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ADV Films handled the home release of Final Fantasy: Unlimited in North America and the United Kingdom.


The Japanese release distributed the anime in nine "Phases", while the ADV Films release distributed them in seven. The Final Fantasy: Unlimited Complete Collection was released on August 23, 2005 with the the episodes split between five DVDs.

One episode per DVD had commentary featured. These are marked below.

# Commentary English DVDs English Boxset
1 Jessica Schwartz (Ai) and Shawn Sides (Lisa) Phase 1
October 28, 2003
Disc 1
FFU DVD 01.png
5 Phase 2
December 9, 2003
6 Disc 2
FFU DVD 03.png
8 Edwin Neal (Pist) and Larissa Wolcott (Lou)
9 Phase 3
January 20, 2004
11 Disc 3
Final Fantasy Unlimited US Phase 4 cover.jpg
12 Grant James (Fungus) and Lainie Frasier (Chocobaba)
13 Phase 4
March 2, 2004
14 Brian Jepson (Oscha) and Jessica Smolins (Herba)
16 Disc 4
Final Fantasy Unlimited US Phase 5 cover.jpg
17 Evan Slack (Yu) and Samantha Inoue Harte (Chobi) Phase 5
April 13, 2004
20 Phase 6
May 25, 2004
21 Disc 5
Final Fantasy Unlimited US Phase 6 cover.jpg
22 Robert Newell (Cid) and J. Hudson Brownlee (Kaze)
23 Phase 7
July 6, 2004
25 J. Hudson Brownlee (Kaze) and Elena Carrillo (Tyrant)


Each DVD case has a cover with the title and logo, and back with a blurb, contents, screenshots, and a basic credits, and rating information. On the reverse of the covers is artwork borrowed from the Japanese DVD covers on the right, and an episode list on the left. The DVD is designed so the covers can be flipped so one can display their preferred cover.

Each DVD comes with a small booklet and disc with artwork on.

A Collector's Edition version of the Phase 1 DVD came with a box designed for holding all eventual seven DVDs.

Complete Collection[]

The Complete Collection does not feature anything printed on the reverse of the covers. Since it was printed on five DVDs. The back does not list extra features, but tends to have longer blurbs since more episodes are being covered. Some also include additional illustrations. The disc and disc cases' designs correspond to Phase 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively. The screenshots remain the same except Disc 5 which takes it screenshots from Phase 7.

The Complete Collection came with a differently designed box holding its five DVDs. The spines of all the disc cases match the box.


The seven individually sold DVDs each came with a four-page booklet (cover, back cover, and two-page inside spread). The contents are largely based on the Japanese booklets but with most of the contents reorganized to fit into a smaller number of booklets. The booklets are full of artworks and screenshots, and contain profiles for the characters, summons, and other miscellaneous pieces in the series.

Character Files[]

Each main character has a "Character File", and near some are other noted related points of interest (e.g. Yu's Poshepocket). Certain other characters also have profiles who are not assigned numbers. These characters are covered under Secondary Characters.

