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A young girl who appeared from within the Crystal of Earth with no memories of her past, save her own name. Though she displays the innocence and curiosity of a child, her prowess with white magic and archery suggests there is more to her than she herself yet understands...

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Fina is the tritagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A White Mage, she is a mysterious girl encased in a crystal who grants Rain and Lasswell the power of visions so that they may save the world of Lapis from the Sworn Six of Paladia.

Fina is a major character in both season one and two and is the focus character of season three, acquiring the powers of a Blue Mage and leading her own party across the Farplane while battling The Hollow and learning of her true origins.

Fina appears in the game's logo alongside Rain's Crimson Saber and Lasswell's Purple Lightning. In battle, she wields a bow called Reincarnation.



Fina has red eyes and blond hair adorned with a flower and a hair clip. She wears a gray vest with a purple and white sleeveless jacket with a white hood and cloak similar to that of a traditional White Mage. She wears a purple and white skirt, black stockings, white boots, and black and white gloves.

In season two, she wears an outfit that combines her old appearance with that of Dark Fina's.

In season three, her new outfit is somewhat similar to her season two attire, except now colored blue instead of red, along with a blue beret. Her ultimate form in her CG Limit Burst animation has longer hair, long white gloves, red lipstick, a blue mask, a long blue cape, and her stomach is covered.


After breaking free from her crystal prison, Fina suffers from amnesia, losing all memories save for her name. She assumes a carefree attitude, resulting in unexpected commentary about a variety of seemingly obvious things. Due to her lack of general knowledge, Fina acts on her impulses with the innocence and curiosity of a child—sometimes to the detriment of Rain and Lasswell's mission. Nevertheless, she always tries her best and is determined to help others as much as she can.

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Dark Fina illustration by Yoshitaka Amano.

Her original personality, called "Dark Fina" by the party, was that of a brash young woman with an abrasive tongue, alienating others with her jibes and patronizing tone. She was fiercely determined and, from time to time, displayed sincerity similar to that of her more innocent self. She is something of a loner and is uninterested in explaining things to others.

Fina and Dark Fina end up in separate bodies, with Fina becoming her own person once and for all. A point of contention between the two is their feelings regarding Rain: in her naivety and innocence, Fina struggles to acknowledge her love, whereas Dark Fina does not hesitate to make her feelings known. Fina feels the shadow of Dark Fina around her, but does her best to be stronger and more independent. It is revealed during the short story "Fina, Fragments of Memories" that Fina is Dark Fina's idealized version: cheerful, honest, and free.

During season two, Fina becomes much more determined to shine after receiving her gifts as Dark Fina's "legacy", not only as a strong companion, but to attract Rain's attention. She is quick to stand up for her allies, particularly Lasswell, whose bond with her has grown stronger. She wants to help the needy and offers her healing magic wherever she can. She still sometimes struggles with self doubt, even to the point of tears, over her inability to be honest with Rain and struggles in finding a way to help him after learning the truth of his actions.

Although overall a much stronger and mature person, Fina is still prone to certain naivete, which is evidenced by her repeated attempts at doing a "sexy pose", which fail miserably, as any witness is left puzzled at what she's trying to do in the first place.

In season three, Fina is more assertive and after drawing lessons from her travels with Rain and Lasswell, acquires her fortitude and moral compass, mustering the courage to venture in the Farplane to help the mysterious voice. Her many journeys have, by this time, taught her about many different people and places, experiences she uses to reason with the Hollow Keepers. Although she ultimately fails to talk them out of their ways, she is able to garner the respect of friends and foes alike. In fact, her mere presence in her party is enough to cause a substantial increase in morale.


Season One[]

Fina appears before Rain and Lasswell.

Dark Fina's crystal encasement shatters during the assault on Grandshelt Castle by Veritas of the Dark. As with the other Sages of Hess, her prolonged stay had consequences, namely that of losing all of her memories (Fina's original personality being preserved, but dormant inside) and her power being reduced to a fraction of what it once was. As the Darklord departs, Rain and Lasswell bring the amnesiac Fina and the king of Grandshelt to the medics before leaving to prevent the Veritas from destroying the Wind Crystal in Dirnado.

Fina follows them to Lodin and asks to join their crusade, as she seeks to stop the Sworn Six of Paladia and to regain her memories. Rain accepts despite Lasswell's reluctance. Fina's naivety inconveniences the party when she gets kidnapped by bandits in Lanzelt.

After defeating the bandits in Lechios Hills, Fina reveals herself unscathed. She presents Rain and Lasswell with heathaze blooms, recalling Lasswell mentioning that having the blooms helps ease their journey. Resolving not to be a burden, Fina decided to look for the blooms, resulting in her going to the desert alone and being kidnapped. Lasswell reassures Fina that she is not a burden, much to her relief. She and Rain encourage Lasswell to drink the bloom's nectar, with her expressing that it was worth the trouble to obtain the bloom. Following their reunion, Lasswell finally accepts her into the party.

