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The following is a list of Achievements unlockable in Final Fantasy All the Bravest. Achievements can be accessed via the Ranking menu, or directly from the Game Center app.


Name Description Points
Role Call Unlock all jobs from non-premium worlds. 30
Gearing Up Obtain all gear from non-premium worlds. 30
Master Killer Defeat all enemies from non-premium worlds. 30
Happy Ending View the ending. 50
Friends in High Places Unlock all the premium characters. 100
Best in Slot Obtain all gear from premium worlds. 100
Unrivaled Defeat all enemies from premium worlds. 100
The Whole Story Defeat all bosses from premium worlds. 50
Gillionaire Save up 1,000,000 gil. 100
Mad Max Attain level 99. 100
Host with the Most Obtain the maximum of 40 party member slots. 100