Character File: 01 - Kaze
(Phase 1)
This silent, expresionless man defeats monsters once he thaws the Magun on his right arm. All of his memories of the past have been lost, and he walks though life without knowing who or what he is. Yu names both Kaze and the Magun after seeing them in action. The only thing he is sure about in life is his fight with Makenshi. He longs only to see things finished between them.
Character File: 02 - Ai Hayakawa
(Phase 1)
This twelve-year old daughter of the Hayakawas rode on the Subway into Wonderland with her younger twin brother, Yu, in search of their lost parents. She is an energetic, intensely curious little girl who is very positive and outgoing. But, her good moods don't last too long. She loves creepy, cute things like her gift from Fabula, Poshepocket, with whom she fell in love with at first sight.
This is the living pocket creature of Wonderland. He can store away huge amounts of objects in his mouth and also spit up very useful items. From time to time, whenever he feels like it, he mutters in an unintelligible speech.
Character File: 03 - Yu Hayakawa
(Phase 1)
He is Ai's younger twin brother. Always sure to introduce himself when he meets someone new, he shows no signs of shyness, even towards someone like Kaze (who is surrounded by such an unapproachable aura). He tends to act like an adult in that he always proceeds with caution along their journey. But he also has an innocent, childish side that can be seen in such acts as mindlessly chasing cute animals like Chocobo. Through the use of the penna, he can converse with Chobi.
This charm was made from a collection of Chocobo spirits. The spirit power of the Chocobo that dwells in the penna allows Yu to understand the feelings of the Chocobo. This only works for Yu, and would not work for anyone else, even if they were to wear it.
Character File: 04 - Chobi
(Phase 1)
This is one of the birds of happiness that lives in Wonderland. He becomes emotionally attached to Yu after Yu finds one of Chcoobo's feathers in the forest. Chobi joins them on their journey and always knows when the Subway will be leaving next.
Character File: 05 - Lisa Pacifist
(Phase 2)
Ai and Yu first meet 22 year old Lisa in the Subway, where she decides to help the twins search for their parents in Wonderland. She is able to manipulate spirits found in nature through the use of her Kigen Arts and uses this power to protect the two twins from the various monsters of Wonderland. Ai believes that Lisa came to Wonderland in search of her boyfriend, but her true reason for coming is still a mystery.
Character File: 06 - Pist
(Phase 2)
One of the Four Lords of Gaudium, Pist is a very resourceful, magic shark. He analyzes data from past battles and uses it to form strategies for his operations, like stealing the Magun from Kaze. Just in case you were wondering, his mouth is located on the back of his head.
Pist's Gun
This is Pist's high-powered special water gun that has many different attacks, one of which involves stealing his opponent's weapon from their hands.
Pist's Car
This is Pist's custom stretch automobile, complete with a custom cockpit that looks more like a swimming pool than a car seat.
Character File: 07 - Herba
(Phase 2)
One of the Four Lords of Gaudium, Herba can be quite hedonistic. Even her reasons for serving Earl Tyrant stem from her desire for action and attention. She commands and controls plant life to attack her opponents.
These little babies are Herba's favorite, flower henchmen whom she loves to send after her enemies.
Character File: 08 - Kumo
(Phase 2)
The wielder of the Maken (literally "Evil Sword") lives under the Earl's roof, but he is not one of the Four Lords. He is not really interested in finishing things with Kaze, unless the Earl orders him to challenge Kaze to a fight. The Earl calls him "Makenshi."
Character File: 09a - Lou Lupus
(Phase 3)
A little girl, whose homeland was destroyed by Omega. She now travels in search for a place where she belongs. She meets Ai and the others on the Subway, where they are attacked by Omega. When Kaze saves them, she falls in love with him. She decides that the place she belongs is by Kaze's side. She transforms into a werewolf.
Character File: 09b - Werewolf
(Phase 3)
Lou's appearance when she is transformed. She is a survivor of a race that has the ability to transform when they gaze into their own eyes reflected in a mirror. Her ultimate attack is her howl which is a super-high frequency wave.
Character File: 10 - Sagi
(Phase 3)
The little boy, who appears in the room where Dead Peppers grew in Herba's mansion. He actually turns out to be the manifestation of a sagisa flower that Lisa had raised as a child. In the language of flowers, it means, "my thoughts will follow you into your dreams."
Character File: 11 - Ciel Chocobo
(Phase 3)
This is what Chobi, who travels with Yu and the others looks like when he breaks the seal and dons the legendary Ciel armor. Ciel refers to the mysticl brilliance that is passed dwon from one strong chocobo to the next. Lacking a successor, the Ciel had been sealed away into the Ciel Monolith. His sole special ability is the ability to fly. He cannot maintain his transformation for long periods of time.
Character File: 12 - Cid
(Phase 4)
