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This is a list of items that appear in Final Fantasy Adventure.

Recovery itemsEdit

Recovery items recovers Sumo's battle wounds, condition, and MP.

Name Effect Description # of Uses Price
FFA Candy IconCandy Restores 8 HP. Pop this sweet candy in your mouth to recover a little amount of HP. 1 60 GP
FFA Potion IconCure Restores 16 HP. Dried herbs brewed in sacred water, effective for recovering HP. 2 40 GP
FFA Potion IconX-Cure Restores 100 HP. Made from dried herb roots. Has stronger effect than the Cure Potion. 2 160 GP
FFA Potion IconEther Restores 10 MP. A sorcerer's potion for recovering MP. 1 320 GP
FFA Potion IconX-Ether Restores 15 MP. Contains the magic powers of a great sorcerer. Has stronger effect than the Ether Potion for recovering MP. 1 640 GP
FFA Potion IconElixir Fully recovers HP/MP. A mysterious potion developed by alchemists over the ages. Recovers HP and MP to the maximum. 1
FFA Potion IconPure Removes Pois. An effective antidote for any kind of deadly poison. 3 30 GP
FFA Potion IconEyedrp Removes Dark. Medicine once used by a fairy to cure a blind girl. Contains dew collected from white lilies. 3 60 GP
FFA Potion IconSoft Removes Ston. A mixture of cockscomb, lizard tails, and gold dust. Remedies petrification. 3 90 GP
FFA Potion IconMoogle Removes Moog. A quick remedy for moogle. Can't be used because in moogle status you can't use items. 4 120 GP
FFA Potion IconUnicorn Removes all abnormal conditions. An all-purpose remedy for poison, blindness, petrification, or moogle. 1

Power-up itemsEdit

Power-up items increases Sumo's powers for a period of time.

Name Effect Description # of Uses Price
FFA Crystal IconCrystal Max Attack gauge. Hold it up to the sky at a crucial moment. It will immediately boost the Attack Gauge to max. 1
FFA Crystal IconStamina Temporarily boost Stamina. A magical stone containing mysterious ingredients. Use it to temporarily boost your Stamina rating. 1
FFA Crystal IconWisdom Temporarily boost Wisdom. A magical rock created by a sorcerer who worshiped the goddess of Wisdom. Temporarily boosts your Wisdom rating. 2
FFA Crystal IconNectar Temporarily boost Power. A magical stone containing the powers of the gods. Temporarily boosts your Power rating. 1
FFA Crystal IconWill Temporarily boost Will. A magical stone created by a sorcerer who worshiped the goddess of will. Temporarily boosts your Will rating. 1

Route-making ItemsEdit

Without these two items, the player will not be able to make way through their journey.

Name Effect Description # of Uses Price
FFA Mattock IconMattok Break objects and walls. Can also be use as a weapon. A special pickaxe for breaking rocks, pots, and weakly constructed walls. Becomes broken after several uses. 7 60 GP
FFA Key IconKey Opens locked doors. Opens simple locks. Becomes broken after several use. 4 15 GP

Cash-in itemsEdit

Cash-in items have no particular use, but they can be exchanged for a good amount of money.

Name Effect Description # of Uses Price
FFA Pouch IconGold Sells for 750 GP. A leather pouch full of gold dust. Sell it for cash whenever you find one.
FFA Pouch IconRuby Sells for 100 GP. A leather pouch containing rubies. Sell it at the item shops.
FFA Pouch IconOpal Sells for 1750 GP. A leather pouch containing opals. Sell it at the item shops.

Attack itemsEdit

There are eight types of items used for attacking enemies. Item attacks are executed in the same way and have the same effects as magic, but not necessarily the same amount of damage. Items don't consume MP, and should be used when the player wants to save their MP. However, unlike magic, items disappear after a limited number of use.

Name Effect Description # of Uses Price
FFA Orb IconSilence Disables magic. An orb containing the magic of Mute. Disables enemies to chant magic spells by silencing them. 1 100 GP
FFA Orb IconPillow Stop enemies. An orb containing the magic of Slep. Can be used during a battle. 1 100 GP
FFA Orb IconFlame Fire attack. An orb containing fire, when broken, a ball of fire attacks an enemy. Has the same effect as the magic Fire. 1 60 GP
FFA Orb IconBlaze Fire attack. A more powerful version of Flame. Used in the same way, but more destructive. 2 240 GP
FFA Orb IconBlizrd Ice attack. An orb containing snow crystals. Has the same effect as the magic of Ice. 2 80 GP
FFA Orb IconFrost Ice attack. A more powerful version of Blizrd. Used in the same way, but more destructive. 2 320 GP
FFA Orb IconLitBlt Lightning attack. An orb containing the energy of a lightning bolt. Has the same effect as the magic of Lit. 2 100 GP
FFA Orb IconThundr Lightning attack. A more powerful version of Litblt. Used in the same way, but its destructive power is far greater. 2 400 GP


Story itemsEdit

These items become crucial factors to the progress of the adventure.

Name Effect Description # of Uses Price
FFA Key IconBronze Opens door. Unlocks the entrance to the Cave of Marsh. Lizardmen hold this key. Unlimited
FFA Key IconBone Opens door. A key decorated with a dreadful skull, it unlocks the door to the underground cave. Unlimited
Pendant Reverses waterfalls. A beautiful pendant with the mystical power to reverse the Waterfall.
Mirror Reveals identity. Holds a magical power to reveal the identity of an evil being. 1
Silver Used to make special armor/weapons. A strong, easy to process metal. Once the dwarves have mined for it.
Amanda Cure Lester of his curse. Transforms humans into horrible monsters when they are contaminated with this. 1
Oil Loosen up minecart wheels. Use to lubricate. Can be bought at an item shop somewhere. 1 500 GP
FFA Pouch IconFang Exchange for info in Jadd. The fang of a desert monster, sought for by many people as the symbol of courage. 1

Dummied itemsEdit

There are quite a few items that were removed entirely from the North American version, leaving no names behind. In the Japanese version only the name remains, and the items do not do anything, even if acquired through hacking. Most of them appear to be unused story items.

List of dummied items:
  • Flare Web
  • Flare Bazooka
  • Dummy Spare 2
  • Fire Ring
  • Rusted Key
  • Blue Orb
  • Red Orb
  • Star Sapphire
  • Balancer
  • Moon Crystal
  • Scenario Spare 2
  • Scenario Spare 3
  • Scenario Spare 4
  • Scenario Spare 5
  • Torch
  • Earth Drum
  • Moogle Flute
  • Reserve
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