In Grandport, the trio learns that the Veritas has gone to the Lanzelt Ruins and so they follow him, but he bests them in battle. They hire a ship for Dirnado that stops at Kolobos Isle to unload some cargo. The trio escorts Emma to the Shrine of Decay so that she can see her mother. They meet Dr. Lazarov, the man responsible for the death of Emma's mother and the zombie plague on Kolobos, but he escapes.

The trio bodyguards Emma back to Ghost Port Kolobos, where they bid her farewell and resume the journey to Dirnado, but their ship is attacked by Leviathan. The trio is washed up on Maranda Coast, where Fina wakes up before her comrades and fends off several monsters. After Rain and Lasswell wake up and help her take care of the beasts, Fina is possessed by Dark Fina and asks Rain to choose Aldore or Hess before returning to normal, without recollection of the incident. They continue to Dilmagia, where they ask the master engineer Lid to lend them an airship. She refuses to ask the military for one, but guides them to the Wind Shrine. They learn that Lid's brother, Evan, is working for the Sworn Six on the Invincible and that the first Cid is the Veritas of the Heavens. They best him in battle, but he destroys the Wind Crystal nonetheless.

Due to Lid now understanding the trio's purpose, she joins the party and helps them request an airship, which they use to travel to Olderion. They meet Nichol, who is searching for his younger sister Luka to purify the waters that protect the Aquapolis from monster attacks. The party escorts them to Lake Dorr since Luka's power shields the Water Crystal from harm. Fina overhears Luka's conversation with Nichol saying she's ready to sacrifice herself to purify the waters, but agrees to keep the secret. They discover that Leviathan is polluting the waters with his blood due to a wound inflicted by the Veritas of the Waters. Though the esper attacks them, Luka's prayer reaches him (causing him to attack the Veritas). Luka then gives Fina access to the Water Crystal and descends to the bottom of the lake to purify the waters and heal Leviathan, though it may take her years to do so.

Season Two[]

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Fina is a story unit obtained after clearing Lechios Hills in the Lanzelt region. She joins the party at Level 20, at Rarity 2★, but can awakened up to 6★. Her job is listed as White Magus and her role is to provide Healing and Support. She has no Trust Master reward. As one of the main characters, she has several variants: the Halloween unit "White Witch Fina", the Japan-only "Hunter Fina" (part of a collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore), the permanent summer variant "Beach Time Fina", and the reward unit "Cheerleader Fina". Her Dark Fina persona has her own unit in addition to a summer variant, "Seabreeze Dark Fina".

For Season Two, another variant was released. "Lotus Mage Fina", a 5-7★ Rare Summon with better stats than her story counterpart and her skillset was reworked. She is one of the best healers, rivaling the likes of Ayaka, Folka, and Aerith, while also adding the capacity to deal considerable magic damage. Like the other so-called CG units, Fina's Limit Burst ("Judgment Cross") is a FMV-like sequence, which damages all enemies and casts Auto-Life on the party.

Her incredibly low chance of charming an enemy with Sexy Pose as Lotus Mage Fina (roughly 1,5%) is because of Fina's running gag at doing a "Sexy Pose" during season two, all ending up in a miserable failure.

Fina's official season three variant is a Blue Mage, which is given for free to all players upon starting its story. Blue Mage Fina is a 5-7★ rarity unit with unique unit awakening materials given through progression in the third season's story. As a Blue Mage, Fina learns special abilities through story progression, although she also has her own repertoire of non-Blue Magic abilities.

Her method of learning Blue Magic is a bit unique, as some battles in the season demand that Blue Mage Fina be included in the party. When faced with one of the Hollow Dragon bosses, the battle immediately starts with the enemy casting their signature Blue Magic, which Fina "learns". In actual gameplay, however, Fina will learn the spell after being victorious from the battle as it is earned as a reward from fulfilling battle missions. Story-wise, Fina learns her spells upon defeating the dragons and closing the Hollow's wormholes. Fina's Blue Magic spells are all decently powerful abilities that range from supportive to offensive. However, they cannot be multicasted.

Other versions released during the season include "Draconian Princess Fina", a 5-7★ Rare Summon unit, and her Dark Visions variant, which specializes in Light and Dark Magic damage, minor healing, and buffing and reducing resistance to Light and Dark. She also utilizes the Evoke Gauge for some of her abilities. "Rain & Fina" is a NV rarity unit currently only available for the Japanese version and released during the game's 5th anniversary. It specializes in both physical and magic damage. Its base form focuses on physical damage and fire elemental attacks, while its Brave Shift form can inflict Light, Earth, and Fire Magic Damage with an emphasis on the Light element. Noteworthy, it is the first unit with the new tag attack mechanic, allowing it to create chains by itself without assistance from another unit.

Fina also appears as a boss, fought at Lordless Castle - A Gamble Too Far, along with the visions of Chizuru and Hayate.

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Fina is an Italian feminine given name, a short form of Serafina, meaning "ardent".

Her name might be a homage to the term Final Fantasy itself, as she was encased in a crystal, one of the core concepts of the series. Considering Fina as a short form of Serafina, this might be an allusion to Princess Sarah, a recurring name as well.