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"What!? The four warriors!?"
"But we are the chosen ones!"
"Those four claim they are, too!"
"They say they're going into the sewers..."
"Then we'll beat them to the punch!"
"Go go go!"
"To the sewers, gentlemen!"

The Four Old Men

The Fellows, also known as the Four Old Men, are non-player characters from Final Fantasy III. Originally from Amur, they believe that they are truly the Warriors of the Light despite the townsfolk ridiculing them.


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After eavesdropping on the Warriors of Light obtaining the key to the Amur sewers, the Fellows attempt to beat the warriors of the punch and obtain the Levigrass Shoes themselves. In the sewers, the Warriors of the Light have to rescue them from four Gigantoads (Goblins in the 2D versions). They return the favor by warning them about the fake Levigrass Shoes from Delilah.

Doga meeting the Four Old Men during the game's penultimate battle.

Before the Warriors' penultimate fight with Xande in the Crystal Tower, one of the Fellows is summoned by Unei and Doga to rescue the young heroes from the villain's Curse of the five wyrms. Following the defeat of both Xande and the Cloud of Darkness, the old man who aided the group returns to Amur to reunite with his comrades.

In the 3D versions, they can be sent letters through Mognet, and to find the secret Iron Giant's Cave dungeon, the player must receive all four letters from them as well as Prince Alus.

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Musical themes[]

The soundtrack contains the "The 4 Old Men", and it is played in some cutscenes at Amur and its Sewers. This piece was also used in Chocobo Racing as "Pleasant Journey". It is available as a battle background music for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy as part of a downloadable content pack of three tracks from Final Fantasy III.

Other media[]

In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, four greybeards can be found in the Town of Amore who are the town's heroes.