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Final Fantasy All the Bravest was a free-to-play 2D touch-action RPG released on January 17, 2013, for iOS, and September 13, 2013 for Android. The game featured traditional jobs, characters, locations, monsters and music from the Final Fantasy series, and a gameplay based on the Active Time Battle system from which the game took its name. It also included social networking features allowing the option for an extra party slot for every time something was posted via the game to Facebook or Twitter. This could be done once every 24 hours.

On November 9, 2022, Square Enix announced that the Android version would end service on November 11, 2022.[1] The iOS version ended service on July 27, 2023.[2]


When the shine of the sun is hidden by the shadow of the moon, the worlds unbound are brought together, and the gate between dimensions thrown open.
From the sun, under a pall of black, surges forth a sinister host, together with a darkness, eternal and unyielding, that threatens to consume all.
To repel this vast evil, Warriors from all over worlds must unite. Tho fight to come is theirs, and it is a war whose end cannot be seen.
These fated heroes have risen, each with a Crystal brilliant to behold. They stand now not alone, but united, and in numbers greater than ever imagined.



Utilizing the touch screen, the player can command characters to attack the enemy party. The player cannot choose which enemies to attack and can fight most efficiently by simply swiping along the rows of party members. The gameplay is straightforward as it doesn't require strategy, and party characteristics, such as the White Mage's healing, which is replaced by a simple attack function.

Whenever the party dies the player will have to wait for fallen party members to revive in real-time, three minutes per character, meaning a full hour and a half to revive the entire party. Alternatively, there is the option of paying for an hourglass which revives the party or exit the game, set the time clock on the device a full 2–3 hours ahead, and get the hourglass that way. Otherwise, players may also return to the world map and attempt the battle again with a full party. When a player starts a new game, Mog gives the player a few hourglasses to start off.


Downloadable content[]


World Ticket Shop.

Premium Character Shop

Summon a legendary character from the FINAL FANTASY series?

  • $0.99 - Randomly summons 1 out of 35 characters to be usable in your party.
World Ticket Shop

Buy Airship Tickets to other worlds.

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Upon its release, Final Fantasy All the Bravest received negative criticism. The premise—a game paying homage to Final Fantasy and allowing players to form their dream party of their favorite characters to travel and fight in iconic locations—was noted to have potential, but not be executed well. The largest point of contention has been the limited gameplay: most reviewers have noted that fights just consist of the player swiping their finger along the screen.

The amount of paid content, with the player paying over $50 on top of the $4 purchase price to unlock all the game's content, along with additional money for gold hourglasses to revive their party, was also criticized. The game was noted to have little story and little control over combat with new party members appearing at random and the player simply tapping them to command them to attack an enemy chosen at random.


Final Fantasy All the Bravest alludes to the rest of the Final Fantasy series, as well as making references to popular culture.

The game's subtitle, All the Bravest, shortens to "ATB", referring to the ATB (Active Time Battle) system, a prominent feature of the game.

The game's English script contains numerous pop-culture and tongue-in-cheek references, such as The Simpsons and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as well as referring to the Berserker as being a "maniacal axe-wielding force of nature [that] enjoys cosplaying as a wolf."


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