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The FENCER fights with attacks that pierce even the hardest steel.


Fencing is the skillset for the Fencer class in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP
Swarmstrike Stinger Weapon range 150
Attack with the speed of a hornet. Damages and POISONS the target.
Shadowstick Silver Rapier Weapon range 400
An attack that takes target unawares. Lowers SPEED.
Checkmate Gupti Aga Weapon range 300
A decisive attack that DOOMS the target to an inevitable death.
Featherblow Estoc Weapon range 200
Strike with the grace of a feather on the wind. Has a heightened chance to hit, but deals minimal damage.
Swallowtail Djinn Flyssa All sides 300
A graceful spin attack that cuts down surrounding units.
Manastrike Mage Masher Weapon range 300
Conjure a magick-charged whirlwind to wither the target. Depletes MP.
Piercing Blow Flamberge 2 sq. line in front of unit 300
Release a focused shock wave. Penetrates the target, damaging any unit behind it as well.
Nighthawk Joyeuse 4 200
Shred the target with the talons of a deadly bird of prey. Able to strike even distant foes.