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The following is a list of all statuses found in Final Fantasy Adventure. All afflictions will disappear in time, but they will severely hinder the player in battle. It is advised to remedy any ill condition with items or magic as soon as possible. However, in the state of Moog, the player has no choice but to run from enemy attacks.

List of statuses[]

There are four different types of status ailments that the player's character can be afflicted with. These conditions are caused by attacks from enemies.


Character loses HP rapidly, relieve with the magic of Heal or Pure potion.


Character is blind in darkness. Relieve with the magic of Heal or Eyedrp. During this time, the player's screen will be dark and the player will barely see the field or room.


Character us unable to move from that spot, relieve with the magic of Heal or Soft potions. Sumo will be petrified and will not be able to move. This makes him very vulnerable to enemy attacks, but he will still be able to attack in place.


Character's defense rating drops to 0, and the player lose control of buttons A and B, disabling the player from attacking or recovering. Sumo's sprite will turn into an image of a moogle in this condition. There is no known item that can cure it. Although there is a moogle item, but the player can't use it during Moog.


In normal state, condition reads Good, but if the player have been attacked with special powers, their condition may be affected.


  • Most of these statuses return in Secret of Mana; and in its 2018 remake, it becomes much easier to spot changes. If any of the three heroes gets "moogled", for instance, the moogle's wings will assume the victim's color: blue for Randi, pink for Primm, and green for Popoi.