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The Fiend Arena is a battle arena accessed through the Creature Creator, which in turn is accessed through the Celsius, available in Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission and the HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2.


The Fiend Arena can be accessed at any point during the game by talking to Shinra on the Celsius. In its menu, the player can capture fiends, watch their Fiend Tale progress, manage them and finally, fight in the arena.

The arena features two modes: Tournament Cups and Battle Simulator. The former allows the Gullwings to participate in cups against different monster formations. The latter gives them a list to choose any formation they have encountered in the cups to fight at will. Losing a battle, be it in the cups or the Battle Simulator, will not result in a Game Over; the player is simply returned to the Fiend Arena menu. The only exception to this is the Fiend portal when faced for the first time.

Completing the storyline of captured creatures can award the player with accessories or unlock new enemy formations in the tournaments. The girls do not perform their victory poses in the Fiend Arena except in the Battle Simulator.

All Gun Mage Blue Bullet abilities can be learned in the Fiend Arena with the exception of Annihilator.

Tournament Cups[]

Tournaments are carried out in three- or four-round elimination. Depending on the cup, either 8 or 16 teams will be facing off against each other. After every match, no matter if the player wins or loses, they obtain a pod. If they already have 8 pods, they receive curative items instead.

Standard Cup[]

Standard 8-bracket tournament. If you can't win here...

Tournament information

Standard Cup is available from the very beginning. The monsters in this cup are not too tough, but they may overwhelm players that come here too early. The player will often end up facing off against the Amorphous Gel, accompanied by a Barbuta, a formation that can be somewhat difficult to defeat at low levels.

Winning Standard Cup for the first time awards the player with the Psychic dressphere. Beating it three times awards the Intrepid Garment Grid and unlocks Standard Cup: Hard. Other rewards include X-Potion x4, Ether x8, Titanium Bangle or Silver Bracer.

Standard Cup: Hard[]

Standard 8-bracket tournament. Stronger teams await!

Tournament information

Standard Cup: Hard is unlocked by beating Standard Cup three times. The monsters the Gullwings will face here are very different from the ones they faced in the first cup. A dangerous enemy that is frequently encountered is the Rukh, which is capable of petrifying characters with its basic attack. Also, the Dark Elemental often defeats its opponents.

Winning Standard Cup: Hard once unlocks the Grand Cup. Rewards for beating this cup include several accessories that increase attributes by 20 or increase HP or MP by 60% like the Power Wrist, Tarot Card, Defense Veil, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Bangle, Gold Bracer and Talisman.

Grand Cup[]

A large scale 16-bracket tournament. Which team will survive this long battle?

Tournament information

Grand Cup is unlocked after beating Standard Cup: Hard a single time. The roster of enemies fought in this cup is largely identical to that of the Standard Cup: Hard. However, as the name states, this is a "large" cup, meaning the winner is decided through a four-round elimination system rather than three.

The first time the player wins this cup, they are awarded the Festivalist dressphere. After beating the cup three times, Grand Cup: Hard is unlocked. For placing first in this cup, the player is rewarded with small amounts of high-quality curative items such as Elixir, Remedy, Mega-Potion, or Mega Phoenix.

Grand Cup: Hard[]

A large scale 16-bracket tournament. Stronger teams await!

Tournament information

Grand Cup: Hard is unlocked by beating Grand Cup three times. At first, the monsters fought in this tournament are similar to the Large Cup's, but several strong formations are added to its roster as the player completes the storyline of specific creatures or by simply beating the cup a couple of times.

Beating the cup awards the player with the Abominable Garment Grid. During the first attempt, the final opponent will be a Chocobo. Winning the tournament unlocks the Chocobo Cup.

After beating this cup three times, multiple dangerous formations are added to block early access to the Youth League Tournament and, subsequently, the Farplane Cup. The player is guaranteed to encounter one or both of the following two "stonewall" participants every time following their third victory: Tonberry the Ripper (Mega Tonberry) and/or Shady Duo (Black Elemental + Mushroom Cloud). These enemies are very strong and can wipe out most parties. At this point, the player is generally forced to wait until Chapter 5 when stronger fiends become available for capture after making progress in Via Infinito, or until the Mascot dressphere is obtained, although it is still possible to beat them in Chapter 1 with heavy grinding. Having a Tonberry with the Adamantite accessory equipped is recommended.

