X2 wiki icon Feed the Monkey is an Attraction that can be played in the Calm Lands in Final Fantasy X-2. In order to unlock this game, the player must get an Episode Complete by getting 400+ points in the Publicity Campaign for Argent, Inc. The players' aim is to keep the monkey in the air as long as possible as they feed it different fruits that modify its weight. The player chooses the fruits randomly from 5 chests.


The player will be prompted to choose the amount they wish to wager, ranging from 10 to 1000 credits.

Each turn the player can pick one of the chests, which has a piece of fruit in it. The fruit which will either make it gain or lose weight. If its weight is 5 or less, they lose. If its weight is 100 or more, they also lose.

The player can quit at at any time to receive their payout. They may also call on Rikku to try and redistribute the fruits so there are more heavy ones, or Paine for more lighter ones. This does not always work, however. This continues until the player quits, at which point they are paid according to the current payout.

At the top of the screen, it shows all the fruits that are distributed randomly in the chests. Since there are 5 chests, these numbers should all add up to 5. For example, there may be 1 Heavy Large fruit, 2 Heavy Small fruits, 2 Light Medium fruits, and 1 Balance fruit.

At the bottom of the screen, it shows the current status. On the left, the maximum monkey weight (100), and amount of chests opened and payout. On the right, the current monkey weight, and number of calls left to Rikku and Paine.

The weight gained/lost are:

  • Large Heavy = +15
  • Medium Heavy = +10
  • Small Heavy = +5
  • Large Light = -15
  • Medium Light = -10
  • Small Light = -5
  • Plain Fruit = 0
  • Forbidden = +150
  • Balance = set weight to 45


The payout is based on the number of fruits the player give the monkey before they quit (if its weight goes 5 or under, or 100 or over, they get nothing). Under 10, the payout is less than 1 (payout = NumberOfTurns * NumberOfTurns / 100). At 10, the payout is 1.

Over 10, it starts to get higher fast, with 15 = 2.55, 20 = 7.19, and 25 = 14.92.

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