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I reconsidered your request. You can go back into the brig if you'd rather. Pull anchor! We sail for the Wind Shrine!

Faris Scherwiz

Faris Scherwiz, real name Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, is a playable character in Final Fantasy V. Faris is a pirate captain who travels with a pirate ship and its crew, accompanied by a sea-dragon named Syldra. The party encounters Faris when they try to steal the pirate ship, which leads to their adventures as the Warriors of Light.


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In the manual for Final Fantasy V Advance, unlike the other three initial party members, Faris's profile is gender-neutral, helping preserve the secret of her true identity.


Faris Freelancer Art.png

Faris has two distinct appearances: the in-game sprite and the artwork design. The in-game Faris has long, loose purple hair with a green headband and green eyes. She wears a dark blue sleeveless jacket with gold piping and a paler blue tunic. Over the shoulders, Faris wears a baggy green shawl hiked up on the shoulders and secured with a red stone brooch. She has brown leather bracers on the forearms.

Faris's artwork appearance (which is used for the FMV model and in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy) has a blonde ponytail with numerous wisps around the face. Faris wears a long, sleeveless black coat (cut in the manner of a nautical "captain's coat") and a striped purple scarf over a red shirt with a kilt and/or white trousers. Faris's arms have several pieces of spiked bronze armor and she has tall, black armored boots with dragon wings at the ankles. Overall, the appearance is more ornate with jewels in the armor and belt and gold embroidery on the coat.

As the princess of Tycoon, Faris wears a high ponytail and a long golden dress.


Faris is courageous, sometimes reckless, and determined, not caring what anyone else thinks. She is initially selfish and only joins the other Light Warriors for personal reasons rather than to save the world. She is brash, rude, and rough-spoken, and, being a pirate captain, is a strong leader and refuses to be left out. She has no problem with leaping into dangerous situations. As a Warrior of Light, she represents Fire, the element of courage.

Being raised as male by pirates, Faris is defensive about her gender and can even be inconsistent in referring to herself as male or female. She tends to hide her emotions and has a hard time expressing how she feels. She does have a caring side that comes out when she realizes she and Lenna might be connected, and she becomes protective of her. Though she never becomes sweet-spoken and polite, it is clear she is fond of her fellow Light Warriors and begins feeling a responsibility towards the world as they do.


Faris as a child learning some White Magic.

Born Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, the daughter of King Alexander Highwind Tycoon, she was lost at sea as a small child and was found by pirates. As she was unable to pronounce her name correctly (calling herself "Farifa"), they dubbed her "Faris".

Due to the generally misogynistic attitude of pirates, Faris was raised as a boy, dressing and acting accordingly. When she was fifteen years old the ship encountered a mysterious whirlpool. The crew was unable to escape it, but Faris dove into the water and came out with Syldra, a sea dragon with whom she formed a sisterly bond. With Syldra as a companion, the pirate ship can sail without wind. Impressed, the pirates made her their captain, the youngest captain in pirate history.

At the age of twenty, Faris is secure in her position as a well-respected captain, though some of the crew suspect she is a woman. Three adventurers traveling for the Wind Shrine attempt to steal her ship after they see it moving without wind. They can't work the ship and are caught by Faris and her crew.

Faris plans to hold Lenna for ransom.

The adventurers, Bartz, Galuf, and Lenna plead for a ride, and the latter reveals her identity as Princess of Tycoon. Faris's initial plan is to hold Lenna for ransom, but when she showcases a pendant identical to the one Faris herself possesses, she changes her mind. She decides to help the adventurers get to the Wind Shrine to discover why she and Lenna have the same pendant, but conceals her true motives.

At the Wind Shrine Faris is startled by the King of Tycoon's disappearance and volunteers to join the quest to find him. The shattered Wind Crystal brands her a Warrior of Light along with the other adventurers, tasking them with protecting the Crystals of the world. The party's next destination is Walse, and they sail through the Torna Canal. They fend off a crustacean monster called Karlabos, but Syldra is injured. As she is sucked into the whirlpool left by Karlabos, Bartz and Galuf hold Faris back from leaping in after her.