When completing the cup for the fourth time, the last team the player faces will be two Cactuars and beating them unlocks the Cactuar Cup. Finally, beating the cup six times unlocks the Youth League Tournament.

Subsequent wins can award Tetra Gloves, Tetra Guards, Black Rings, and Megalixirs.

Chocobo Cup[]

A chocobo tournament. Don't be fooled by their cuteness!

Tournament information

Chocobo Cup is unlocked after beating Grand Cup: Hard once. The player can only participate in this cup if they have a Chocobo in their active battling party. Chocobos can be captured by setting up S-pods either in Luca, on the Mi'ihen Highroad or the Calm Lands.

In this cup, players have to face off against enemy teams that always include a Chocobo. They are paired up with strong enemies like the Anything Eater. Winning it awards the player useful accessories like Regal Crown, Champion Belt, Rabite's Foot or Minerva's Plate.

Cactuar Cup[]

A cactuar tournament. Be wary of their quickness and sharp needles!

Tournament information

Cactuar Cup is unlocked by beating Grand Cup: Hard three times. The player must have a Cactuar in their party to enter. Cactuars can only be captured in Chapter 5 after unlocking the Cactuar Hollow by setting up an S-pod in Bikanel.

Just like in the Chocobo Cup, enemy teams always include a Cactuar. Most monsters they are paired up with are giant fiends from the Cactuar Dungeon. At times, they will also fight the Jumbo Cactuar and unlike in the dungeon or the Via Infinito, he will actually attack the party here. Winning this cup awards the player accessories that greatly increase attributes like Power Gloves, Crystal Gloves, Oath Veil or Pixie Dust.

Youth League Tournament[]

A Youth League-sponsored tournament. Participants from all over Spira will be there!

Tournament information

Youth League Tournament is unlocked by beating Grand Cup: Hard six times. In this cup, the player will fight various NPCs, including Lucil, Elma, Yaibal, Nooj, Gippal, Baralai, Lulu, Kimahri, Garik, accompanied by two Ronso Youths and the duo of Brother and Buddy. Most enemies can appear either solo or in a team with some other enemies, for example Nooj, Gippal and Baralai will occasionally appear as a team. If the player completes the storyline of all six of Leblanc's Goons, the Weak Squad (consisting of Goon Red, Goon Black, and Goon Purple) can also be fought here.

As a reward for beating it for the first time, the player is awarded a copy of the Mascot dressphere. For subsequent victories, awards include accessories like Defense Bracer, Speed Bracer, Tetra Bracelet or Shmooth Shailing.

Aeon Cup[]

A tournament of Aeons released through the power of the Fayth.

Tournament information

Aeon Cup is unlocked by capturing and transforming eight specific creatures into aeons.

In this cup, the player will exclusively battle aeons. Shiva, Anima, Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters are identical to their storyline counterparts. The others are much stronger here than they were during the mandatory fights. The most dangerous foe is Bahamut, who has over 100,000 HP and very dangerous attacks, including Shin-Zantetsu.

Beating this cup awards the player with one of several stat-raising accessories. If the player manages to win three times, they obtain the Peerless Garment Grid, one of the best Garment Grids in the game. For subsequent victories, they can obtain Kaiser Knuckles, Crystal Ball, Crystal Bangle or Rune Bracer.

Fiend portal / Fiend World Cup[]

A tournament teeming with denizens of the fiend world. Defeat Omega Weapon in a death match!

Fiend portal tournament information

A tournament teeming with denizens of the fiend world. Death match format at all times!

Tournament information

A tournament teeming with denizens of the fiend world. Defeat Shinra in a death match!

Almighty Shinra Cup tournament information

The Fiend portal can only be unlocked through a sidequest involving the capturing and releasing of several specific creatures. After it is completed once, the name changes to Fiend World Cup.

In the Fiend World Cup, the Gullwings face demonic enemies, including Doomstones, Spellspinners, and Imps. Aranea, Humbaba, and the deadly Mega Tonberry also frequently appear. Another enemy to watch out for is Aeshma, a Spellspinner immune to physical attacks, which can spell certain defeat for parties that rely solely on physical attacks. Unlike other cups, as the Fiend World Cup operates on a deathmatch format, the player's HP and MP are not restored between rounds and upon starting the tournament, so they must start and continue fighting with whatever they have left. It is a four-round elimination tournament instead of the usual three.

