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A list of locations that appear in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. The world consists of a continent high above where the players come from, and the belowground world where they adventure. Originally the layout of the map wasn't known, but it was added for the Break the Seal version of the game.

Tutorial Edit

Eastern Continent Edit

Dollet Region Edit

Kolts Region Edit

  • North Lethe Bogs
  • Living Wood
  • Ancient Forest
  • Snowbound Mining Town

Mist Region Edit

  • Eastern Mist Plains
  • Mist Cave
  • Western Mist Plains
  • Monastery Mountains

Pravoka Region Edit

  • South Lethe Bogs
  • Deist Moors
  • Phantom Forest
  • Dark Elf Fortress

Western Continent Edit

Fabul Region Edit

Istory Region Edit

Moore Region Edit

  • Phoenix Dunes
  • West Moore Flatlands
  • Moore Swamplands
  • The Great Forest

Islands Edit

Miralka Region Edit

Ronka Region Edit

  • Lethe Caverns
  • Cursed Woods
  • Wall Ridge
  • Foggy Ruins

Walse Region Edit

Otherworld Edit

Final Fantasy XIII Edit

  • Archylte Steppe
  • Bresha Ruins
  • Academia (Day)
  • Academia (Night)

Final Fantasy VI Edit

  • Opera House
  • Passage of the Eidolons
  • Narshe (Snow Fields)
  • Floating Continent

Final Fantasy VII Edit

  • Midgar Sector 8
  • Midgar Sector 5
  • Shinra Building

FFSP Shattered World Edit

  • Eureka
  • Big Bridge
  • Planet's Core
  • Crystal World
  • Cape Riverne
  • Sunleth Waterscape

FFSP Showdown Edit

  • Dreadnought
  • Lunar Subterrane
  • Tower of Rubble
  • Lunatic Pandora
  • Zanarkand Ruins
  • Ridorana Cataract

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

  • Zeirchele Falls
  • Goug Lowtown
  • Golgollada Gallows
  • Lionel Castle Gate
  • Lionel Castle Interior

Final Fantasy III Edit

  • Castle Saronia Environs
  • Doga's Grotto
  • Crystal Tower
  • Eureka

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

  • Balamb Garden

Gallery Edit

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