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Filo is a playable group leader in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings commanding her own troupe of Yarhi. She is a flying character and she wields skybandits, a kind of a flying surfboard. She uses "traps" that lower enemy stats, as well as some boost abilities. Her traps can be placed anywhere on the map. Her Quickening, Wind Soul, hastens all allies, temporarily taking away wait time for skills. It can be obtained by defeating Mateus in "Mission 6-4: Audience at the Auralith".

If the player consistently forms pacts with the Espers available on the ring, Filo eventually rewards these actions with several statue mementos for the Sky Saloon, and a title. She also periodically contributes to the Logbook.


Name Level Description Image
Sonic Wave 2 Deal damage to multiple foes. RW Sonic Wave.png
Defense Snare 7 Set trap to lower Stamina and Mind. RW Defense Snare.png
Glide 12 Increase group's movement speed. RW Glide.png
Speed Snare 18 Set trap to lower Speed and movement speed. RW Speed Snare.png
Decoy Bit 25 Divert damage from the group to the decoy. RW Decoy Bit.png
Power Snare 33 Set trap to lower Strength and Magick. RW Power Snare.png
Overdrive 42 Temporarily increase all attributes, then decrease them by the same amount. RW Overdrive.png
Wind Soul Earned after beating Mateus in Mission 28 Allow allies to act immediately. RW Wind Soul.png


Filo's skybandit.

Filo equips skybandits for weapons, vests for armor, and earrings for accessories.

Her ultimate weapon is Vortex, rewarded for "Mission 67: Echo of Thunder". It deals lightning-elemental damage, has increased attack radius, and boosts Filo's Strength and Speed.

Filo wears vests that are the most balanced armor type, having equal Defense and Magick Defense stats. Her ultimate vest is Mirage Vest, which resists water but is weak to fire, and also boosts Filo's Strength, Stamina, and Speed. It is rewarded for completing "Mission 78: Masterless Minions".

Filo's earrings confer various bonuses from adding speed to attacking and scavenging, immunity to Stop, improved AP-accumulation, and increased duration to trap abilities.