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This jaunty rock song from FFVII's boss fights starts with an exciting guitar solo and is far and away one of the most popular songs in the long FF series.

"Fight On!" (さらに闘う者達, Sarani Tatakau Monotachi?, lit. Those Who Fight Further), also known as "Those Who Fight Further" or "Still More Fighting", is the boss battle theme for Final Fantasy VII. It is notable for its heavy rock style and fast pace. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It has sections of the third part of "Overture" from Final Fantasy VI mixed in it.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII[]

"Fight On!" first plays in the battle against the Air Buster, and is used for every boss battle thereafter up to and including Diamond Weapon, and excluding the multiple battles with Jenova, Hojo, and the final battles, as well as the battle against Proud Clod. "Fight On!" also continues to play following the battle with Rufus at Shinra Building, and continues until the "Crazy Motorcycle" sequence begins.

"Fight On!" is the twentieth track of the Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack first disc.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[]

A hard rock arrangement of "Fight On!" plays during the heroes' battle against Bahamut SIN at Edge. "Those Who Fight Further [FFVII AC Version]" is the third track of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Original Soundtrack second disc.

It was extended for Advent Children Complete. This version was released as the tenth track of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks, as "Fight On! - FFVII ACC Version".

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

The Summoned (from FFVII "Fight On!")

"The Summoned (from FFVII "Fight On!")" is a fast-paced arrangement by Takeharu Ishimoto. It appears as the battle theme for the battles against Ifrit, Bahamut, and Bahamut Fury. It also plays during the battle against the first boss, the virtual Behemoth.

"The Summoned (from FFVII "Fight On!")" is the fifteenth track of the first disc of the Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

"Fight On!" is a musical disc for jukeboxes bought from a shop in the Sector 6 slums souvenir shop for 50 gil in Chapter 14. It is needed for "The Power of Music" quest. It is a heavy metal rendition.

Another heavy metal arrangement, which pays homage to the original version, was arranged & co-composed by Tadayoshi Makino and plays during the Airbuster battle.

Orchestral version, with an almost identical arrangement as the original, plays during The Arsenal boss battle.

Shotaro Shima also arranged two orchestral versions. First for the Scorpion Sentinel and second for Rufus Shinra boss battle.

"Fight On!" is also included within S7-6 Annex Diversion, Hell House, and Midgar Expressway themes. It is also referenced within "One-Winged Angel - Rebirth".

Final Fantasy XV[]

The original Final Fantasy VII version and the Dissidia Final Fantasy arrangement are included in the music player. It is the fourth track of the Memories of FFVII album that is available by default, and the 31st track of the Memories of DISSIDIA FF album bought from Old Lestallum for 500 gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

"Fight On! -arrange- from FINAL FANTASY VII" is an arrangement by Takeharu Ishimoto. It appears as one of the two default Final Fantasy VII battle themes. It is the third track of the Dissidia Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack second disc.

"Fight On!" can be automatically selected for battles including Sephiroth or Cloud, or taking place at Planet's Core. It is also played during Terra's duel with Cloud in Destiny Odyssey.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

"Fight On! -arrange- from FINAL FANTASY VII" is a battle theme. It can be automatically selected for battles including Tifa Lockhart, Sephiroth, or Cloud Strife, or taking place at Planet's Core.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The Dissidia Final Fantasy arrangement and the original PlayStation version can be bought from the shop for 3,600 gil.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

"Fight On!" is a bonus Battle Music Sequence available as a downloadable content.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

"Fight On!" is a Battle Music Sequence for Final Fantasy VII and is available in the base game.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival[]

"Fight On!" is a playable Battle Music Sequence. It is available by default.

Beginner Basic Expert Ultimate Transcendent
N/A 3 5 8 14

World of Final Fantasy[]

A remixed version of "Fight On!" serves as Cloud's Champion theme. It plays when he is summoned, and can also be selected as the BGM for random battles.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

"Fight On!" is included as part of the 6th anniversary special arrange medley, taken from the top 10 music from All Final Fantasy Big Vote.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]


As part of the collaboration with Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the Cloud and Zack:FFRK card was released. Its ability, Those Who Fight Further, is a single-target attack that bestows the "Windforce" status. When the crystal sword called by the card hits, a snippet of "Fight On!" is heard.

Arrangement album appearances[]

The Black Mages[]

An arrangement of "Fight On!" by the Black Mages's was included on their first, eponymous album. It is the eight track of the album and was released as "Those Who Fight Further".

Final Fantasy VII Chips[]

The song is part of the 8-bit arrangement album as its sixth track.

Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~[]

"Fight On!" is incorporated into the medley titled "Battle Medley 2 (Fight On! ~ Blinded by Light ~ Assault)" (バトルメドレー2(更に闘う者達~閃光~襲撃), Batoru Medorē 2 (Sarani Tatakau-Sha-Tachi ~ Senkō ~ Shūgeki)?) which was arranged by →Pia-no-jaC← and Nobuhiko Kashiwara.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX[]

"Fight On!" is the second song in this piano arrangement album.

Live performances[]


The Black Mages's arranged "Those Who Fight Further" from their debut album was performed live at this 2003 concert that took place at Shibuya-AX and Kanagawa University. It was the seventh song of the line-up.

LIVE "Above The Sky"[]

The Black Mages' "Those Who Fight Further" was again performed at their 2005 concerts at Club Citta in Kawasaki City, Japan and Namba Hatch in Osaka City, Japan. It was the eight song of the concert.

Compilation album appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks[]

"Fight On!" is included in this Final Fantasy VII best-of album as "Still More Fighting", of which it is the third track.

Final Fantasy Vinyls[]

"Fight On!" is included on the fifth disc of this collector's edition set.

Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Limited Edition[]

"Fight On!" is included on the first disc of this collectors' edition.

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Vinyl[]

The original version of this theme is included.

Appearances outside Final Fantasy media[]

Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man[]

For this album, video game metal band Powerglove recorded an arrangement of "Fight On!" titled "Omnishred (We're Gonna Need a Bigger Sword)".

Super Smash Bros.[]

"Let the Battles Begin!" and "Fight On!" were originally the only two songs that could be played when fighting on the Midgar stage; this has been updated as of the Version 10.0 patch. The stages now includes additional tracks added as a part of the Sephiroth DLC pack.


The track's Japanese name is "Those Who Fight Further", in continuation from the normal battle theme that is called "Those Who Fight", which may originate from the three orders of medieval society as opined by philosophers: Those Who Pray, Those Who Fight and Those Who Labor.