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The following is the list of weapons for Final Fantasy Adventure. When Sumo is equipped with a weapon, the gauge found at the bottom of the World Screen will increase until it reaches its maximum. When full, the weapon will attack in a unique way. The same weapon types will have the same unique attack.


The sword doesn't interact with any obstacles found on the field.

Name Image Artwork Attack Power (AP) Location Price
FFA Sword IconBroad FFA Sword Weapon Broadsword (FFA) 4 Initial: Sumo 60 GP
FFA Sword IconSilver FFA Sword Weapon Silversword (FFA) 14 Buy: Watts (Dwarf Cave) 562 GP
Deals double the damage to undead monsters.
FFA Sword IconRusty FFA Sword Weapon Rustysword (FFA) 20 Find: Undersea Volcano
FFA Sword IconBlood FFA Sword Weapon Bloodsword (FFA) 26 Find: Glaive Castle
Absorbs HP.
FFA Sword IconIce FFA Sword Weapon Icesword (FFA) 40 Prize: Defeat Kary (Cara Mountain Range)
FFA Sword IconDragon FFA Sword Weapon Dragonsword (FFA) 56 Find: Cave of Ruins
FFA Sword IconXCalibr FFA Sword Weapon 85 Gift: Fuji's Mother


The axe can be used to chop down trees and thorns in the fields and dungeons.

Name Image Artwork Attack Power (AP) Location Price
FFA Axe IconBattle FFA Axe Weapon Battleaxe (FFA) 8 Buy: Item shop (west of the marshes) 150 GP
FFA Axe IconWere FFA Axe Weapon Wereaxe (FFA) 20 Find: Davias' Mansion
Kills Werewolves in one hit.
FFA Axe IconZeus FFA Axe Weapon 48 Find: Undersea Volcano


The sickle can be used to cut away obstructing ferns in the dungeons and fields.

Name Image Artwork Attack Power (AP) Location Price
FFA Sickle IconSickle FFA Sickle Weapon Sickle (FFA) 8 Find: Cave of Marsh
(FFA Sickle IconMantis' Sickle)
58 Prize: Defeat Mantis Ant (Cave of Ruins)
Mobile phone version only.


The chain-flail aimed at cylindrical posts, the weight of the flail wraps the chain around the post to pull Sumo over in an instant.

Name Image Artwork Attack Power (AP) Location Price
FFA Chain IconChain FFA Chain Weapon Chain (FFA) 10 Find: Kett
FFA Chain IconFlame FFA Chain Weapon Firewhip (FFA) 38 Buy: Ish 6,300 GP


The spear doesn't interact with any obstacles found on the field.

Name Image Artwork Attack Power (AP) Location Price
FFA Spear IconWind FFA Spear Weapon Windspear (FFA) 16 Buy: Menos 1,150 GP
FFA Spear IconThunder FFA Spear Weapon Thunder spear (FFA) 46 Buy: Weapon shop (plain of Floatrocks) 11,250 GP


The mace can break rocks, pots, and walls which make clinking sounds when struck with other weapons.

Name Image Artwork Attack Power (AP) Location Price
FFA Flail IconStar FFA Star Weapon Sprite Morningstar (FFA) 30 Prize: Defeat Cyclops (Mt. Rocks)
FFA Mattock IconMattok FFA Mattock Weapon Varies Buy: Various Item shops 60 GP
The Attack Power depends on the weapon Sumo is currently equipped, it also has 7 uses. Doesn't have a special attack when attacking with a full Attack Gauge.

NPC WeaponsEdit

The following weapons are used by non-player characters, and cannot be used by Sumo.

Name Image Attack Power (AP) User
Throwing Axe FFA Watt's Axe Sprite ? Watts
Fireball FFA Enemy Fire 1 ? Mysterious Man
Sword FFA Bogard's Sword Sprite ? Bogard
Throwing Dagger FFA Amanda's Dagger ? Amanda
Arrow FFA Lester's Arrow ? Lester
Laser FFA Marcie's Laser ? Marcie

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Rusted Sword


The sword Rusty could be obtained during the Final Fantasy Adventure event Glaive Castle - Exploration. It has an Attack power of only 20, but it has exclusive effects (Excalibur, Gemma's Awakening) when equipped by Sumo.

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