Bartz and Galuf reveal Faris's true gender.

Without Syldra, the pirate ship drifts into the Ship Graveyard. After crossing a flooded room, Bartz and Galuf tussle with Faris to get "him" to dry his clothes by the fire and discover "he" is, in fact, a "she". When the party encounters the Siren, it hypnotizes them with images of their loved ones. Lenna is entranced by the sight of King Tycoon, and Faris falls victim likewise before being saved by Galuf.

In need of a new method of transportation, the party travels to the North Mountain after hearing rumors in Carwen of a dragon flying in that direction and Lenna's conclusion it must have been Hiryu, her wind drake. When a hunter named Magissa ambushes Lenna during the climb, Faris rushes to her rescue, jumping over a chasm to stop Magissa from kidnapping Lenna. Together, the party defeats her and Forza and reach the top. Faris is shocked when Lenna crosses a field of poison flowers to reach the dragon grass needed to heal Hiryu.

Syldra drifts out to sea.

After finding Hiryu the party rides him to Castle Walse, and head to the throne room where Lenna begs the king to stop abusing the power of the Water Crystal. He refuses to listen due to the prosperity the Crystal's power has brought. When a meteorite crashes nearby the party rushes to the tower where the Crystal is kept and fights off a monster to protect it. They are too late and the Crystal shatters causing the Tower of Walse sink into the sea. Syldra rescues the party, but the dragon's wounds are mortal and she drifts away into the current. Faris tries to follow, but Lenna stops her.

A short time later, the party spends the night in Castle Tycoon where Lenna confronts Faris by calling her "sister". Although Faris suspects their relation she refuses to acknowledge it and tries to laugh off the notion. When the party visits Lix, Bartz's hometown, Faris finds Bartz at his mother's grave over night and he tells her of his parents, and Faris wonders what having a father is like.

Bartz, Galuf, Lenna and Faris travel to Karnak by a warp point in Karnak Meteorite, meeting Cid Previa in the Karnak Castle jail after they are accused of being in league with a werewolf. With Cid's help, they are released and try to stop the Fire-Powered Ship before it breaks the Fire Crystal. They are too late and a soldier under Exdeath's control shatters. After talking to Cid and Mid at the Library of the Ancients, they head to the abandoned region of Gohn to protect the final Crystal and investigate rumors of King Tycoon traveling there. They find him in the Ronka Ruins, behaving strangely.

When Faris spots the king she calls him father, leading to an emotional, although brief, reunion between her and Lenna, as she admits they are sisters. The party locates the Earth Crystal in the flying ruins and visits Cid and Mid who discover the Catapult, an ancient airship. Cid and Mid and fix the airship up allowing the party to reach the flying city.

Faris tries to deny her relation to Lenna.

The party finds King Tycoon at the top who does not recognize either of his daughters and attacks the party. Galuf's granddaughter, Krile, appears, and knocks him out with a spell. This brings the king to his senses, and as he regains consciousness, he recognizes his daughters, calling them by name. The reunion is cut short when the last of Crystal shatters, freeing the legendary sorcerer, Exdeath. The king tells his daughters to unite to fight Exdeath, and asks Bartz to protect them before sacrificing himself to save the party. Lenna and Faris are shocked, but there is little time to mourn.

Galuf heads back to his world with Krile to prepare for the upcoming battle against Exdeath. Before Bartz, Lenna and Faris depart to the next world they can visit the chancellor at Tycoon Castle and stay the night. Faris and Lenna reminisce of their time at the castle before Faris was lost at sea. Lenna tells her they should keep the secret from the chancellor, fearing he would not let Faris leave the castle again.

Utilizing the power of the meteorites, Faris, Lenna and Bartz follow Galuf to his world. After reuniting with him the party plans for the battle with Exdeath and track him down in the Great Forest of Moore. Exdeath uses the power of the Crystals and Krile's attempt to rescue them fails, leading Galuf to fight off Exdeath alone. Galuf falls in combat and transfers his status as a Light Warrior on to Krile before dying. The party infiltrates Castle Exdeath and apparently kill Exdeath.

