus ATB.png Final Fantasy X Energy Rain Teary reunions and hard-core blitzball run in the family of this Zanarkand Abes Star.
Yuna Yuna ATB.png Final Fantasy X Energy Ray Beyond having a father who saved the world, this girl also blows a mean whistle.
Auron Auron ATB.png Final Fantasy X Dragon Fang This unsent monk is a decade dead, but still chugs nog as a weapon, not a vice.
Shantotto Shantotto ATB.png Final Fantasy XI Tornado When speaking to this wee lady of Windurst, the topic of age is no doubt worst.
Vaan Vaan ATB.png Final Fantasy XII White Whorl This youth from the Lowtown slums longs for unbound freedom in the skies.
Ashe Ashe ATB.png Final Fantasy XII Northswain's Glow This Dalmascan princess is working overtime in the Resistance to retake her kingdom.
Balthier Balthier ATB.png Final Fantasy XII Fires of War This fast-flying sky pirate is often seen with what appears to be a giant bunny.
Lightning Lightning ATB.png Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Strike This lady of the Bodhum Security Regiment is a true pro, and far from a yes-woman.
Snow Snow ATB.png Final Fantasy XIII Ice Ramp This leader of NORA tries to come off as cool and capable, but often falls short.
Sazh Sazh ATB.png Final Fantasy XIII Pyroburst The afro of this former airship pilot has taken on a distinctively chocobo stink of late.

World Ticket Shop[edit | edit source]

Downloadable Worlds[edit | edit source]

All downloadable worlds cost $3.99.

Name Image Game Exclusive Enemies
Outskirts of Midgar Outskirts of Midgar ATB.png Final Fantasy VII Sweeper, Sword Dance, SOLDIER 1st class, SOLDIER 2nd class, SOLDIER 3rd class, Ultimate Weapon
Zanarkand Ruins Zanarkand Ruins ATB.png Final Fantasy X Anima, Braska's Final Aeon
The Archylte Steppe The Archylte Steppe ATB.png Final Fantasy XIII Microchu, Ochu, Orphan

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  • The combined cost of all the DLC amounts to the total of $46.62.
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