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Listed below are the episodes appearing in the anime series, Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

  1. Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness
  2. Magun: Man of the Black Wind
  3. Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent
  4. Makenshi: The White Etude
  5. Cid: The Adventure of the Underground Waterway
  6. Kigen Arts: The Saviour of Souls
  7. Subway: Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel
  8. Soil: The Heart of the Magun
  9. Oscha: The Endless Project
  10. Mansion: The Memory of Sagiso
  11. Ciel: The Departure of Chocobo
  12. Fungus: Eternal Life
  13. Meteor: Abominable Memory
  14. Omega: Reunion and Departure
  15. Jane: The Moving Ocean Puzzle
  16. Kigen Summon: Behind the Smile
  17. Frog: The Smallest Great Adventure
  18. Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo
  19. Ai: Meeting with Clear
  20. Yu: The Secret of Gaudium
  21. Cactus: The Wandering Ocean
  22. Moogle: Nostalgic Memories
  23. Teros: Long Lost Memories
  24. Chaos: The Earl Unveiled
  25. Kaze: The Glory of Life