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A town? Eidolons have their own society!?

The Feymarch, also known as the Land of Monsters or Land of Summons, is a location from Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is located in the Underworld, and is where eidolons live. The dwarves of Tomra to the Southeast call this place "The Land that Lies Between". The eidolons are guided by their queen Asura and king Leviathan.

Due to the magical power located on the summons' plane, time flows faster in the Feymarch. The town in which the eidolons live is guarded by the Passage of the Eidolons, a cave filled with lava, and only those with the Float spell can bypass it and reach the Feymarch; crossing it without Float will cause HP damage.

In the GBA and PSP remakes, if the player visits the Feymarch without Rydia in the party, the residents will comment on her absence.


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Final Fantasy IV[]

Rydia is brought to the Feymarch when Leviathan attacks a ship she is traveling on, and matures very quickly under the watch of the king Leviathan, after which she is sent out to help defeat Golbez.

After obtaining the Falcon, Cecil and his friends can travel to the Feymarch. There, they can interact with many of the land's denizens and fight Asura and Leviathan. After the Queen and King are bested, they will become available for Rydia to summon.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Rydia leaves the Feymarch to attend the reconstruction of Damcyan. Asura lets her through, and hopes that Rydia will return to them safely.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The Mysterious Girl comes to the Feymarch to take the power of the eidolons; Leviathan teleports Rydia away so she can warn the dwarves.

Spoilers end here.


The house.

Eidolon House

It is the structure farthest north of the streets. A nameless eidolon inhabits it, and the building also has the town's only save point. To start the eidolon search sidequest exclusive to the iOS version, the player must speak to the eidolon in the house, and when all eight are found, the player must talk to him to obtain the Piercing Magic augment.

The first floor.


Eidolon Library

The Eidolon Library is the building south of the eidolon's house. The first floor and B2 houses all tomes, scriptures, and books on eidolons and eidolon history, which the player can read as a summons crash-course.

The audience chamber in the ending.

Audience Chamber

It is the library's B3, accessible from B2. As the eidolon guard says, it is Queen Asura and King Leviathan's audience chamber. To speak to and challenge Leviathan, the party must defeat Asura first. After the two are bested, they will give the party their blessings and will wish them luck. During the ending, the audience chamber is shown again.


The Feymarch on the World Map.

Final Fantasy IV[]

2D versions
3D versions
  • 11000 gil
  • Asura summon
  • Bestiary x2
  • Dry Ether
  • Elixir
  • Leviathan summon
  • Phoenix Down
  • Rat Tail
  • Yoichi Arrows
  • Yoichi Bow

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

  • Phoenix Down
  • Maiden's Kiss
  • Ether
  • Dry Ether
  • Elixir
  • Yoichi Arrows
  • Killer Bow
  • 5000 gil
  • 6000 gil
  • Alarm Clock

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]


1200 gil/night
Item Price
Potion 30 GP 30 gil N/A
Hi-Potion 150 GP 150 gil N/A
Phoenix Down 150 GP 100 gil N/A
Tent 200 GP 100 gil N/A
Cottage 1,000 GP 500 gil N/A
Gysahl Greens 50 GP 50 gil N/A
Remedy 100 GP 5,000 gil N/A
Gnomish Bread N/A 100 gil N/A
Gold Needle N/A 400 gil N/A
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 gil N/A
Mallet N/A 80 gil N/A
Diet Ration N/A 100 gil N/A
Echo Herbs N/A 50 gil N/A
Holy Water N/A 100 gil N/A
Eye Drops N/A 30 gil N/A
Antidote N/A 40 gil N/A
Ether 10,000 GP N/A 10,000 gil
Light Curtain N/A N/A 3,800 gil
Decoy N/A N/A 4,800 gil
Hermes Sandals N/A N/A 4,800 gil
Bacchus's Wine N/A N/A 3,800 gil
Silver Hourglass N/A N/A 9800 gil
Weapon Price
Whip 3,000 GP 3,000 gil 3,000 gil
Chain Whip 6,000 GP 6,000 gil 6,000 gil
Blitz Whip 10,000 GP 10,000 gil 10,000 gil
Faerie Rod 5,000 GP 5,000 gil 5,000 gil
Aura Staff 7,000 GP 7,000 gil 7,000 gil
Angel Arrows 110 GP 110 gil 2,000 gil
Shuriken N/A N/A 650 gil
Kotetsu 11,000 GP 11,000 gil 11,000 gil
Armor Price
Aegis Shield 20,000 GP 20,000 gil 20,000 gil
Luminous Robe 30,000 GP 30,000 gil 20,000 gil


2D versions
3D versions

In the DS remake, the Feymarch has its own victory screen. In the mobile remake, the victory screen during the battle with Asura and Leviathan is the same as in the Passage of the Eidolons. In the mobile remake of The After Years, Feymarch has a uniquely adopted victory screen.

Musical themes[]

"Town of Illusions" from Final Fantasy IV (DS)

The Feymarch's theme is called "Town of Illusions." An arranged version of it can be found on the Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon album.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Painting image.

The last Crystal lies within the Sealed Cave. Before the party attempts to claim the Crystal, they follow Rydia's advice and go to the Passage of the Eidolons in hopes of securing the Eidolons' help.

  • 29 (Classic)
  • 58 (Elite)
  • Passage of the Eidolons - 1st Level
    • Stamina: 7 (Classic), 14 (Elite)
    • Rounds: 3
  • Passage of the Eidolons - 2nd Level
    • Stamina: 7 (Classic), 14 (Elite)
    • Rounds: 3
  • Passage of the Eidolons - 3rd Level
    • Stamina: 7 (Classic), 14 (Elite)
    • Rounds: 3
  • Feymarch Throneroom - Queen's Trial
    • Boss Level
    • Stamina: 8 (Classic), 15 (Elite)
    • Rounds: 1
  • Feymarch Throneroom - King's Trial
    • Boss Level
    • Stamina: 8 (Classic), 15 (Elite)
    • Rounds:1
  • Asura*(Feymarch Throneroom - Queen's Trial)
  • Leviathan*(Feymarch Throneroom - King's Trial)
Boss Target Score
  • Asura
  • Leviathan
    • Exploit Leviathan's weakness to lightning attacks.
Classic Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 2
Completion Reward Gil 2,000
Mastery Reward Lesser White Orb 5
Stamina Shard 2
Elite Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 1
Completion Reward Gil 12,000
Mastery Reward Large Adamantite 1
Stamina Shard 1



Fey comes from Middle English meaning "doomed, or fated to die". It is also an alternate word for "fairy".

A march is the name given in medieval times for the border region of a country.

The term Feymarch was coined by the translator for the 3D remake, Tom Slattery.

I also felt the creatures' world deserved a proper name. Who would call their own realm 'The Land of Summoned Monsters'? And hey, inventing words is always fun. 'Feymarch' had zero Google hits before the game came out; now it has tens of thousands.

Tom Slattery in RPGamer interview