A member of the Comodeen. A genius inventor, who can make anything, which includes the Wonderland Watch that Chobi wears, the Subway, and even a submarine. He gives each of his inventions a woman's name and loves them dearly. However, due to his love for them, if they receive even the slightest scratch, his personality changes drastically, and he attacks the opponent in a rage. Normally, he is a pleasant young man, who uses gentle and polite speech, even towards the kids, Ai and Yu.
Cid's Mark
Character File: 13 - Oscha
(Phase 4)
One of the Four Lords of Gaudium, he is very different than the other three in that he never actually fights his battles himself. He can always be found near Earl Tyrant, serving him obediently.
Character File: 14 - Crux
(Phase 4)
This is the living doll that Oscha made to be used as a spy. Crux reports the movements of Kaze, Ai, Yu, and Lisa back to Gaudium. All he can say is, "Cuccruu."
Character File: 15 - Fungus
(Phase 4)
One of the Four Lords of Gaudium. An immortal mushroom miliary man. He has sword allegiance to Earl Tyrant in order to restore his world, which was swallowed up by Chaos. He grew gigantic through the Hardness Bacillus.
Character File: 16 - Fungo
(Phase 4)
A member of the Comodeen. He'll eat anything. He even stole and ate Ai and Yu's backpacks. In the world he used to live in, stealing other people's things was a natural way of life.
Character File: 17 - Kumo ("Makenshi")
(Phase 5)
A Maken wielder called the White Cloud. He initiates his summons by adding a linear motion with his sword to a vapor-like energy called Mist. His breath is also Mist, so he keeps it under control with his mask in order to prevent it from becoming activated under normal circumstances. In the past, he fought alongside his brother to protect his home world from Chaos's attack, but the world was destroyed anyway. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding this character, due to the fact that he is a man of few words.
Character File: 18 - Kiri ("Madoushi")
(Phase 5)
The elder brother of Kumo. He dueled Chaos in order to protect his home world and died in action. He had turned into a soul wandering around Wonderland, but was revived by Oscha's sorcery. He desires a duel with his younger brother to see which is the greater swordsman. As his name ("Mist") implies, Kiri can also summon a sword dragon through the use of Mist.
Character File: 19 - Miles
(Phase 5)
A woman warrior of the underground organization, Comodeen. She leads the way and commands the troop. She uses a multi-shot pan-pipe type blowgun. She has helped out Ai with a change of clothes twice.
Character File: 20 - Clear
(Phase 5)
A part of Omega, who has a kind heart. He wears clothing made of flying water, which can be found in Teros beyond the sea of Wonderland. With it, he suppresses his Omega powers. The Earl desperately wants to capture him in order to complete the project and resurrect Omega.
Omega Crystal
One of the crystalline fragments of Omega. Omega brings destruction by its mere existence.
Character File: 21 - Earl Tyrant
(Phase 6)
He rules Wonderland. His ultimate goal is to become a god, ruling all known worlds. He is using the Four Lords of Gaudium to search for Omega in order to nurture CHaos, the energy that swallows up worlds. He is also manipulating Ai and Yu's parents, the Hayakawas, who were doing research on Wonderland. He is having them work inside the Gaudium as patissiers in order to feed Chaos. He hates Kaze and orders his elimination. He looks and acts like a spoiled little kid.
Tyrants's Mark
Character File: 22 - Knave
(Phase 6)
He is the leader of the underground organization called the Comodeen. In order to establish true order in Wonderland, he is preparing his troops for a war against the one who controls Wonderland, the Earl.
Character File: 23 - Moogle
(Phase 6)
A master of Soil and Kaze's partner. He has been looking for Kaze ever since they got separated in their home world of Windaria. He fixes up the broken Magun, though not perfectly.
Character File: 24 - Cactuar
(Phase 6)
A creature similar to a cactus. They lived with a lot of fellow Cactuars in the desert of Wonderland, but their home was destroyed by the Wandering Sea. They fire the thorns in their bodies to protect themselves. They are weak against water.
Character File: 25 - Fabula
(Phase 7)
She guides people down the proper path and to their destinies. She appeared before Ai to give her Poshepocket. Alsom when Ai and the others were on the Subway that was attacked by Omega, she led them outside by opening a dimensional tunnel with the palace shaped like a seashell. However, she never directly lends a hand to help the wanderers.
Character File: 26 - Bolbol
He makes garments out of Flying Water in Teros, at the furthest reaches of the seas of Wonderland. They are all unique items, so they are expensive. But to Clear, he had given the clothes for free.
Character File: 27 - Chaos
The Earl's true form. It consumes the writhing suffering emotions of all living things, such as fear, confusion, hatred, and sorrow, and turns it into energy. It was even turning Kaze's firing of the Magun into energy. He tries to combine Ai, Yu, and Omega's power together.
Character File: 28 - Chaos Configuration 2
Its form after it powered up by incorporation the Sword Dragon, which was summoned using the very soul of Makenshi (Kumo). It was unable to manifest its innate powers because Makenshi's awareness suppressed Chaos's power.

