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The Faultwarrens is a location on Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII, accessed from the Archylte Steppe through the Haerii Archaeopolis. It is made up of small areas connected by different routes accessible by completing optional missions from Cie'th Stones. The fal'Cie Titan's throne is located here.


The Faultwarrens are a gauntlet of steep walls and deadly drops ruled by Titan, the fal'Cie believed to be responsible for managing the ecosystem of Gran Pulse. Creatures selected by Titan are pitted against one another in fierce battles with survival as their prize and predation the price of defeat.

Only the most formidable of creatures emerge from the Faultwarrens' trials alive, but those that do so go with Titan's blessing.


  • Truthseeker's Rise
  • Primeval Crossroads (A1)
  • A Dance of Shadow (B1)
  • A Dance of Light (B2)
  • Via Lunae (C1)
  • Via Stellarum (C2)
  • Via Solis (C3)
  • The Gaian Path (D1)
  • The Salamandrine Path (D2)
  • The Sylphid Path (D3)
  • The Nereid Path (D4)
  • Titan's Throne (E1-7)


Item Location
Gold Dust A Dance of Shadow
Starblossom Seed A Dance of Shadow
Zealot's Amulet Via Lunae
Starblossom Seed Via Solis
Warding Talisman The Gaian Path
Starblossom Seed The Sylphid Path
Cactuar Doll The Nereid Path


Titan's Trials[]

Passing all of Titan's Trials earns the player the Natural Selector achievement.

Mission Zone Mark Path Alt Path Alt Path
35 A1 Gurangatch
36 B1 Amam A1 → B1
37 B2 Rafflesia A1 → B2
38 C1 Verdelet A1 → B1 → C1
39 C2 Ochu A1 → B1 → C2 A1 → B2 → C2
40 C3 Verdelet A1 → B2 → C3
41 D1 Tonberry A1 → B1 → C1 → D1
42 D2 Borgbear Hero A1 → B1 → C1 → D2 A1 → B1 → C2 → D2
43 D3 Borgbear Hero A1 → B1 → C2 → D3 A1 → B1 → C3 → D3
44 D4 Corrosive Custard A1 → B2 → C3 → D4
45 E1 Neochu A1 → B1 → C1 → D1 → E1
46 E2 Zirnitra A1 → B1 → C1 → D2 → E2 A1 → B1 → C2 → D2 → E2 A1 → B2 → C2 → D2 → E2
47 E3 Raktavija A1 → B1 → C1 → D2 → E3 A1 → B1 → C2 → D2 → E3 A1 → B2 → C2 → D2 → E3
48 E4 Verdelet A1 → B1 → C2 → D3 → E4 A1 → B2 → C2 → D3 → E4 A1 → B2 → C3 → D3 → E4
49 E5 Tyrant A1 → B1 → C2 → D3 → E5 A1 → B2 → C2 → D3 → E5 A1 → B2 → C3 → D3 → E5
50 E6 Humbaba A1 → B2 → C3 → D4 → E6
51 Attacus Accessible from any D path after completing all other trials.
Other monsters found wandering or supporting other marks
Adroa, Borgbear, Flowering Cactuar, Goblin, Goblin Chieftain, Hybrid Flora, Microchu, Monstrous Flan, Munchkin, Munchkin Maestro, Picochu

Titan's Trials.png


Musical themes[]

"Sulyya Springs" plays at the entrance of the Faultwarrens, and "Will to Fight" is the background theme that plays at all paths. "Desperate Struggle" plays as the background theme of Titan's Throne, though not necessarily at the battles themselves.