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The following is a list of weapons in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. The weapons are the other half of what determines a player's stats. They are more readily-available than abilities, and it's a lot easier to get good, strong weapons and boost them. Each player can equip a maximum of ten weapons. All equipped weapons add to the attack and defense value of a player, but the one equipped in the main slot is the one used for boss and brigade battles.

Unlike abilities, there are many weapon-types. Weapons have rarities of N, N+, R, R+, SR, and SR+. Each weapon can be boosted four times by evolving it using another copy of the same weapon with the same rank, which raises the maximum level of that weapon. The highest level thus far any weapon can be is 240, which would be a max-boosted SR+. The player can use Weapon Scrolls or other weapons in order to enhance an ability up to the maximum level. The scrolls or weapons used will be consumed in the process.

Weapons and weapon scrolls comes from treasure chests. There are five grades of treasure chests: wood, copper, silver, gold, and platinum.

Axes[edit | edit source]

Bows[edit | edit source]

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Grappling[edit | edit source]

Greatswords[edit | edit source]

Guns[edit | edit source]

Instruments[edit | edit source]

Katanas[edit | edit source]

Rods[edit | edit source]

Scythes[edit | edit source]

Spears[edit | edit source]

Staves[edit | edit source]

Swords[edit | edit source]

Throwing[edit | edit source]

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