When the player participates in the Fiend World Cup for the very first time, it is named the Fiend portal, and the final opponent is Omega Weapon. Losing to any team results in a Game Over as the Celsius explodes. After winning, the player is given a choice to recruit either Ultima Weapon or Omega Weapon. Since Ultima Weapon was recruited to unlock the Fiend Portal in the first place, choosing Omega Weapon is recommended.

If the player indeed chooses Omega Weapon, completing his Fiend Tale causes the creation of Almighty Shinra, who then hijacks the Fiend World Cup and turns it into Almighty Shinra's Cup. It is identical to the Fiend World Cup except that Almighty Shinra is always the final opponent and beating him gives the player an opportunity to recruit him.

After beating Omega Weapon and Almighty Shinra, they occasionally appear in the Fiend World Cup. They usually beat any computer-controlled team they face, so the player will most likely have to fight them. If the player has unlocked this cup and then starts a New Game Plus, Omega Weapon and Almighty Shinra will not appear again until the player watches the former's fiend tale ending again and beats Almighty Shinra again.

Winning the Fiend World Cup awards the player with outstanding accessories. Possible rewards include the AP Egg, Soul of Thamasa, Adamantite, and Gold Hairpin.

Farplane Cup[]

A tournament that brings back residents of the Farplane.
Perhaps you will see some familiar faces...?

Tournament information

Farplane Cup is the final and most difficult tournament of the Fiend Arena. It is unlocked by beating every other cup, other than the Almighty Shinra Cup, at least once.

In Farplane Cup, the Gullwings face the game's most powerful enemies and superbosses, including the Black Elemental and Mushroom Cloud combo, Concherer, Elder Drake, Insect Matriarch, Azi Dahaka, Paragon, Trema, and Major Numerus. Trema usually defeats any team he faces and therefore has to be fought almost every time, although he may lose to enemies like Paragon and Concherer. At times, the player may also encounter characters from Final Fantasy X: Tidus, Auron, and Seymour. If these characters are beaten during the cup and the Gullwings win the cup afterwards, they are given the choice to recruit them. If they choose to recruit them and then release them later, Seymour and Auron can be re-recruited. Releasing Tidus, however, should only be done from the Creature History menu — releasing him by replacing him with another fiend triggers a glitch that prevents re-recruiting him.

The most dangerous foe in this tournament is Major Numerus, the strongest superboss of the game and unique to the Farplane Cup. He only shows up after the player has already beaten the cup multiple times and if he appears, the player has a high chance of fighting him—although it is possible that he loses to enemies like Trema or Paragon. Although rare, it is also possible that either the Concherer or Elder Drake beats him.

Winning the Farplane Cup awards the player with one of the rarest and most valuable accessories in the game. The possible rewards are: Ragnarok, Force of Nature, Key to Success, and Iron Duke. Participating in the Farplane Cup and defeating Major Numerus through the battle simulator are the only ways to obtain multiple Iron Dukes in one playthrough.

Battle Simulator[]

The Battle Simulator allows one to fight the fiends they have encountered through the various tournaments. Note that dying in these battles does not result in a Game Over, and various strong enemies can be repeatedly fought (such as Concherer, Paragon, Trema, etc.) for their drops (e.g. Dark Matter).

Some teams can only be encountered by observing a fiend's Fiend Tale. See the Creature Creator article to see where to capture the corresponding fiends.

Most of the fiends encountered in the Fiend Arena, when Oversouled, count towards Shinra's Bestiary, allowing the Battle Simulator to be a helpful tool to cause a fiend to Oversoul (see the Oversouled article for specifics). However, if a fiend has different abilities than the version encountered in the main story, then it will not count towards Shinra's Bestiary but can be repeatedly fought to bring about an Oversouled version which can then be fought in the main story.