Secondary Characters[]

Non-numbered characters. The Chocobo Sisters do not have the "Secondary Characters" header, and so may actually be intended to be viewed as sub-points of interest of Ciel Chocobo.

Mary Hayakawa
(Phase 1)
Mother of Ai and Yu, she is Joe's wife who assists him in his research. When Joe and Mary once again go back into Wonderland, their whereabouts become unknown.
Joe Hayakawa
(Phase 1)
He is the world's leading researching in the field of Wonderland physics. After traveling once to Wonderland, he came back and published the book called "Day of Conjunction," about his experience.
(Phase 3)
Chocobaba's younger sister. She commands a flock of chocobo and is on a journey in search of the legendary Ciel. Her stock phrases are, "Let me see..." and "Or something like that."
(Phase 3)
This old lady LOVES Chocobo! In response to Lisa, Yu, and Ai's questions she responds with nothing but, "I have no clue," or "At least that's the rumor." They cannot have much of a conversation with her.
(Phase 4)
A giant mermaid, who loves cleverness. She presents riddles, and with each wrong answer, the entire Ocean Puzzle cube is moved closer to Chaos. Anyone who answers three questions wrong is turned into water.
(Phase 4)
The woman that appears in Kaze's fragmented memories. She is wearing the same earring as Kaze, but their exact relationship is a mystery.
Frog Hermit
(Phase 5)
A frog capable of using magic. He is in charge of one of the Ocean Puzzle challenges called the Toad Cube. With Toad Magic, he turns Cid into a frog.
Cid Frog
(Phase 5)
Cid, after he has been turned into a frog by the Frog Hermit's magic. He is unable to speak. He is named "Keronta" by Yu.
Members of Comodeen
(Phase 5)
These are the members of Comodeen, who fight in order to restore peace and order to Wonderland. They are all people whose worlds were swallowed up by Chaos.

Summon Files[]

