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The Fat Chocobo menu.

The Fat Chocobo (でぶチョコボ, Debu Chokobo?) was an exchange shop that was exclusive to the free-to-play versions of Final Fantasy Dimensions II. By feeding the fat chocobo three signets, players could obtain a random item in exchange. The items recieved varied, either being signets, tails, upgrading components, or Babil Tower points.

Quality mechanicsEdit

The output quality of the fat chocobo depended on the total calculated rank of the three input signets. Anything lower than nine stars would be not exchangeable.

Total Stars Rank
9 Bronze
12 Silver
15 Gold

Fixed exchange itemsEdit

List Name Rank Max Rank Skill Summon Gold Silver Bronze
1 HP stat I N Y Y
2 MP stat I N Y Y
3 ATT stat I N Y Y
4 Magic stat I N Y Y
5 Spd stat I N Y Y
6 Midgardsormr 5 7 Stonega Breath I Abyssal Maw Y Y N
7 Midgardsormr 6 7 Stonega Breath II Abyssal Maw Y N N
8 Dryad 5 7 Cheering Song I Leaf Whirl Y Y N
9 Dryad 6 7 Cheering Song II Leaf Whirl Y N N
10 Orc 4 6 War Cry I Orc Tackle N Y Y
11 Orc 5 6 War Cry II Orc Tackle Y Y Y
12 Minotaur 4 6 Cleave I Grand Slam Y Y Y
13 Minotaur 5 6 Cleave II Grand Slam N Y Y
14 Pink Tail V Y Y Y
15 Rank Star V Y Y Y
16 Fat Chocobo 3 5 Smash I Chocobo Press N N Y
17 Fat Chocobo 4 5 Smash II Chocobo Press N Y Y
18 Ribbon I N Y Y
19 Blue Ticket x3000 N Y Y
20 Blue Ticket x2000 N Y Y
21 Blue Ticket x1000 N Y Y
22 Rank Star IV N N Y
23 Pink Tail IV N N Y
24 Blue Ticket x750 N N Y
25 Blue Ticket x500 N N Y
26 Blue Ticket x250 N N Y
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