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Fields of Valor is a training system, supported by the Adventurers' Mutual Aid Network (A.M.A.N.), in which players can take on voluntary training regimes to slay a number of specified enemies in an assigned period of time. Regimes can be undertaken multiple times per Vana'diel day. If successful, players will receive experience points, gil, and Fields of Valor points (called "tabs") redeemable for other benefits. If a regime is completed more than once in a (Vana'diel) day, the second (and further) will only reward experience points; tabs and gil may only be obtained once per day.

Beginning a Training Regime[]

In order to begin a Field of Valor, the player must examine a Field Manual, often located beside the Outpost and/or the zones in the region in which they wish to train. The "Individual Training" option will give access to a number of pages—each page details which monsters need to be defeated, the area to defeat them in, and the monsters' level range, which must come as Easy Prey or higher (meaning earning experience points), in order to earn credit.

Example page:

The information on this page instructs you to defeat the following:
5 Velociraptors
2 Perytons
Target level range: 66~72
Training area: Valley of Sorrows

After choosing a page, seek out and defeat the specified enemies. As the player defeats the enemies, they will receive progress reports, for example:

You defeated a training regime target. (Progress: 1/6)

Players do not have to be the one to defeat the monster in order to have it count towards their progress, they will receive credit for the kill by being in the party when the enemy is defeated and within range to receive experience from that kill.

When the player has completed the regime, they will receive a message like the following:

You have successfully completed the training regime.
[Player] gains 1200 experience points.
[Player] gains 1,200 gil.
[Player] obtains 120 tabs. (Total: 120)

Players do not have to return to the Field Manual to gain the reward.

Elite Training Regimes[]

Elite training regimes are a type of regime where players can obtain rewards from defeating a spawned Notorious Monster. Rewards are in the form of either EXP, gil, or Augmented Items.

Changing jobs will not result in cancellation of the current elite training regime.


The rewards for completing a training regime consists of Experience Points, gil, and tabs. The gil reward is identical to the EXP reward, while the amount of tabs received is 10% of the gil/EXP reward rounded down. For example, upon completion of the regime for Valkurm Dunes (page 2), the player will receive 500 exp, 500 gil and 50 tabs.


  • Players may accept a new regime directly after completing one, but may only receive the gil and tab rewards once per the Vana'diel day.
  • Players may do only one Elite Training regime once per real world day (after JP midnight).
  • Changing jobs results in the cancellation of the current training regime.
  • Being KO'd, logging out, changing to another area, or changing the Level Sync status will neither reset nor cancel the regime.
  • Since the introduction of the Hunt Registry, players now can choose between either doing one Hunt or one training regime every Vana'diel day, but not both on the same day.

Field Support[]

Tabs gained from completed training regimens may be spent on support effects, accessed by selecting the "Field Support" option when examining a Field Manual. "Food" support are not items received, but are given immediately as a status effect. If the player is already under the effects of a food item they will get the "full" message, but will not lose any Tabs.

These status effects are removed by any method that would normally remove status effects, including activating Level Sync after obtaining them, in the case of buffs like Protect and Refresh.

Name Type Effect Cost
Repatriation Teleportation Teleports the player to their home nation. 50 tabs
Reraise White Magic Grants Reraise for 120 minutes (restores 1936 EXP at any level). 10 tabs
Regen White Magic Grants Regen 1 HP/tick for 60 minutes (not overwritten by other sources of Regen). 20 tabs
Refresh White Magic Grants Refresh 1 MP/tick for 60 minutes (not overwritten by other sources of Refresh, but is overwritten by Sublimation). 20 tabs
Protect White Magic Grants Protect for 30 minutes (potency is that of the highest tier spell cast by a White Mage of the players' current level, however it will not grant Protect V). 15 tabs
Shell White Magic Grants Shell for 30 minutes (potency is that of the highest tier spell cast by a White Mage of the players' current level, however it will not grant Shell V). 15 tabs
Dried Meat Field Recipe STR +4, Attack +22% (cap: 63) for 30 minutes. 50 tabs
Salted Fish Field Recipe VIT +2, Defense +30% (cap: 86) for 30 minutes. 50 tabs
Hard Cookie Field Recipe INT +4, MP +30 for 30 minutes. 50 tabs
Instant Noodles Field Recipe VIT +1, Store TP +5, HP +27.27% (cap: 75) for 30 minutes. 50 tabs
Dried Agaricus Field Recipe MND +4, MP +1 per level (cap: 100 @ 99) for 30 minutes. 50 tabs
Instant Rice Field Recipe CHR +4 for 30 minutes. 50 tabs
Cipher: Sakura Trust Alter Ego Allows the player to cast Trust: Sakura. Only available during Alter Ego Extravaganza. 300 tabs
Cipher: Koru-Moru Trust Alter Ego Allows the player to cast Trust: Koru-Moru. Only available during Alter Ego Extravaganza. 300 tabs