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The Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 1: Character is the first of the Anniversary Ultimania created for the series's 20th Anniversary. The book was edited by Studio BentStuff and published by Square Enix on the SE-Mook imprint on January 31, 2008. The book was released as an e-book on February 1, 2018.

The book covers over 1400 from the original Final Fantasy up until Final Fantasy XII, and also including Final Fantasy X-2. Each chapter includes release data about the game, a story synopsis, and a relationships diagram. Characters are generally found in three tiers: the Main Characters (メインキャラクター, Mein Kyarakutā?) split into Party Characters (パーティキャラクター, Pāti Kyarakutā?) and Rival Characters (ライバルキャラクター, Raibaru Kyarakutā?) (villains), then the sub-cast is divided over multiple categories, and the most minor featured in a table at the end to complete the set. Most characters have a bio, locations encountered (excluding party members) and "Impressive Words" sections which give notable quotes from the character. Main and rival characters profiles include data for birthplace, sex, and age. Other biographical details available for the game are also given. Party and Rival characters have a "Topics of [character]" section which discuss different aspects, events, and interactions of the character.


FF Series Character Reminiscence
キャラクター振り返る『FF』シリーズ (Kyarakutā Furikaeru Efu Efu Shirīzu?), p.004
Features examples of character relationships within the series: Romance (恋愛, Ren'ai?), Rival (ライバル, Raibaru?), Master and servant (主従, Shūjū?), Parent and child (親子, Oyako?), and Sibling (兄弟, Kyōdai?)
Character Index
(作品別 主要キャラクターINDEX, Sakuhin-betsu Shuyō Kyarakutā Indekkusu?, lit. Primary Character Index by Work), p.007
Contents page for the Final Fantasy chapters of the book.
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XII
Yoshitaka Amano interview
天野喜孝インタビュー (Amano Yoshitaka Intabyū?), p.500
20th Anniversary logo draft illustration collection
20周年ロゴ原案イラスト集 (Nijū-shūnen rogo gen'an irasuto-shū?), p.504
Index (インデックス, Indekkusu?)

Ultimania Check[]

