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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light has command abilities that the player can choose to use during battle, new spells being accessed from Tomes and new command abilities from crowns. Support abilities are passive and in effect as long as the wearer is alive in battle. Crowns have innate support effects, as do equipment pieces.

Command abilities[]

Command abilities expend AP to use during battle.


Magic can be used regardless of crown by equipping a magic tome the party has obtained. However, certain crowns are more proficient with different types of magic, and crowns attuned to a specific school of magic expend less AP to use the spells.

Black Magic[]

Black Magic channels the power of elements to deal direct damage to enemies, although couple non-elemental spells also exist. Black Magic spells are compatible in joint attacks (except for Desolator).

Dark Magic[]

Dark Magic is used to inflict a status ailments on enemies. Poison and Drain are the only Dark Magic spells that deals damage. Dark Magic spells are compatible in joint attacks.

White Magic[]

White Magic restores HP, boosts the party's attributes, and removes negative status effects. White Magic is incompatible in joint attacks.

Crown abilities[]

Each crown learns abilities. The crown starts with some and obtains new abilities when the crown is upgraded with gems.

See individual crown articles for ability lists.

Support abilities[]

Support abilities are passively active during battle and thus do not expend AP. Each crown has its own special property, such getting Game Over with Freelancer lets the player keep their accumulated gems. The enhancements are available since the party gains the crown and unlike most other games in the series, it is not possible to learn more support abilities for the jobs. Equipment pieces also provide innate enhancements, such as weapons inflicting status ailments on targets, and armor boosting stats. The accessories' main purpose is to provide support abilities, although some also have stats.

See individual crown articles for their support abilities.
See weapon list for weapon effects, armor list for armor effects and accessory list for accessory effects.