Page 1[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Impressions N/A Coyote, Flan Azul 8 30
Crazy Divers N/A Sahagin x2 6 14
Kilika Wanderers N/A Red Elemental x2, Death Dauber 74 12
Team Bow Wow N/A Quadricorn, Wild Wolf 14 25
Thunderstorms N/A Bicocette, Lesser Drake 112 56
Private Eyes N/A Ahriman, Fly Eye 26 40
Djose Outlaws N/A Coyote, Red Elemental x3 87 85
The Highway Star N/A Gecko, Nashorn, White Elemental 83 66
Evil Flowers N/A Purpurea x2 28 36
Rogue Chimera N/A Protochimera 80 120
Nightmare Begins N/A Bully Cap x2, Wild Wolf x2 72 52 Blue Bullet: White Wind
Voltage Brothers N/A Lesser Drake, Bolt Drake 182 152
Invincibles N/A Hrimthurs x2 148 88
Calm Land Blasters N/A Coeurl x2, Wild Wolf 58 72 Blue Bullets: Blaster, White Wind
Fat Bomb N/A Stalwart 122 100
Icicle Sisters N/A Haizhe x2 96 44 Blue Bullets: Absorb, Mighty Guard

Page 2[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Shell Squad Standard Cup Bicocette x3 132 54
Elementrio Standard Cup White Elemental, Gold Elemental, Red Elemental 96 91
Squishy Brothers Standard Cup Flan Palido x3 72 90
Machinegunners Standard Cup Leucophylla, Viper Sniper 220 106 Blue Bullet: Seed Cannon
Forest Watch Standard Cup Amorphous Gel, Barbuta 522 413
No Fear Standard Cup YAC-13, Machina Hunter 143 55
Heavy Metal Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Gemini 275 153
Ugly Jam Standard Cup Flan Amarillo x2, Haizhe 212 106 Blue Bullets: Absorb, Mighty Guard
Flying Circus Standard Cup Peregrine x2, Vespa 325 166
No Tears Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Scout Machina, Guard Machina 365 88
Flan Flan Flan Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Flan Amarillo, Flan Blanco x2 278 186
Moonfang Standard Cup Canis Major x2, Lupus 504 124
Terrible Sky Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Rukh 1220 530 The screen information incorrectly shows a Zu enemy instead
Hitmen Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Queen Coeurl, Assassin Bee 246 378 Blue Bullets: Blaster, White Wind
No Apologies Grand Cup YAC-62 x2 510 188
Funky Divas Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Gucumatz, Mycotoxin 622 256 Blue Bullets: Heaven's Cataract, White Wind

Page 3[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Empty Heart Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Iron Giant 380 280 Unlocked by completing Iron Giant's Fiend Tale
Silver Brothers Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup White Fang x2 310 140 Unlocked by completing White Fang's Fiend Tale
Lizard Squad Grand Cup Greater Drake, Archaeothyris x2 696 360
Black Chandelier Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Dark Elemental 670 410
Boom Squad Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Detonator, Grim Gaze 376 228
Roughneck Grand Cup: Hard Zalamander 1200 930
No Limit Standard Cup: Hard Machina Striker 1400 400
Fisticuff Twins Grand Cup Gigas, Bascinet 1094 290 Gigas is incorrectly named "Ogre" in the menu screen
Bad Boys Grand Cup Rhyos, Aculeate 827 382
Queen Bee Grand Cup: Hard Wasp Queen 230 98
Underwater Gang Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Sahagin Prince x2 370 210
Total Eclipse Grand Cup: Hard Flan Azabache 380 98 Blue Bullet: Absorb
No Mercy Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Machina Panzer 1050 10000 Good for grinding gil *(3x gillionaire (Lady Luck dress sphere), Nab Gil (Horn of Plenty GG), selling Oath Veil steal (Treasure Hunter GG), selling Crystal Bangle drop = 80,000 + 2,500 + 2,000 + 2,000 = 86,500 per battle, which go pretty quickly)
Redstar & Darkstar Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Flan Rojo, Tindalos 1220 220
Dragon King Jr. Grand Cup: Hard Zalamander 1600 1300 Unlocked by completing Zalamander's Fiend Tale
Brigade Newcomer Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup, Grand Cup: Hard Stalwart 390 265 Unlocked by completing Stalwart's Fiend Tale.
Blue Bullet: Storm Cannon