Faris sees Syldra's spirit.

After Exdeath shatters the remaining Crystals of the second world, the party blacks out and mysteriously finds themselves back at Tycoon Castle. Faris is welcomed back as "Princess Sarisa", and a grand celebration is held to celebrate the heiresses' return. Faris despises her new title and get-up, and not long into the ceremonies slips off to join Bartz and Krile as they continue to search for Exdeath. She finds them trapped in a deep pit and rescues them after making them promise never to leave her behind again. This leaves only Lenna behind when the castle is consumed by the return of the Void. Lenna was saved by her wind drake, and later rejoins the party after being freed from Melusine. During the party's quest to break the seals on the Twelve Legendary Weapons, they visit the Pirates' Hideout where Faris sees Syldra.

At first she believes Syldra had survived before realizing Krile is the only other person who can see her. Syldra's spirit grants her powers to Faris as a summon. After acquiring the legendary weapons, Faris and the other Warriors of Light fly into the Interdimensional Rift to defeat Exdeath once and for all. The strength of their spirits restores the shards they had been carrying to Crystals, returning the world to peace.

Faris returns to Tycoon and for a time shares the throne with her sister, but hates the life of a queen and worries about her pirate crew. She changes back into her pirate attire and returns to her ship to continue sailing the seas, while Lenna reigns as Queen Lenna. Faris reunites with the other Light Warriors at the Guardian Tree a year later where they promise to continue protecting the world as Light Warriors.

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Faris using the Cannoneer's Open Fire (GBA).

Faris is the second most available party member after Bartz, so making her a secondary healer and fighter can be beneficial. She has good Agility, and her stats are average or balanced compare to the other party members. Faris's stats can benefit many jobs, and one way to take advantage of that is to have her fill whichever role that needs to be filled. Having her become a Red Mage or Mystic Knight can also emphasize her balanced capabilities in both Strength and Magic.

In the Game Boy Advance and following versions, Faris has the innate element of Fire, and therefore the Gladiator's Finisher ability will take this element.


Each playable character has slightly different base stats, which make them slightly better suited for different tasks. Faris has balanced overall stats, which can benefit both physical and magical jobs. Bartz and Galuf receive small bonuses to Strength and Vitality, while Lenna and Krile receive similar boosts to Magic and Agility; Faris has boosts to all four. However, the stat differences are minimal, and equipment and abilities are of higher importance. Faris can be trained on any path without noticeable drawbacks due to stat differences. Below is the list of Faris's base stats at minimum, and the highest they can be through job mastery.

Strength Agility Stamina Magic
Default 27 27 26 26
Highest 53 43 52 59[62]

Musical themes[]

"Pirates Ahoy" from Final Fantasy V

Faris's theme is widely considered to be "Pirates Ahoy", played when the party first meets her, and can later be heard in the Pirates' Hideout.

Other appearances[]

Faris has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Other media[]

In the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and subsequent remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Sarisa is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Thief job.

Behind the scenes[]

Faris's concept artwork.

Faris was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi who based her concept as a cross-dressing princess in hiding on the manga Princess Knight.[2] Her artwork was created by Yoshitaka Amano, who described her as one of his favorite pieces of work.[3]

Faris speaks with a pirate accent in the first official localization of Final Fantasy V for Final Fantasy Anthology. She does not speak with an accent in the game's Japanese version. Later localizations are more faithful to the original Japanese version, with Faris's pirate accent toned down and instead having her use nautical phrases to emphasize her profession.



Faris (فارس) is an Arabic word meaning "horseman, rider" (i.e. "Knight"). It is debatable if this was intended to be a counterpart to some other element in the game or as a metaphor of its bearer.

Sarisa or sarissa was a 4 to 7 meter (13–21 feet) long spear used in the ancient Greek and Hellenistic warfare.

In the Anthology version, Faris's real name, Sarisa, is mistranslated as Salsa.


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