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TheFestival of Orbs (オーブダンジョン, Ōbu Danjon?, lit. Orb Dungeon), was a Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and the successor to the Festival of Gold that ran in June 2015. Using the Gold Saucer as a backdrop, players engaged in the hunt for Cactuars to collect the game's various types of Orbs. In the global release, this event ran from October 19, 2015 to November 1, 2015 (UTC)

Mechanics Edit

Like the original Festival of Gold, the Festival of Orbs offered the follow:

  1. A playable dungeon with the following:
    1. Four-phase, four-tier layout
    2. Guaranteed Orb drops by phase
    3. Increased Gil drop rate per tier
  2. Additional modifiers to the Daily Login Bonus over the entire event
  3. Double EXP per battle over the entire event

This event added a half-off discount for 11 pulls in the Relic Draw, which applied to Mythril reserves as well as to purchased Coins.

Unless otherwise noted, all enemy draws were from Final Fantasy XIII. Record Synergy was not enforced.

If a Cactuar or a Gigantuar was defeated in battle, higher-level Orbs were dropped than were normally offered for a given tier.


Phase 1: Black, Dark, and Lightning Orbs Edit

Run Dates: 10/19-10/22 (UTC)

Phase 2: White, Holy, and Earth Orbs Edit

Run Dates: 10/22-10/25

Phase 3: Fire, Ice, and Summoning Orbs Edit

Run Dates: 10/25-10/28

Phase 4: Power, Non-Elemental, and Wind Orbs Edit

Run Dates: 10/28-11/1

Sequel Edit

Gallery Edit

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