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The Fat Chocobo is an earth-elemental Eidolon that appears in Final Fantasy Dimensions II. The signet can be obtained for Morrow as a first-time completion reward for completing the Mysidia and the Eidolons sidequest in the Ancient Era.

At the time the signet becomes available in Chapter 2-1, it will be able to provide Morrow with a large boost for his max HP, however provides lackluster boosts for his other stats. Aside from the Fat Chocobo’s usefulness during Chapter 2-1 of the game, the signet is easily outclassed as the player progresses through the game and obtains stronger signets.


The Fat Chocobo summon is based on the recurring creature in the series. As the summon evolves, it begins to depict the Chocobo surrounded by a rain of Gysahl Greens.


The Fat Chocobo’s special attack is Choco Press, which deals small earth-elemental damage to all enemies. Summoning the Chocobo costs 1 bar from the Summon Gauge.


Rank AP Required Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
1★ 50/50 292 7 9 7 6 -
2★ 100/100 381 9 13 10 8 Yellow Gem I
3★ 150/150 467 10 15 12 9 Yellow Gem II


The following are the abilities Morrow can learn from the Fat Chocobo:

Name Ability-type Effect Cost
Smash I Ability One Enemy: Physical attack MP 12
Smash II Ability One Enemy: Physical attack MP 12
Smash III Ability One Enemy: Physical attack MP 12


In the original free-to-play versions of the game, the Fat Chocobo signet could only be obtained through the game's summon draw shop and could be equipped by any party member.

The Fat Chocobo (Rooster) signet.

In addition. in the free-to-play version of ‘’Final Fantasy Legends II’’ there was a unique version known as Fat Chocobo (Rooster) (でぶチョコボ・酉, Debu Chocobo - Tori?, lit. Fat Chocobo - Rooster). The name served as a reference to the new year of 2017 being the Year of the Rooster. It was an earth-elemental god-tier signet that could only be obtained through participating in the "New Year Fat Chocobo" raid event. The signet depicted more cartoonish designs of a white Fat Chocobo. The god-tier version taught the Chocobuckle ability and had the Freeze Spacetime summon attack. The signet could be equipped by all party members. The signet artwork was designed by series artist Ryōma Itō.



The name "chocobo" derives from a Japanese brand of chocolate malt ball by Morinaga, ChocoBall (チョコボール, Chokobōru?). The mascot for this product is Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん?), a bird who says "kweh".

食う / くう / kuu is a rough way to say "eat", whose volitional casual form is 食え / くえ / kue ("let's scoff 'em down!"), leading to Kweh!