See the evolution of FF graphics from the appearance of main characters
主人公の姿から見る『FF』の映像の進化 (Shujinkō no sugata kara miru Efu Efu no eizō no shinka?), p.026
Shows the sprites of the main characters for each game in their original form (the battle sprites for the first five gamse) for comparison, and makes comparisons about the graphical style and technical application of the character sprites/models in each game.
Ask Koichi Ishii: Chocobos
石井浩一氏に聞く「チョコボ」 (Ishii Koichi-shi ni iku "Chokobo"?), p.052
Interview with Koichi Ishii about chocobos.
Ask Koichi Ishii: Moogles
石井浩一氏に聞く「モーグリ」 (Ishii Koichi-shi ni iku "Mōguri"?), p.076
Interview with Koichi Ishii about moogles.
History of Tutorial Characters
チュートリアルキャラクターの歴史 (Chūtoriaru Kyarakutā no Rekishi?), p.118
Looks at the way in which the character is taught things about the game, such as the Beginner's Hall, and the characters who teach the player (e.g. Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, Qusitis and Seifer in Final Fantasy VIII). There are columns about the old men who tell the player about their game progress, and tutorial mascots (such as the moogles and imp in Final Fantasy VI).
Generations of "FF" character types #1
歴代『FF』あんなキャラこんなキャラ① (Rekidai "Efu Efu" anna kyara konna kyara (ichi)?), p.144
Feature listing characters in the series that fit into archetypes.
  • Flirtish women loving men (ナンパで女好きな男たち, nanpa de onnazuki na otoko-tachi?)
    • Bonus: Women loving annoyances (女好きで迷惑なヤツラ, onnazuki de meiwaku na yatsura?)
  • Cool people of few words (口数の少ないクールな人々, kuchikazu no sukunai kūru na hitobito?)
    • Bonus: People who aren't good at speaking (しゃべるのが苦手な人たち, shaberu no ga nigatena hito-tachi?)
  • Kids who do their best (がんばる子どもたち, ganbaru kodomo-tachi?).
Generations of "FF" character types #2
歴代『FF』あんなキャラこんなキャラ② (Rekidai "Efu Efu" anna kyara konna kyara (ni)?), p.186
Continuation of previous part
  • Venerable royalty (由緒正しき王家の人々, yuisho tadashiki ōke no hitobito?)
  • Thieves seeking riches (金品を狙う盗賊たち, kinpin o nerau tōzoku-tachi?)
    • Bonus: Hunters chasing treasures (お宝を追うハンターたち, otakara o ou hantā-tachi?))
  • Non-human partners (人間以外の相棒, ningen igai no aibō?).
FF Characters in Other Games #1
『FF』キャラクターin Other Games① ("Efu Efu" Kyarakutā in āza gēmuzu (ichi)?), p.226
Details Final Fantasy VII characters who appear in other Compilation of Final Fantasy VII titles, Final Fantasy XII characters in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy Tactics cameos, the Final Fantasy XII characters who also appear in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and the Final Fantasy IX moogle names who appear in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The section also details appearances of moogles, chocobos, and Cids in these titles.
FFVIII Movie Storyboard Collection
(『FFVIII』ムービーコンテ集, Efu Efu Eito Mūbī Konte-shū?), p.266
Sketched storyboards of some Final Fantasy VIII FMV scenes.
FF Characters in Other Games #2
『FF』キャラクターin Other Games② ("Efu Efu" Kyarakutā in āza gēmuzu (ni)?), p.320
Details Final Fantasy appearances in non-Final Fantasy games. Details the Chocobo series, the Kingdom Hearts series, Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special and Portable, Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring, Hanjuku Hero, and nine other Square games.
FF Series Voice Actor List
『FF』シリーズ声優リスト ("Efu Efu" Shirīzu Seiyū Risuto?), p.364
A list of all the voice actors and the characters they play. The list does not include characters too insignificant to be covered in the Ultimania (who are covered in the game's respective Ultimania).
FF Series Color Figures
『FF』シリーズを彩るフィギュア ("Efu Efu" Shrīzu o irodoru figyua?), p.398
List of Square Enix figurines between 2006 and 2008.
Staple Character Changes
定番キャラクターの変遷 (Teiban Kyarakutā no Hensen?), p.452
Lists appearances of Cid, Gilgamesh, and Biggs and Wedge, and details each game they appear in.


Square Enix
Studio BentStuff
Akira Yamashita (director/interviewer)
Yuko Ono (大野優子) (sub-director/FFIX/X-2)
Benny Matsuyama (FFVIII)
Ichiro Tezuka (FFV/VI)
Yoshiyuki Otsu (大津佳之) (FFXI/XII/relationship diagrams)
Masayuki Sawada (澤田真之) (FFVII/X/relationship diagrams/Ultimania Check)
Ryosuke Sakuma (FFIII)
Ryota Ode (大出綾太)(interview composition/Ultimania Check)
Naoki Yamanaka (山中直樹) (FFIII&XI support/Ultimania Check)
Toshimitsu Itaba (Character Reminiscence/interview composition)
Tomoko Kusakabe (日下部智子) (FFVII&VIII&X&X-2&XII support)
Tomohito Koishi (小石朋仁) (FFIV&XI support)
Kaoru Nakatani (中谷薫) (FFV&VI support)
Shogo Shirasaki (白崎正悟) (FFIX&X-2 support)
Masahiro Kimura (木村昌弘) (FFII&III support/Ultimania Check)
Osamu Shiga (志賀修) (FFI support)
Shinta Suganuma (菅沼愼太) (FFVII&XI support)
Shinichi Suezaki (末崎進一) (FFII support)
Daisuke Fukui (福井大輔) (FFX-2 support)
Keita Ode (大出啓太) (FFX support)
Masamu Fukami (深見真咲) (FFI/II/III)
Cover design
Banana Studio co., ltd.
Tadashi Shimada
Norie Kadokura
Wan, Inc.
Naoko Kanda (神田奈保子)
Kazu Doo
Jun Imura (井村旬)
Ryoko Okuno (奥野良子)
Mako Kaneko (金子真呼)
Satoshi Toriumi (鳥海慧)
Hiroshi Shibaizumi
Yaei Kato (加藤弥栄)
Norio Miyazaki (宮崎謙雄)
Yoshitaka Amano Office
Square Enix
Publicity Department

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