Page 4[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Sleepy Sneaky Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Shell Shocker 1500 1280 Unlocked by completing Shell Shocker's Fiend Tale
Zanarkand Guard Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Guardian Beast 880 490 Unlocked by completing Guardian Beast's Fiend Tale
Clear Aqua Squad Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup, Grand Cup: Hard Haizhe, Deep Haizhe 466 167 Unlocked by completing both Haizhe's and Deep Haizhe's Fiend Tale.
Blue Bullets: Absorb, Mighty Guard
Superpants Standard Cup: Hard Hrimthurs 385 97 Unlocked by completing Hrimthur's Fiend Tale
Ushie Family Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Protochimera 210 510 Unlocked by completing Protochimera's Fiend Tale.
Blue Bullets: Absorb
Iron Stomach Grand Cup: Hard Chocobo Eater 780 1000 Unlocked by completing Chocobo Eater's Fiend Tale
Hard Rock Grand Cup: Hard YSLS-99 480 1000 Unlocked by completing YSLS-99's Fiend Tale
Raging River Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup Dinictus, Sahagin Prince 372 193
Big Justice Grand Cup: Hard Heavy Sallet 380 110
Omega Weapon Fiend World Cup Omega Weapon 1650 5000 Unlocked by completing Ultima Weapon's Fiend Tale
Dragon King Grand Cup: Hard Claret Dragon 1280 780
Ancient Power Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Adamantortoise 1780 1000
Soul Quake Grand Cup: Hard Earth Worm 1130 6000
Hellbreeders Standard Cup: Hard, Grand Cup: Hard Gug, Tindalos x2 2930 1230 Good team for grinding EXP
Elephant Eater Grand Cup: Hard, Fiend World Cup Humbaba 1800 550
Tonberry the Ripper Grand Cup: Hard, Fiend World Cup Mega Tonberry 1280 600 Blue Bullet: Cry in the Night

Page 5[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Lady Tarantula Grand Cup: Hard, Fiend World Cup Aranea 710 800
Shady Duo Grand Cup: Hard, Farplane Cup Mushroom Cloud, Black Elemental 1870 700 Blue Bullet: Absorb
Peacekeeper Grand Cup: Hard Battlesnake x3 540 600 Unlocked by completing Battlesnake's Fiend Tale
Stowaways Grand Cup: Hard Barbuta, Vertigo 459 250 Unlocked by completing Vertigo's Fiend Tale
Ark Legend Grand Cup: Hard Adamantoise, Aquila 1780 980 Unlocked by completing Aquila's Fiend Tale. Falcon is incorrectly named "Aquila" in the menu screen.
Sharp Order Grand Cup: Hard Barong 530 780 Unlocked by completing Barong's Fiend Tale
Lonely Tentacles Grand Cup, Grand Cup: Hard Tentacles 430 850 Unlocked by completing Tentacles' Fiend Tale
Calm Avengers Grand Cup: Hard Balivarha, Spine Drake 1032 1738 Unlocked by completing Balivarha's Fiend Tale.
Blue Bullet: Fire Breath
Papa Eaters Grand Cup: Hard Critical Bug, Hug Bug 1620 1080 Unlocked by completing Hug Bug's Fiend Tale
God Wife Grand Cup, Grand Cup: Hard Lacerta, Great Malboro 2000 1600 Unlocked by completing Lacerta's Fiend Tale.
Blue Bullet: Bad Breath
Wild Bird Grand Cup: Hard, Chocobo Cup Chocobo 320 400
Fortune Alliance Chocobo Cup Chocobo, Armet x2 546 548
Beauty of Nature Chocobo Cup Chocobo, Cephalotus 533 462 Blue Bullet: Seed Cannon
Fish & Chips Chocobo Cup Chocobo, Dinictus 507 488
Chocobo & Pals Chocobo Cup Chocobo, Creeper, Hexapod 760 560
Gysahl Hunters Chocobo Cup Chocobo x2 640 800

Page 6[]

Note: Cactuars all teach the Blue Bullet ability 1000 Needles.

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Today's Friends Chocobo Cup Chocobo, Anything Eater 1920 2300
3rd Chocobo Unit Chocobo Cup Chocobo, Machina Soldier x2 1500 1040
Chocobo Kings Chocobo Cup Chocobo x3 1800 2400
Areg & Arroja Grand Cup: Hard, Cactuar Cup Cactuar x2 2002 2004
Team Islaya Cactuar Cup Cactuar, Great Haunt 1121 1212
Team Lobeira Cactuar Cup Cactuar, Elder Zurvan 1141 1182
Chiapa & Friends Cactuar Cup Cactuar, Sahagin Chief 1301 1107
Erio & Brother Cactuar Cup Cactuar, King Takouba 1486 1302
Mushroom Toumeya Cactuar Cup Cactuar, Big Bully Cap 1181 1050
Frailea Gang Cactuar Cup Cactuar x3 3003 3006 Good team for grinding EXP
Bartschella's Love Cactuar Cup Cactuar, Volcano 1881 1332
Jumbo Cactuar Cactuar Cup Cactuar x2, Jumbo Cactuar 2852 2224
Ronso Hardliners Youth League Cup Garik Ronso, Ronso Youth x2 1740 590
Elma Youth League Cup Elma 1100 800
Yaibal Youth League Cup Yaibal 1000 380
Lucil Youth League Cup Lucil 1200 400

