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Faustigeant is a non-player character from the original Final Fantasy XIV. He was the former guildmaster of the Alchemists' Guild and Damielliot's father. He perished during the Calamity.


Faustigeant is seen during an echo vision. On the vision, after Warburton's death, Faustigeant cruelly hurried the removal of the body from the room to make room for other patients and Damielliot who was accompanying him stayed behind to comfort the young Ascilia.[1]

Once Damielliot began to fall into bizarre fits of sleep, sometimes unable to be awake for days at a time, Faustigeant directed Frondale's Phrontistery's priority almost entirely to developing drugs to treat his son's illness. Fortunately after many years of suffering with the mysterious disease, Damielliot somehow reacted to the treatment carried out by the adventurer.[2]

It is later revealed that Faustigeant perished during the calamity.




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