Chocobo and friends meet Bahamut.

Fantasia is a realm in the game Chocobo Racing, inhabited by Bahamut. The course itself is the second most difficult one (next to F.F.VIII Circuit), due to its many pitfalls and turns.

During Story Mode, when all eight Magicite pieces were gathered together (Mog's head-bopper was one of them), the portal to Fantasia was revealed. Inside, the king of the Espers places them in a final trial: master the Ultima stone, and defeat him in a race.


CR Fantasia Map
Course No: 9
Course Length: 2,623 meters
Difficulty: 5/5

The course starts off with the racers passing through loops which are actually part of a Leviathan's body. After going through these loops the racers will be forced to make a series of winding turns in which the railing of the course alternates between being on the right and left side. Also, the racers will pass by multiple Leviathan heads while making these turns. The next portion of the course will feature a few Carbuncles in the background and a series of short straightaways.

After the racers make their way through the second straightaway they will pass by a sleeping Titan. The next area features blue light shining on the course and two Shivas off to the side. The racers will then have to make a series of winding turns, passing by a multiple Sylphs and the Unicorn Esper. The racers will then pass through a small tunnel that includes quite a few Carbuncles and Sylphs.

After making their way through the tunnel the racers will have pass by a small semi-circle that includes Ramuh casting thunder off to the side. The racers will then have to make a series of winding turns passing by Ifrit and then driving on a small portion of hilly road. The final portion of the course the racers will pass by Odin and will be forced to make a few sharp turns before coming to the finish line.

Throughout most of Fantasia there are various summoned monsters and Crystals in the background. The course also features very narrow roads which can cause the racers to fall off if they are not careful. The music for this course is a remix of "Battle to the Death" from Final Fantasy III.


CR Bahamut

Bahamut possesses excellent speed but average controls and poor traction. Due to Bahamut's Dragon Wings he also has the ability to float. The best way to defeat Bahamut is to use a character who possesses good controls to handle the winding turns and narrow roads of Fantasia. Powering up your magic stones is also advised in order to compensate for Bahamut's Megaflare.

Ability: Megaflare - Bahamut attacks every character with a powerful magic attack, causing them to stall for a brief period of time.

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