Page 7[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Kimahri Youth League Cup Kimahri 1500 600
Lulu Youth League Cup Lulu 1500 2000
Baralai Youth League Cup Baralai 1400 1000 Blue Bullets: Absorb, Drill Shot
Nooj Youth League Cup Nooj 1500 1200
Gippal Youth League Cup Gippal 1400 1000 Blue Bullet: Mortar
Gullwing Guys Youth League Cup Brother, Buddy 2700 950
Lucil Squad Youth League Cup Elma, Lucil, Yaibal 3300 1580
Old Guard Youth League Cup Kimahri, Lulu 3000 2600
Ex-Crimson Squad Youth League Cup Nooj, Gippal, Baralai 4300 3200 Blue Bullets: Absorb, Drill Shot, Mortar
Weak Squad Youth League Cup Scarlet Goon, Ebony Goon, Violet Goon 4200 5300 Unlocked by completing all six Goon Fiend Tales.(Re-watch all six Fiend Tales to unlock the team again in New Game+)
Return to Nothing Fiend World Cup Aka Manah x2 2060 1340
Silent Prophet Fiend World Cup Jahi x2 2400 1240 Blue Bullet: Absorb
Curse Lifter Fiend World Cup Monolith, Arast 2300 790 Blue Bullet: Stone Breath
Shadow Envoy Fiend World Cup Aeshma x2 3200 1600
Dark Seal Fiend World Cup Monolith x2 2840 920 Blue Bullet: Stone Breath
Lost in the Dark Fiend World Cup Arast, Varan x2 1700 810

Page 8[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Chaos Vessel Fiend World Cup Dolmen x3 3390 960 Blue Bullet: Stone Breath.
Good team for grinding EXP
Underworld Spirit Fiend World Cup Lich, Arast 1610 660
Fiend World Cleric Fiend World Cup Arast x3 2640 990
Abyssal Judge Fiend World Cup Aeshma, Arast 2480 1130
Moonflow Guardian Fiend World Cup Monolith, Aeshma 3020 1260 Blue Bullet: Stone Breath
Eternal Prison Fiend World Cup Epitaph 1200 330 Blue Bullet: Stone Breath
Almighty Shinra Fiend World Cup Almighty Shinra 3000 3000 Unlocked by completing Omega Weapon's Fiend Tale (re-watch Fiend Tale to force him to appear again)
Seymour Farplane Cup Seymour 1300 1000
???? Farplane Cup Tidus 1500 750
Auron Farplane Cup Auron 1600 900
Abyss Crawler Farplane Cup Insect Matriarch 1200 1000
Fire Dragon God Farplane Cup Elder Drake 1300 550
Hell's Gatekeeper Farplane Cup Azi Dahaka 1570 1300
Slimy Boss Farplane Cup Concherer 1440 1200
Master of Spira Farplane Cup Paragon 1800 3000 Blue Bullet: Supernova
Outer Plane Envoy Farplane Cup Major Numerus 24000 20000

Page 9[]

Team Name Appears In Enemies EXP Gil Notes
Shiva Aeon Cup Shiva 1350 2000 Unlocked by completing Flan Blanco's Fiend Tale.
Awards 15 AP when defeated
Anima Aeon Cup Anima 1130 2000 Unlocked by completing Aranea's Fiend Tale.
Awards 15 AP when defeated
Magus Aeon Cup Sandy, Cindy, Mindy 2100 3000 Unlocked by completing Jumbo Cactuar's Fiend Tale.
Awards 24 AP when defeated
Yojimbo Aeon Cup Yojimbo 1000 1500 Unlocked by completing Critical Bug's Fiend Tale.
Awards 15 AP when defeated
Valefor Aeon Cup Valefor 1800 1000 Unlocked by completing Mycotoxin's Fiend Tale
Ifrit Aeon Cup Ifrit 1900 1300 Unlocked by completing Flame Dragon's Fiend Tale
Ixion Aeon Cup Ixion 2000 1600 Unlocked by completing Machina Striker's Fiend Tale
Bahamut Aeon Cup Bahamut 2500 2000 Unlocked by completing Azi Dahaka's Fiend Tale
Trema Farplane Cup Trema 2000 3000


Several sidequests are tied to the Fiend Arena and completing them often offers great rewards.

