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Faye is a temporary party member in Final Fantasy Legend III. She is a small girl of Dharm who later grows up as a powerful warrior. She has mystical powers, and is the only person who can draw the legendary Xcalibr sword from where it's embedded in Zhakal.


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Faye is first seen as a child along with Dion in Dharm in the Present World before Arthur leaves on his journey. She is later mention in the Future World that she was taken to Pureland along with Sol and she's held imprisoned in the North Maze by Fenrir.

Arthur manages to defeat Fenrir and free her from captivity. She tells Arthur that the Masters wanted Faye to draw the Mystic Sword for them as she is the only one able to draw it. Arthur takes her to Zhakal where she draws the Xcalibr for Arthur.

Upon reaching Porle, Dion and Faye are reunited and he thanks Arthur for saving Faye. He tells him that Faye and Dr. Quacer will have to wait aboard the Talon2 while they head off to Goht in search for Sol. Aboard the ship's engine room, Faye tells Arthur that she'll wait for him and wishes him good luck.

After Xagor's defeat, she's seen in Viper City in the Future World asking if Arthur is going back to the Present World. He replies that she should be happy with Dion.

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Faye is a Human whose innate element is Water. She, like all temporary characters, cannot eat meat or install parts nor learn new spells. The equipment that is already equipped on her cannot be removed, but she can equip armor in areas she's missing.

Level HP MP Attack Defense Agility Magic Hit Evade M.Def. M.Evade Equipment Magic
25 750 670 80 89 70 66 98 28 44 45 FFLIII Axe.gifRune
FFLIII Helmet.gifDiamond
FFLIII Armor.gifBattle
FFLIII Glove.gifIron
FFLIII Other2.gifScarf
FFLIII Other2.gifEarring
FFLIII White Magic.gifCure3
FFLIII White Magic.gifFast
FFLIII White Magic.gifWeak
FFLIII White Magic.gifFire2
FFLIII Black Magic.gifLit 2
FFLIII Black Magic.gifExit

Other appearances[]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[]

Faye makes an appearance as a card in the card game.



Faye is a given name in various cultures. In the West, the given name is usually feminine. Faye is derived from Middle English faie meaning "fairy", or possibly from the Old French word meaning loyalty or belief.

Faye's Japanese name is Nemesis. Nemesis means something a person cannot conquer, or an opponent whom a person cannot best. It can also mean an agent or act of retribution or punishment. It originates from Greek némesis meaning "a dealing out", verbid of némein "to dispense (justice)". Nemesis is also a goddess from Greek mythology.