The Fat Chocobo menu.

The Fat Chocobo (でぶチョコボ, Debu Chokobo?) was an exchange shop that was exclusive to the free-to-play versions of Final Fantasy Dimensions II. By feeding the fat chocobo three signets, players could obtain a random item in exchange. The items recieved varied, either being signets, tails, upgrading components, or Babil Tower points.

Quality mechanics[edit | edit source]

The output quality of the fat chocobo depended on the total calculated rank of the three input signets. Anything lower than nine stars would be not exchangeable.

Total Stars Rank
9 Bronze
12 Silver
15 Gold

Fixed exchange items[edit | edit source]

List Name Rank Max Rank Skill Summon Gold Silver Bronze
1 HP stat I N Y Y
2 MP stat I N Y Y
3 ATT stat I N Y Y
4 Magic stat I N Y Y
5 Spd stat I N Y Y
6 Midgardsormr 5 7 Stonega Breath I Abyssal Maw Y Y N
7 Midgardsormr 6 7 Stonega Breath II Abyssal Maw Y N N
8 Dryad 5 7 Cheering Song I Leaf Whirl Y Y N
9 Dryad 6 7 Cheering Song II Leaf Whirl Y N N
10 Orc 4 6 War Cry I Orc Tackle N Y Y
11 Orc 5 6 War Cry II Orc Tackle Y Y Y
12 Minotaur 4 6 Cleave I Grand Slam Y Y Y
13 Minotaur 5 6 Cleave II Grand Slam N Y Y
14 Pink Tail V Y Y Y
15 Rank Star V Y Y Y
16 Fat Chocobo 3 5 Smash I Chocobo Press N N Y
17 Fat Chocobo 4 5 Smash II Chocobo Press N Y Y
18 Ribbon I N Y Y
19 Blue Ticket x3000 N Y Y
20 Blue Ticket x2000 N Y Y
21 Blue Ticket x1000 N Y Y
22 Rank Star IV N N Y
23 Pink Tail IV N N Y
24 Blue Ticket x750 N N Y
25 Blue Ticket x500 N N Y
26 Blue Ticket x250 N N Y
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