Sphere Break Elites[]

By completing the storyline of Varan, the player unlocks the Besaid Aurochs' locker room in Luca. Here, they can face the three best Sphere Break players in the game with Quota values upwards of 500. Defeating the elites will award the player some rare accessories—Enterprise, Invincible, and Ragnarok, respectively.

Machina Panzer[]

If the player captures and completes the Fiend Tale for Killer Hound, who can be captured by setting up an S-pod in Bikanel, they are instructed to look for a machina in the Zanarkand Ruins. Now they can capture the YSLS-Zero there by using an M-pod. Completing its storyline activates a mission.

The player is told to look for a 1000-year-old machina. That machina is the Machina Panzer, found by setting up an L-pod in the Thunder Plains. Completing the Fiend Tale for Machina Panzer awards the player with the Adamantite accessory.

Aeon Cup[]

See Creature Creator for how to capture necessary fiends.

To unlock Aeon Cup, the player must find and transform several fiends. The fiends can be transformed by increasing their Story Levels by 4 after capturing and then releasing them. Doing so will release one of the eight aeons and unlock them in the Battle Simulator. If the player finds all of them, Aeon Cup is unlocked.

If the player manages to unlock the cup and then beat it three times, they obtain the Peerless Garment Grid.

Fiend World Cup and Almighty Shinra[]

Unlocking the Fiend World Cup is quite complicated. The sidequest can only be started after Chapter 2 and completed in Chapter 5. The Fiend Tales of many creatures must be completed in succession. All these creatures receive a Fiend Tale Complete at Story Level 3 except for Ultima Weapon and Almighty Shinra.

  1. To begin, the player must capture Daeva. This can only be done after Chapter 2.
  2. Completing Daeva's tale makes him transform into Aka Manah, who is then automatically recruited.
  3. Completing Aka Manah's tale makes him turn into Aeshma.
  4. Completing Aeshma's tale makes him transform into Jahi.
  5. After completing Jahi's tale, it's Mission Time! Before disappearing, Jahi cryptically tasks Shinra with capturing a traitorous fiend.
  6. At this point, the player can capture Tomb. Completing Tomb's tale makes it possible to capture Dolmen in Chapter 5.
  7. Once the player has completed Dolmen's tale and has descended into the Farplane Abyss at least once, Monolith becomes available for capture.
  8. Completing Monolith's tale releases Ultima Weapon, who is then automatically recruited.
  9. Upon completing the tale of Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon is unleashed, and the Fiend portal tournament opens up. Unlike most other tournaments, losing this tournament results in a Game Over. Winning the tournament's final battle against Omega Weapon will give you a choice of either re-recruiting Ultima Weapon or recruiting Omega Weapon; choose the latter to continue. The Fiend portal will also become the Fiend World Cup, which is the standard version of that tournament.
  10. Completing the Fiend Tale for Omega Weapon will transform Shinra into Almighty Shinra. The Fiend World Cup changes once more to the Almighty Shinra Cup, with Almighty Shinra as its final opponent. Defeating him gives the player the option to recruit him, at which point the tournament reverts to the Fiend World Cup.
  11. Completing the tale of Almighty Shinra and then releasing him awards the player with the extremely powerful Last Resort Garment Grid. To re-recruit Shinra, simply watch Omega Weapon's ending in the Bestiary. Almighty Shinra's Cup will return, and Shinra can be fought and recruited once more.

Musical themes[]

"Flash Over" is played as the normal tournament music. During the Aeon Cup, the aeon battle theme titled "Aeons" plays instead of the normal tournament music. During the Fiend World Cup, the typical tournament theme is substituted with "Clash". During Farplane Cup, "Their Resting Place" plays instead.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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