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The Feral Behemoth is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.



The Feral Behemoth is dangerous when first encountered, and can be avoided by making use of the lampposts and searchlights that dot the area, as the Behemoths dislike the lights. Should the player wish to fight, the Behemoth should not be taken lightly. Its Heave ability is devastating, and can instantly eliminate a low-level party member who is not a Sentinel or is not protected by one.


The party should begin with Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM) to stabilize the chain gauge, switching to Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV) to Stagger it as quickly as possible. Should a character fall into yellow hit points, the player should switch to a defensive paradigm and heal.

Switching between offensive paradigms to keep the chain gauge steady and defensive paradigms to heal should stagger the Behemoth before long. Once it has been staggered, the player should switch to Relentless Assault or Cerberus (COM/COM/COM) and keep the Behemoth in the air with Launch. It should be defeated before the stagger gauge is depleted.

Paradigm PackEdit

When tamed, the Feral Behemoth's name is shortened to Behemoth. It possesses extraordinarily high strength and its HP is also high. Its relatively linear stat growth allows the player to make use of the Behemoth at early stages of its development. Unfortunately its large body makes it vulnerable to enemy area-of-effect attacks, and also makes it rather sluggish when targeting a quick enemy, causing some of its attacks to miss.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Attack Initial Command N
Ruin Initial Command Y
Launch Initial Auto N
Strength: +10% 4 Passive Y
Resist Pain: +10% 13 Passive Y
Strength: +16% 22 Passive Y
Blitz 24 Command N
Resist Pain: +44% 29 Passive Y
Vigilance Feeder 30 Auto N
Strength: +20% 33 Passive Y
Ravage 40 Auto N
Strength: +25% 50 Passive Y
Faultsiphon 57 Auto Y
Bloodthirsty 60 Auto Y
Blindside 70 Auto Y


  • Green – HP
  • Red – Strength
  • Purple – Magic


Behemoth is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. In addition to mythological creatures, it is likened to elephants, hippos, rhinos, and bison. Metaphorically, the term behemoth denotes "an extremely large or powerful entity."


  • In early development, the Feral Behemoth was meant to be fought in the Bresha Ruins -5 AF-.

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