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Feo Ul is a character from Final Fantasy XIV.




A pixie with a heart of gold, Feo Ul is kind and warm to those whom they considers friends. The Crystal Exarch even calls them the Paragon of pixies. Though they can be just as mischievous and childishly playful as their fellow pixies, Feo Ul is not selfish; it is simply their nature as a pixie. Pixies may be eternal, but they live for "the here and now," not bothering with futures that may or may not come.

Feo Ul is protective of the Warrior of Darkness from the Source, calling them their "sapling" and themself their "branch". Though this relationship could be considered how one affectionately treats a beloved object, Feo Ul does indeed care for the Warrior's well-being. Whenever the Warrior requests their assistance, they scold them immensely for not doing so sooner.


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Feo Ul willingly takes the Warrior of Darkness's place to become the next king of the faeries, so they could remain mortal.

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