Feral Retriever is a Rank III Mark in Final Fantasy XII found in the Spine of the Icewyrm area of the Paramina Rift.

The hunt becomes available upon reaching Mt Bur-Omisace, so if the player wishes to fight it with Larsa in the party, they should return to Rabanastre upon reaching the mountain to accept the hunt, because Larsa will leave the party if the player proceeds further in the story.

The petitioner becomes temporarily unavailable when Mt. Bur-Omisace is attacked immediately after the Sword of Kings is acquired. He appears again after Judge Bergan is defeated.

Clan Primer[edit | edit source]

Hunt 13: Befoulment of the Beast[edit | edit source]

Mark Bill.

Petitioner: Hymms
Petitioner's Location: Mt Bur-Omisace
  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of a feral retriever (Rank III). The petitioner is Hymms in the Sand-strewn Pass on Mt Bur-Omisace.
  • Hunt accepted. Hymms tells you of numerous travelers to the Paramina Rift being attacked by the feral retriever. The feral retriever is to be found in the south of the Paramina Rift, near the Stilshrine of Miriam.
  • Feral retriever defeated! Report to Hymms in the Sand-strewn Pass on Mt Bur-Omisace.
  • Hunt reported. At last, travelers may breathe a sigh of relief.

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

Being a rare Strain of Coeurl, surpassingly Large in size, living in Paramina Rift. Once raised by Man as hunting Partners, they are now wholly feral, and known to descend from their Mountain Abodes during Mating Season, when they are more than usually Violent and easily provoked. Several Refugees making their way toward Holy Mt Bur-Omisace have been attacked of late, and so a concerned Kiltias on the Mountain posted a Bill for this Mark.

Stats[edit | edit source]

The Original Japanese Guidebook cites the Feral Retriever's MP as being 2475, but subsequent guides list it as 999.

AI script[edit | edit source]

BalanceHP <20%; use once (100%)
Purify*(After using it becomes immune for status effects for two minutes)HP <50% when afflicted with status ailments (100%)
Stone GazeHP >50% (25%)
HP <50% (5%)
RakeUse all battle (25%)
BlasterUse all battle (25%)
Mind LashUse all battle (5%)
Ignore EvadeWhen HP <50%
Evade+When HP <50%
Magick CT0When HP <20%

Battle[edit | edit source]

Feral Retriever uses Blaster to cause several status effects. When Feral Retriever is low on HP it might use Balance, which will kill a party member.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player can start off by using the typical high-HP strategy of Haste-Protect-Decoy-Berserk on the party's strongest person. One party member can be kept in reserve for support casting.

The last person is best using a strong ranged weapon, such as the step above Betelgeuse or the Yoichi Bow, and use Hi-Potion and Remedies.

A good strategy is to use Quickenings as soon as Feral Retriever starts flashing red. The Nihopalaoa + Remedy trick will work against it, and when afflicted with Disease it won't use Balance. It is set to heal its ailments and make itself immune to ailments for two minutes at half health, but Disease stops these thresholds from activating.

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