Summon File: 01 - Phoenix
(Phase 1)
This Summon takes the shape of the eternal bird. He enters his opponent's body and, through a blazing expansion from the inside, causes them to burst.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The origin of all things, Mother Black!
A heat that will scorch all things, Fire Red!
And then the critical point of everythingm Burning Gold!
Summon File: 02 - Typhoon
(Phase 1)
Typhoon is one with the wind... he is a Summon that will disappear along with the space. He burrows and takes out a hole in a certain space, pushing his opponent through, ultimately smashing them.
The Three Necessary Soil:
An infinity that surpasses the heavens, Sky Blue!
A completeness that goes through solid earth, Ground Brown!
And fnially, the deception to hollow out a dimension, Magic Violet!
Summon File: 03 - Shiva
(Phase 1)
This Summon can manipulate the absolute zero temperature. When sent after Herba's infinite number of monsters, he is able to freeze all of them in a blink of an eye.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The cry of a soul without light, Dark Green!
The one who forbids the birth of life, Virgin White!
And finally, to freeze all things, Ice Blue!
Summon File: 04 - Ixion
(Phase 2)
This Summon's entire body is clad in thunder. He is able to release an incredible thunder energy attack from the giant horn of his forehead.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The sleep that wraps death, Steel Gray!
Bubbling and boiling blood, Heat Crimson!
And finally, the light that penetrates darkness, Lightning Yellow!
Summon File: 05 - Bismarck
(Phase 2)
This Summon produces and then controls incredible amounts of water. Taking the shape of a graceful whale, he swims through his own enormous tidal wave.
The Three Necessary Soil:
Grinding up and eating rocks, Shark Gray!
The one that drinks up thirst, Water Blue!
What can even chew on empty space, Crusher White!
Summon File: 06 - Ifrit
(Phase 2)
This Summon can control fire. He makes fireballs and then throws him with both of his hands. His ultimate attack involves them rushing his enemy down while engulfed in flames.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The red hot fang, Cardinal Red!
The deep red hurricane, Dark Crimson!
The strength of steel, Burnt Sienna!
Summon File: 07 - Odin
(Phase 3)
He appears astride a 6-legged horse. The light he unleashes from his left hand annihilates any and all attackers, and his right hand, which is shaped like a spear, becomes gigantic in order to strike the enemy.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The light that dictates the time of eternity, Bright Silver!
The darkness that dictates the time of destruction, Destroy Black!
The moment that dictates the time of extinction, Steel Gray!
Summon File: 08 - Atomos
(Phase 3)
A summon that appears in the sky and sucks up everything around it. The inside of its mouth is a black hole?
The Three Necessary Soil:
The anger that mows down everything, Storm Blue!
The one that erases all color, Ash Gray!
The one that drops into infinite darkness, Silent Black!
Summon File: 09 - Titan
(Phase 3)
An enormous summon that appears by creating a chasm in the ground. With his colossal power, he lifts a rock bed as big as a mountain and uses it to crush his enemies.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The solid earth that protects, Gaia Brown!
The hidden, silent passion, Deep Vermillion!
The eternal vitality of life, Evergreen!
Summon File: 10 - Meteor Master
(Phase 4)
A summon that rends the skies and sends down a shower of meteors. Causing explosions, he burns the entire area around him to the ground.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The roar of the sky being destroyed, Horizon Gold!
A horrible rain of anger, Arrow Black!
THe light that drives a wedge in eternity, Photo Silver!
Summon File: 11 - Ixion Zero
(Phase 6)
This is Ixion's powered up form, thanks to Moogle fixing the Magun. It is enveloped entirely in lightning, has a giant horn that can unleash powerful bolts of lightning, and four wings. The three soils necessary to summon it are the same as for Ixion.
Summon File: 12 - Giga Phoenix
(Phase 7)
Phoenix in its powered up form. When the Soil was corroded by Pist's Blue Elenium, it had a blue body. The three soils necessary to summon it are the same as for Phoenix.
Summon File: 13 - Hougekiju (Gun Dragon)
(Phase 7)
The white Gun Dragon that Lisa summoned from the Magun by using the Soil made from the crystallization of the lives of Lou, Moogle, and Kaze. The black Gun Dragon that had appeared 12 years earlier in the Outer World was its form when it was taken in by Chaos.
The Three Necessary Soil:
The light that fills up your eyes, Tear Rainbow!
The ultimate spirit, Soul Gun Metal!
The helix of my life, Endless White!
Summon File: 14 - Ittouju (Sword Dragon)
(Phase 7)
It first appeared in the outside world along with the Pillar od Darkness. It is summoned when Makenshi (Kumo) adds a linear motion to a bottle filled with Mist. it has many permutations.
A look at the Mist used for summons
The only beast Makenshi (Kumo) is capable of summoning is the Sword Dragon. However, adjustments to the number of Mist used and the linear motion energy unleashed by the Maken determine the side and number that are summoned. The words and Sword Dragon on each occasion are as follows.
Episode #04
Embraced by the magical tune played by the Mist, now sleep! Silver Etude!
Makenshi (Kumo) unleashes it upon Kaze when he stormed Comodeen's base. One beast was summoned and it ran Kaze through.
Episode #13
Now sleep to the prelude of brightness played by the Mist! Prelude of the White Heat!
Makenshi (Kumo) tried to unleash this upon Kaze, who had fallen in to the underground cavern because of the battle with Fungus. But, because Kaze destroyed the small bottle of Mist a moment earlier, he was unable to summon the Sword Dragon.
Episode #18
Pure White Requiem! (Enveloped in a beautiful song, now sleep! Pure Red Requiem!)
These were summoned in his duel against his older brother, Madoshi (Kiri). It was a sad battle between brothers. Madoshi (Kiri) summoned a red Sword Dragon using the incantation written in parenthesis.
Episode #20
All things ride my beautiful song and be off! Nocturne of the White Heat!
Jane was controlling the Gaudium satellite, and he unleashed his giant Sword Dragon to force her to break away. It pierced the satellite with one blow and destroyed it.
Episode #23
Listen to the eternal instrumental duo, now sleep! Duet of the Arctic Night!
These are the two giant Sword Dragons that were summoned to stop the rampaging Giga Phoenix, which had gone out of control because of Pist's Blue Elenium.
Episode #24
The concerto played by my Mist seduces you, now sleep! Konzert of the Drawn Sword!
The two Sword Dragons summoned by the Duet of the Arctic Night were merged together using power unleashed by the Maken. It runs Kaze through, as he is unable to fire his Magun.
Episode #24
Play it, Pist! The Rhapsody of Innocence!
The Sword Dragon summoned by using Mist that incorporates Pist. It destroys the Ocean Puzzle.
Episode #24
Play it! Chalk Quartet!
The four Sword Dragons summoned to save Jane from Gaudium's attack. They destroyed the patrol satellites one after another.
Episode #25
The Mist of my soul, I must play it! Symphony of the White Cloud!
Makenshi (Kumo) converted his own soul into Mist. He purposefully allowed himself to be taken in to seal Chaos's mobility. Just as Kaze had done 12 years ago...

