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This is a list of allusions for Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Final Fantasy seriesEdit

Final FantasyEdit

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Final Fantasy VEdit

Final Fantasy VIEdit

  • The description for the Impartisan refers to the situation where for the Impartisan to deal maximum damage the user needs to be under the Imp status.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

  • The description for the Princess Guard refers to Aeris.
  • Tifa's character description refers to an optional scene where Cloud goes into Tifa's room, searches her drawers and finds orthopedic underwear that Cloud then decides to pocket, much to Tifa's chagrin.
  • Safer∙Sephiroth's profile refers to the Safer part of its name being a mistranslation.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

  • The description for the Save the Queen refers to Snow's love interest, Serah, and his taken role of her protector and the plans of getting married with her.
  • The description for Total Eclipses, refers to the Chocobo chick that lives inside Sazh's afro.
  • The description for the Omega Weapon refers to Omega originating as a robot.
  • The description for the Ghast refers to the fate of a l'Cie if he won't fulfill his Focus on time, and to Fang's words she spoke before the battle against Bahamut: "If we can't decide what to do next, they come put us out of our misery!".
  • The description for Orphan refers to the fal'Cie Eden which is a trinity fal'Cie.

Non-Square Enix relatedEdit


  • The description for Poison Knuckles and Venon Claws reference Game of Thrones.


  • Silver Lobo's profile references All Dogs Go to Heaven.
  • The Final Fantasy IV Black Knight's profile references Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The Black Mage's profile ends with "Some mages just want to watch the world burn." This is a reference to the movie, The Dark Knight wherein the character Alfred mentions the original line, "Some men just want to watch the world burn" in a conversation with Bruce Wayne about the Joker.



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