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Final Fantasy Adventure has only one playable character, but the party can consist of two members, which includes Sumo and an uncontrollable temporary party member.

Player character[]

Name Image Description
Sumo FFA Sumo Sprite.png Sumo is the main character. He's a prisoner at Glaive Castle, but manages to escape and embarks on a grand adventure.


Name Image Description
Fuji FFA Fuji Sprite.png Fuji is a mysterious girl that has a pendant which is the key to the the power of Mana.
Mysterious Man FFA Mysterious Man Sprite.png Sumo meets him inside the Cave of Marsh. He immediately offers his help in finding the Mirror that can help him find the Fuji.
Watts FFA Watts Sprite.png Watts is a dwarf, he joins Sumo in finding the Silver so he'll be able to pass through Gaia Pass.
Bogard FFA Bogard Sprite.png Bogard is a former Gemma Knight, but still powerful, he helps Sumo save Fuji inside the airship.
Amanda FFA Amanda Sprite.png Sumo meets her at the beginning of the game, and again inside the Cave of Medusa to find the Tears of Medusa to free Lester from the curse cast by Davias.
Lester FFA Lester Sprite.png Lester is the brother of Amanda. Sumo sees him in the form of a parrot inside Davias' Mansion. He joins upon breaking the curse Davias put upon him.
Marcie FFA Marcie Sprite.png Marcie is a robot built by Dr. Bowow. Marcie lived in the Dime Tower ever since it sank beneath the sand.
Chocobo FFA Chocobo Sprite.png Sumo find its egg near north of Menos inside a forest and upon hatching, believes that Sumo is its mother.

Other Characters[]

Name Image Description
Willy FFA Willy Dead Sprite.png He is Sumo's friend, and tries to tell him about the Mana Tree and the Knights of Gemma.
Hasim FFA Willy Dead Sprite.png A Gemma Knight who dies while escorting Fuji to Bogard.
Butler FFA Butler Sprite.png The butler is found inside Kett, guarding the doorway. He welcomes guests to stay for the night. His true identity, once revealed by the Mirror, is a Werewolf.
Mr. Lee FFA Mr. Lee Sprite.png A vampire who kidnaps Fuji for her blood, but Sumo finds her confined inside a casket before Mr. Lee manages to do it.
Cibba FFA Cibba Sprite.png He's a respected sage living in Wendel and he used to be a great warrior.
Fuji's Mother FFA Fuji's Mother Sprite.png She's Fuji's mother, and comes from the Mana Family. She helps the Gemma Knights win the battle against the Vandole Empire.
Gaia FFA Gaia Sprite.png Gaia has its own will and feelings, it likes Silver. It will let Sumo in if he wears Silver equipment, otherwise it'll spit him out.
Medusa FFA Medusa Sprite.png Medusa is the mother of Davias, she was sealed within the Cave of Medusa.
Davias FFA Davias Sprite.png He's a minion of Julius, and he controls the town of Jadd. He turned Lester into a parrot. His mother is Medusa.
Sarah FFA Sarah Sprite.png Sarah is a young woman from Ish, she didn't believe Bogard at first when he mention that Sumo can save their world. But started to believe in him after seeing Chocobo helping Sumo out.
Dr. Bowow FFA Dr. Bowow Sprite.png He is a genius inventor who lives in Ish who created Marcie.
King of Lorim FFA King of Lorim.png King of Lorim's kingdom had its citizens frozen, he ask Sumo to defeat the monster who caused in which resides within the Cara Mountain Range.
King of Vandole King of Vandole is Julius' father. Near the end of the war, when his side was losing, he left his baby son near the Waterfall.


Name Image Description
Julius FFA Julius Sprite.png The only survivor of Vandole, his goal in life is to destroy the Gemma Knights. He's the Dark Lord's trusty servant.
Dark Lord FFA Dark Lord Sprite.png Dark Lord is the emperor of Glaive Empire and the main antagonist. He's searching for the Mana Tree so he can become even more powerful.