Correlation Chart[]

A chart in Phase 1's booklet that shows character relationships.

FFU Correlation Chart.png

Height Comparison Charts[]

A pair of images in Phase 6's booklet that shows character height comparisons. Each line appears to represent 50 centimeters.


Each DVD contained "clean" (creditless) opening and closing animations (Phase 1-3 ED: VIVID, Phase 4-7 ED: Romancing Train), a screen for DVD credits (coordinator, creative directors, menus, and production), and "ADV previews" of ADV Film's other shows.

Production Sketches[]

Phase 1

Phase 1 features sketches of Kaze and his weapons, and a few episodic sketches.

Phase 2

Phase 2 features sketches relating to Lisa and Ai.

Phase 3

Phase 3 features sketches relating to Yu, Lou, Fungus, and episode related sketches.

Phase 4

Phase 4 features sketches relating to Cid and his inventions, Ai's new outfit from Episode 14 onward, and Somosan from Episode 16.

Phase 5

Phase 5 features sketches relating to Kumo, Kiri, the Chocobo Sisters, Clear, and episode related sketches.

Phase 6

Phase 6 features sketches relating to Tyrant, Pist, Herba, Gaudium, and episode related sketches for the cactuar.

Key Animation Backgrounds[]

Referred to as "Production Backgrounds" on Phase 1, one appeared on all DVDs except 2 and 6.

Preliminary FF:U Illustrations[]

This appears on the Phase 1 DVD. These are concept works for an earlier vision of the show. The video shows an entire image, then zooms in on one spot, and then in most cases pans to another spot.

These illustrations were made during initial stages of production of the show. They depict early ideas and models for the main charactersi in the show, Kaze, Kumo, Lisa, Ai, and Yu. If you compare these to the characters in final, complete version of the show, they look like typical characters from a western style show. The age range of the characters is hgiher, and they have much more stout, big-boned body types. Another difference you'll notice is that the twins are actually doing some of the fighting. These illustrations also depict the foreign Wonderland world that appears in the show. During the first plans for the show, Ai and Yu were from a fictional world, not from our real world. But, in order to emphasize the differences in Wonderland, this fictional world was changed to present day Japan. It was very important to emphasize the differences between these two worlds in the first town that the twins arrive at in Wonderland.

FF:U Style Guide[]

This section has two parts (marked "Part 1" and "Part 2") on Phase 2 and Phase 6. The videos cycle through drawings of various things from the anime with their palettes labeled, cycling. It focuses on summons, creatures, and other miscellaneous objects. The first Part focuses mostly on the first two DVDs, while Part 2 includes things spanning the first six.

Part 1
Part 2

Voice Actor Commentary[]

Phase 1-7